If you’re desperately craving a peaceful, clutter-free, cozy home,

I got you, girl.

I’m Shannon, homebody & boss lady extraordinaire (well, around here I am, anyway 😉).


It takes a lot of energy to create and manage a home these days. 

Between running the kids around to all their activities (or suddenly doing school-at-home when homeschooling was nowhere on your radar), keeping up with your never-ending work to-do list, carving out date nights with your hubby way less often than you’d like, and all that cleaning and cooking and loving on your kiddos that needs to happen every day, you’ve got a LOT going on

It’s enough to leave a momma feeling utterly overwhelmed.

No wonder your home doesn’t look or feel like you so desperately wish it did. 

But in your heart of hearts, you know that your space affects your mood and how your family operates. And if you could just get it together enough to make your home calm, coordinated, and cozy, maybe, just maybe, you could breathe again. 


Here’s where I cozy up beside you on the couch for a little heart-to-heart…

I created Home Made Lovely to be THE everything home resource that provides all the how-tos and the loving, kick-in-the-pants encouragement that modern mommas (of all ages and stages) need to create (and keep) a peaceful, put-together, cozy and beautiful home!


This is my story (and I’m sticking to it!)

I have always loved decorating and organizing. Like always. (Which btw, doesn’t mean I was always good at it!)

I remember hanging wallpaper (picture rooms with floor-to-ceiling wallpaper topped with a “coordinating” wallpaper border) and rearranging furniture with my mom. We’d visit model homes on weekends just to soak in the quiet inspiration (something my hubby, Dean, and I still like to do from time to time).

I also loved to meticulously organize my bedroom as a teenager and drooled over the perfectly coordinated bed-in-a-bag sets in the Sears catalog a few times a year (this was loonnnngggg before Pinterest).

I dreamed of being an architect or interior designer, designing gorgeous homes. But one of my high school guidance counselors told me there were no jobs in that, so I pursued graphic design instead (which thankfully came in handy later – God always has a plan for our good and His glory Rom. 8:28). 

At a fairly low point in our finances, when we had three growing kids, Dean and I bought a tiny, two-bedroom, run-down, war-era bungalow because it was all we could afford and we seriously needed to be closer to Dean’s work (the 1-2 hour commute each way from our other house was sapping the life out of him). It needed a LOT of TLC and was the tiniest little house I’d ever seen (well, it was, until actual tiny houses became a thing). 

Because our budget was so tight, we learned to DIY and decorate and purge and organize like it was our job. We created furniture and art on a budget. We painted and laid flooring. And I’ve never had a kitchen that packed so much organizational punch as that kitchen did. We even carved a third bedroom out of the front living room and added a small storage closet. 

After learning SO much about making that house into a home, and learning how to be genuinely grateful for it in the process,

I realized there were other mommas just like me living in homes they didn’t love, wishing for things to be different, with no idea where to start.

Mommas who were wondering if they were:

  • stuck with a house they were thankful for but didn’t love?
  • forever doomed to stare at their (or someone else’s) tragic paint color choices?
  • stuck with all that stuff, especially the kids’ stuff and sentimental stuff no one else wanted?
  • going to have to live with a messy kitchen (entry, closet, living room) forever or until the kids move out, whichever came first? 
  • ever going to be able to choose decor that looked great once they got it home from the store?

My answer to those questions?

No, dear sweet momma, none of those things has to happen because…

I started Home Made Lovely to bring peace and creativity to everything home!

Millions of pageviews, hundreds of students, and a traditionally published book (in its third printing in its first six months!) later, and I’m even more obsessed than ever with helping mommas like you confidently create the home you’ve always wanted, right where you are! 

So, let’s pour a glass of something yummy (I’ll take a smooth red, you?) and get you confidently creating a home you and your family will love!


Your explanation of paint colors was the light bulb moment for me!

Pat J.

I found my style and was able to bring our small space together by creating a cozy and inviting home. 

Danae C.

I love your easy process to determine my style. 

Sheryl R.


Ready to get started?

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Random Facts About Me

Random Fact #1

Growing up, I wanted to marry the love of my life, become a mom, and drive a Volvo station wagon. Everything but the Volvo came true. 

(I like my Honda minivan better anyway.)

Random Fact #2

I love sitting quietly with a giant Rae Dunn mug (usually “Boss Lady”, “Queen” or “Mom”) filled with hot dark roast coffee and more than a splash of coconut creamer.

(But only in the morning or I’ll be up all night.)

Random Fact #3

I am an incurable romantic at heart and totally believe in true love. My favorite movies are all cheesy romantic comedies - Leap Year, Austenland, The Ultimate Gift, and Baby Boom.

(Baby Boom is my favorite though.)

Random Fact #4

I also love murder mysteries, but not the gory kind. 

(I'm like an old woman - my favorite tv shows are Monk, Murder She Wrote, Matlock, Star Trek.)

Random Fact #5

Dean and I grew up going to the same church with our parents. We knew each other, but weren't close at all until we started dating and then we were inseparable. 

(We didn't become Christians until after we got married and had our first kid.)

Random Fact #6

My happy place is near the water (lake, pool, any clear water) on a sunny day. 

(I could sit on the beach or by our pool for HOURS!)

Random Fact #7

I LOVE gluten free avocado toast with sea salt and sriracha. My last meal would be lasagna, Caesar salad and garlic bread...

(...because I'd totally die of a stomach ache if I ate that any other time!)

Random Fact #8

I change my hair almost as often as I change my clothes. Just kidding. 

(But I have had every 'do from a platinum blonde pixie cut to super long, dark brown curls.)