Home should be your happy place, right?

Living Room New Shiplap Fireplace

Heck yes! It really should be, my friend. After all, it’s HOME.

But, since you’re here, I’m guessing you don’t know where to start creating that awesome home.

Or you’ve started – and failed – and you feel like you’ve wasted so much time and money already.

I’ve been there and I hear you! I really do.

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • You tell yourself that decorating your home isn’t “that important”, even though you’d like nothing more. (I felt like this for years!)
  • You think you can’t design a beautiful home because you don’t have “an eye for design.” 
  • You buy throw pillows, lighting or art at the store, but the things you choose never look quite right when you get them home.
  • You want your house to look cohesive and pulled together, but no matter how hard you try, that pulled-together flow never quite happens.
  • Decorating seems so complicated.
  • You’re tired of your wasting time searching around online for the answers only to get more confused by all the “tips and tricks”.
  • And you’re tired of wasting money buying things that just don’t work in your spaces!

Beautiful, you need a decorating plan.

Sounds boring, I know. But it’s SO good, I promise!

Most of us try choosing a paint color, then maybe we grab a new lamp, or a few throw pillows. But none of it gives us that finished look we want.

Not having a plan for decorating each room is like throwing spaghetti at the wall to see what will stick. It’s messy and totally unproductive. 

But what if I showed you how to do it? How to find your style, create an amazing decor plan, and how to decorate one room at a time as your time and budget allow. Wouldn’t that make decorating your home so much easier?

“I loved the lesson on color theory, and also THAT YOU TOLD US EXACTLY WHAT ORDER TO DECORATE IN!”

– Erica L.

Decorating Uncomplicated is everything you need to create a home you love!

My name is Shannon Acheson. I’ve been helping women just like you to decorate their homes since 2010. Before I got the hang of it though, I felt the same way you do. I had no earthly clue how to create a beautiful, meaningful home. I had no idea where to start, or how to make it all look cohesive. I didn’t know which decorating style to make my own. And I had no idea that there was a proper order to decorate in!

But after spending countless hours pouring over house photos and magazines, playing around with decor in every room in our house, and even taking an in-depth interior design course…I finally, FINALLY got our home looking and feeling the way I wanted it to.

And in the process, I mapped out where to start and what order to decorate in, so I can help create a home you love!

Decorating Uncomplicated is everything I’ve learned in my years of experience decorating my own home (and others) crafted into one neat package. 

This convenient self-paced course and coaching program will guide you, step-by-step, through how to decorate your whole home from start to finish.

Follow my step-by step lessons and get results like these:



dining room from entry HML


Lilly's room before


pink grey blush girl's room



Stop second-guessing yourself and gain the confidence and skills you need to decorate your own home.

Easily find your signature style, and know exactly which design elements you need for each space in your home.

restoration style hardware style hutch

Put together a design plan for your whole house, no matter what its size, that you can use to…

Decorate each room in your house with confidence, one at a time, as your time and budget allow in the right order!
dresser corner

Are you ready to change the way you feel in your home forever? 

“My ah-ha moment was when I realized how much time and money we have spent in the past couple of years because I was going about things all the wrong way. I have painted rooms, changed decor and bought things over and over again and just could not get comfortable. I loved the house but it didn’t feel like home. We did not focus on our true design style and never finished a room. It caused us to purchase things we didn’t love. BUT now because of your course, we have found our style, re-focused on our whole home design plan and are decorating one room at a time. It is really exciting and I am falling in love with our home all over again.”

_ Cheryl P. 

Let me help you make home your happy place!

Imagine knowing what you like and what will actually look fabulous in your home when you go shopping!

Imagine walking in the front door and finally feeling perfectly at home!

Imagine having your friends over for dinner and feeling so happy with how your home makes you and them feel!

Here's what you'll learn in the course:

You’ll have lifetime access to 5 modules with 19 easy to follow written lessons and more than 17 printable worksheets. Get instant access to the intro, and Module 1 as soon as you join, with the remaining materials becoming available after 7 days!

How to find your unique style combo!

In order to decorate well, and avoid overwhelm you really need to KNOW your style.

