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In this post: Art is one of those finishing touches that can add color, dimension, movement, and drama to a space. But it can also be really expensive. Here are six extra large wall art ideas for when you’re on a budget. 

I have DIY’d more art than I can remember. And for good reasons – art can make such a statement in a space, but it can be really expensive too. So what do you do if you need extra large wall art, but you have a not-so-extra-large budget? Keep reading for extra large wall art ideas on a budget!

extra large wall art ideas pin with multiple images of large art

Extra Large Wall Art Ideas

01. Engineer Prints + Poster Frames

Engineer prints are very inexpensive prints that can be ordered from places like Staples.

You can print them in color or black and white and they are usually about 24″x36″, which is quite large for such a low price.

Engineer prints will fit into most 24×36 poster frames, which you can find at Michaels, Amazon, and even Walmart. 

We used this trick when I wanted some large pieces for our stairwell. 

engineer prints in poster frames as extra large art in stairwell

02. DIY Chalkboard 

Not exactly art by itself, but rather a ‘canvas’ for putting art on, a DIY chalkboard can be as big or as little as you like. And the “art” can be changed out with the seasons, or whenever you feel like being creative! 

We built one and shared the tutorial for it in my book, Home Made Lovely. Our daughter drew the trees and snow for the holidays one year. 

Christmas chalkboard over Ikea Ektorp sectional

03. Juniper Prints + Ikea Frames

To get our wall art for our living room, we ordered a huge print from Juniper Prints and then framed it using a large Ikea frame. This piece is HUGE and cost about $300. 

Beige Sectional with Earth Toned Throw PIllows, large lakeside Juniper print in Ikea frame as an example of extra large wall art

04. Large Frames + Custom Mats

In our dining room, we recently added large square frames with extra-large custom mats from This made the wee photos we used seem like much larger statement pieces. 

Plus using oversized mats, makes any framed photo look like a piece from an art gallery. Add gallery lights and it’s even more of a large statement. 

Gallery Frames with large mats in Dining Room near Black Buffet as an example of extra large wall art ideas

05. Gallery Walls

While individual gallery wall pieces aren’t generally large in size, overall a gallery wall can be put together to form an extra-large “piece” of wall art. 

  • 12″ square frames with 8″ square mat opening, from Michaels (several years ago)

Visit this post for instructions on how to create a gallery wall

black and white grid gallery wall behind sectional couch to illustrate extra large wall art idea

06. Check Second-Hand Stores

Oddly enough you may find art that is no longer someone else’s style, but that matches yours perfectly.

This happened when we were visiting a second-hand store in Port Perry earlier this year and found a beautiful old-school gold-framed landscape painting for only $30! Years ago I would have painted the frame and changed the art. But this time, I realized that it fit into our new dining room look perfectly! And while it’s not huge, it is quite large and it cost MUCH less than anything else I was looking at online. 

earthy neutral dining room

Have you ever DIY’d art for your home? Do you have any other ideas for extra large wall art?

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