If you’re desperately craving a more peaceful, functional and beautiful home, I’ve got you.

Hi 👋🏻. I’m Shannon Acheson.

(My tough-to-figure-out last name is pronounced “ach-i-son”)

It’s so nice to meet you!

If you’re new here, here’s my oh-so-official sounding bio:

Shannon Acheson is an author, entrepreneur, content creator, interior decorating expert, and the creative force behind HomeMadeLovely.coma celebrated blog helping moms declutter, organize and add style to their homes since 2010.

She has collaborated with 100+ brands, including Home Depot, Lowe’s and Starbucks, transforming spaces with her creative vision.

Shannon’s acclaimed book, “Home Made Lovely,” and podcast, along with her popular blog, inspire tens of thousands each month.

Featured in prominent media outlets, her work has garnered 19 million pageviews, solidifying her influence in the home design and organizing world. 

But, aside from all that, I’m a wife, mom, sister, daughter, and friend, just like you.

And between work and family responsibilities, keeping up with our never-ending to-do lists, carving out date nights (way less often than we’d like), and all the cleaning and cooking that a household requires, we’ve got a LOT going on

It’s enough to leave anyone feeling utterly overwhelmed.

I get it, momma. It’s no wonder your home doesn’t look or feel like you so desperately wish it did. I know the feeling.

But I think, just like me, in your heart-of-hearts, you know that your home affects your mood and how the rest of your life functions.

And if you could just get a little help, a little encouragement, a little direction on how to start and what to do next, you could feel peaceful, confident, and calm in your home again (or maybe for the first time).

Wouldn’t that be ah-mazing?!

Here’s where I cozy up beside you on the couch for a little heart-to-heart.

shannon sitting in her home on the floor with her face hiding behind paint fandeck

I have always loved the idea of decorating and organizing. Like always. Which, btw, does NOT mean I was always good at it! Far from it, actually.

I remember hanging wallpaper (imagine rooms with floor-to-ceiling wallpaper topped with a “coordinating” wallpaper border) and rearranging furniture with my mom. We’d visit model homes on weekends just to soak in the quiet inspiration.

After my husband, Dean, and I got married, we moved often and lived in many shapes and sizes of houses, condos, and apartments. And I did the best I could with what I knew at the time. But it wasn’t always pretty, or functional.

dean and shannon kissing wedding photo in black and white
collage of photos of the little white house bungalow before photos

Fast forward to a fairly low point in our family’s finances, when we had three little kids, Dean and I bought a tiny, two-bedroom, run-down, war-era bungalow because it was all we could afford.

Thatlittle white houseneeded a lot of TLC and there definitely wasn’t much to love about it. Some of the floors were rotted because of a hidden leak, the furnace was in a dirt crawl space, and there was no garage, only one bathroom, and a very awful tiny kitchen.

It would have been very easy to hate that house. To be miserable with all its imperfections. To look around and ONLY see the bad things about it.

Instead, I decided I was going to love it. That it was going to be a home for our family.

So, I looked for the good things about it. Good things I could be thankful for. Any good things, no matter how small.

At first, I was just thankful we had a roof over our heads. Then I was thankful that we were much closer to Dean’s work than we were before, which meant he was home for more hours of the day. I was thankful that we had a yard the kids could play in. That we were just down the street from a great park. That we could be creative and make small improvements.

Because our budget was so tight, over time, we learned to DIY and decorate and purge and organize ourselves like it was our job. We designed and built simple furniture and created our own art. We painted and laid flooring. And I’ve never had a kitchen that packed so much organizational punch per square foot as that tiny house’s kitchen did when I was finished with it.

After learning SO much about making that house into a home, and learning how to be genuinely grateful for it in the process, I realized there were other women just like me living in homes they didn’t love, wishing for things to be different, with no idea where to start.


Home Made Lovely is your go-to resource for all things style and organization!

Over a decade, millions of pageviews, hundreds of students, and two traditionally published books later, I’m even more obsessed than ever with helping women like you confidently create a stylish and organized home you love! 

So, let’s pour a glass of something yummy (I’ll take a Limoncello or Key Lime La Croix, how about you?) and get you confidently creating a home you love!