I’ll walk you through some questions to discover what styles you like, how you want your home to feel, and if your house has any built-in style of its own that you need to incorporate. 

Then we’ll come up with your unique combination of styles and exactly what that looks like for each room in your home. 

How to Create a Master Decor Plan

I will show you 2 ways to get beautiful cohesive flow throughout your home, without every room looking exactly the same. You’ll learn how to successfully choose paint colors every time and you’ll create a whole home color scheme. 

And we’ll put together your style formula and go-to list of elements for every room to keep you on track!

How to Decorate in the Right Order

I will show you the fool-proof order to decorate in so that you get the right balance and look in every single room! 

Plus, we’ll get one room all decorated together with all the right styles, textures, patterns, and accessories you need! 

And you get instant access to group coaching & feedback in the exclusive Decorating Uncomplicated Facebook community!

Where you can ask questions, get design advice from Shannon and your fellow decorating enthusiasts, submit photos for feedback and join challenges to help keep you motivated and on track! 

Plus get even more decorating help with these 6 bonus guides!

All designed to help you really get the most out of the course lessons and give extra help with common problem areas!

How to Decorate as a Couple Guide
$19 Value

If you struggle with your spouse about how you should decorate your home, this guide is for you! It will help you work together to create a look you’ll both love!

Interior Design Measurements Guide
$19 Value

When you’re ready to implement your design plans, you’re going to want to know how high to hang that art and how far the coffee table should be from the couch! This guide will tell you all that!

How to Create a Moodboard Guide $19 Value

Once you define your unique decorating style (as part of Module 1), you will want a visual reminder of it. This guide will walk you through creating a moodboard using free software! 

Done for You Paint Schemes
$19 Value

Having trouble choosing paint colors? Use this guide with several done for you, popular and perfectly coordinating color palettes!

Sample Floor Plans- Layouts to Try
$19 Value

Ever get stuck imagining how your space could look and function? These sample floor plans will help you plan your best space ever!

Done for Your Art Arrangements
$19 Value

Don’t know how to hang art? Or how to create pleasing art arrangements? Use this guide filled with proper measurements plus done for you art arranging ideas and templates!

Maybe You're Wondering...

Q. When Does Decorating Uncomplicated Start? How long do I have access to the course?

A. You have access to the the Intro and Module 1 inside Decorating Uncomplicated as soon as you enroll, with the remaining modules becoming available after 7 days. And you have lifetime access. That way you can get started right away and refer back to the lessons as much as you need to!

Q. Will Decorating Uncomplicated work for me if I have a totally different style than you?

A. Yes! Decorating Uncomplicated will work for any style! Whether you like farmhouse or modern decor, neutrals or bold colors, this step-by-step system will work with any style! 

Q. Can I take Decorating Uncomplicated even if I have a small budget for decor? 

A. Yes! You will be given the tips and ideas for how to use what you already have in the space you’re currently in. PLUS you will learn how to plan a decorating budget for any additional items you may want or need now or in the future.

Q. Is this different than the old Cozy & Beautiful course?

A. Yes and no! It is similar in that it takes you step-by-step through the process of decorating. But it is much more comprehensive than C&B was. There are more help and worksheets to walk you through selecting and integrating your decorating styles. And there are more specifics for how to make your color and style flow throughout your house, room by room, without every space looking the same.

Q. Will I have access to Shannon for help and feedback?

A. Yes! I have intentionally created this program with a private members group area so you will have access to me there! There I can help you tailor everything you’ve learned to your home!

Q. What is your refund policy?

A. I understand that committing to a course is a big decision, and I want you to feel confident with your purchase. Please take the time to review all our photos and information in detail. (You can email Hello@HomeMadeLovely.com if you have any additional questions.)

Unfortunately, due to the digital nature of the course, we do NOT offer refunds. 

“I found my style and was able to bring our small space together by creating a cozy and inviting home for our family of 8! My aha moment was when you talked about undertones! At first I was confused about what the undertone of my room really was. But after carefully analyzing the details I figured it out! That was the moment when I could bring everything together.”

– Danae C.

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