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3 Thrifty Redecorating Tips That You Can Use in Your Home

Our top three thrifty redecorating tips that you can implement in your home to create the cozy and beautiful space you’ve always wanted.

Have you ever wanted to refresh a space, but didn’t have a designer budget? Of course! Me too! Want a few ideas to pretty up your space on a budget? Check out my top 3 thrifty redecorating tips that you can use in your home too!

Top 3 Thrifty Redecorating Tips That You Can Use in Your Home Too

Our top three thrifty redecorating tips that you can implement in your home to create the cozy and beautiful space you've always wanted.

 1. Re-use what you have

Even if you have to clean it, paint it or re-purpose it. Move it to another room. Or just to another space. You’ll be amazed what you can find if you “shop” your own house!

In our entryway, we recently repainted the simple wooden bench black to add a touch of drama to the small space.

Home Made Lovely black and white entryway

2. Look high and low

If you can’t find what you’re looking for in your local or national furniture store, try looking at thrift stores or garage sales. This bar cart got a good cleaning and a bit of paint (on the shelves) after we bought it for only $10 at the thrift store!


3. Do-it-yourself

You can DIY so much. Spray paint is an easy, but oh-so-versatile tool to wield. Google whatever project you want to work on and you will find a plethora of tutorials.

We DIY’d the faux board and batten both at our old house and this one, adding architectural interest to a large room. If we’d hired out to add trim and molding, it would have cost us five times as much!

Living Room

So there ya go! 3 simple tips to redo a space on the cheap – reuse what you have, look for bargains and thrifted items or DIY your own pieces.

Which option is your favorite? Any other ideas you’ve tried to spruce up your house for next to nothing? Do share!

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  1. Jane says

    Thinking of switching our dining and living rooms-wondering how large your ” new” living room is. Love your rustic, cozy, uncluttered style!

  2. Sharon Leinbach says

    I love the new spring printable..could you please tell me where you purchased the black chalkboard paper you used to print some of them on. Thank you

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