In this post: Vignettes create beautiful spaces and help to avoid clutter. Here’s how to create a vignette, plus a Hello Spring free printable!

One of the hallmarks of a beautiful home is a few beautiful vignettes creatively placed on tabletops or tucked into bookshelves. Coffee tables, entryway tables and mantels are the perfect place for vignettes too. Creating a vignette can sometimes be tricky though. What items do you use? How many pieces? How big? How small? Here’s how to create a vignette, plus a Hello Spring free printable!

How to Create a Vignette in 5 Steps

Hello Spring Printable and Vignette

Learning how to create a vignette is simple if you remember a few key things.

Rustic farmhouse desk area

1. Anchor It

Use a lamp or other anchor piece as one of your items and build your vignette around its base. A lamp has the added bonus of illuminating the vignette when turned on at night.

2. Use Odd Numbers

Work with odd numbers. Three item vignettes are the easiest to start with and are very pleasing to the eye. In my vignette above on the left side of the desk there are three items – the lamp, the photo frame and the small creamer with flowers. Even when you look at the space as a whole, there are 9 photo frames and 5 items on the desk – all odd numbers.

3. Vary the Height

Vary the height of the items. When using three items for example, have a tall item, a medium height item and a short item. Or give smaller items height by placing them on a stack of books.

4. Create Depth

Create depth by building the vignette outward from back to front as opposed to lining the items in a row along the length of the surface.

5. Know the Background

Pay attention to the background. Vignettes need a background to anchor them. In my vignette the black and white grid of photos is a great non-intrusive backdrop. A large mirror or framed piece of art also works well.

Hello spring free printable and vignette

Hello Spring Free Printable

So how about a “hello spring” printable to get you started with your own spring vignette? Just tap the button and leave your email to get the free PDF!

Spring 2016 Printable for blog

(All printables are for personal use only)

Are you good at creating vignettes? Or are they something you struggle with?