In this post: After three years, our Ikea Ektorp Couch is still going strong. Here’s what we think of it, with all the pros and cons and helpful tips.

*This post is NOT sponsored! We purchased our Ikea Ektorp sectional, chairs and couch, as well as all of our slipcovers. 

We have had our Ikea Ektorp couch for more than 3 years now. Here’s an honest review, what we love about it, some of the cons and several tips for how to enjoy your own Ikea Ektorp couch! 

Ikea Ektorp couch with text overlay about the reiew

Why We Did Our Research

When we were originally in the market for a new couch, Dean and I shopped around quite a bit. Truthfully that’s not really normal for us (outside of appliance shopping). We’re kind of fly by the seat of our pants, impulse shoppers. But a couch is kind of a big purchase, so we definitely didn’t want to make a mistake. 

While researching couches, we visited every furniture showroom near our home. On date nights, we’d sit on couch after couch. We’d lounge back like we were watching a movie and sit upright like we were reading a book. We’d feel all the fabrics and read the care instructions. 

Dean really wanted a nice, grown up couch. Maybe something in leather. Surprisingly, I didn’t want to spend a lot of money (I tend to be the spender in our house). And we just happened to have a puppy in the house. So, leather was not going to work. 

We both agreed a sectional would be best to replace the 2 smaller, two-seater couches we had at the time. 

I was leaning toward the Ikea Ektorp Couch for most of the shopping around, but Dean wasn’t convinced right away. 

4 Cons of the Ikea Ektorp Couch

1. It’s a wee bit on the small side

By that, I mean, that the backs are pretty low. But for us that’s okay. We’re on the short side – 5′ 1″ and 5′ 7.5″ and find it to be comfortable. I honestly couldn’t tell you, if you’re tall or short or tiny or bigger, if it’s a good couch for you. I recommend you go into Ikea and sit on one to see for yourself. 

2. It comes flat-packed

Literally. The couch came in boxes and had to be assembled. I laughed out loud when it was delivered. I couldn’t believe Ikea actually figured out a way to get a couch into a box! Because we bought the sectional, it came in twice as many boxes and the regular couch (which we also bought, second-hand later for our basement family room). 

Unpacked unassembled Ikea Ektorp sectional

3. The cushions get bent out of shape

Because they’re foam, the cushions of the couch tend to get bent out of shape easily. Like they form a curve after sitting on them for awhile. But that’s easily fixed by flipping the cushions around, or swapping their positions – especially on the sectional. 

AKA Design couch to coffee table

4. The fabric MIGHT pill

We’ve heard that some people found the Grey slipcover pilled (got little balls of fluff and lint). Honestly, we didn’t have that issue until very recently – and only VERY minorly. Like hardly noticeable. 

An easy solution to that would be to get one of those sweater defuzzers and use it as necessary. 

5 Pros of the Ikea Ektorp Couch

1. The price

No matter whether you purchase the Ikea Ektorp Couch, the sectional, or the arm chairs, the price point is excellent. 

Dean and I talked about having big kids/teenagers (no more puke or sippee cup spills), and being well into our adulthood (no more random, mismatched furniture). And we thought maybe a really nice, more expensive couch was what we wanted. But in the end, creating a relaxed vibe in our house is much more important to us than ‘grown up’ furniture. We didn’t want our kids or our guests to feel like they were going to ruin something just by sitting on it. To me, an expensive couch meant that I’d be hovering and worrying about it more than necessary. 

The Ikea Ektorp Sectional was about a third of the cost of comparable sectionals we looked at! 

2. The cushions are loose

By that I just mean, they’re not affixed to the couch. Which means that they can be flipped around to prolong the life of the sofa. Which is a very good thing! 

And no, the cushions don’t slide around or fall off. They fit the couch really well, unlike some other loose cushion couches we’ve owned!

3. The slipcovers can be replaced

The slipcovers are hands-down my absolute favorite part of the Ikea Ektorp line.

Truthfully I’d fallen in love with white couches when we were shopping for a couch. But I was simultaneously terrified of them! I figured that with the Ektorp, if we tried them and didn’t like them, I could just buy new slipcovers. Which is what actually happened.

After a couple weeks, I couldn’t deal with the way the edges of the white slipcovers got grungy from fingerprints. So, after a couple of months, we bought the Nordvalla Grey slipcovers. And we’re about to put on yet another color just for fun (you’ll see soon which one!). Even with the original price of the sectional and two additional slipcovers – we’ve still spent less than we would have on a sectional from anywhere else! 

4. The slipcovers are washable

Because the Ektorp is slipcovered, the whole couch is basically washable. I mean, the covers cover the whole thing. So, they can be spot-cleaned or thoroughly washed. Truthfully, even with this feature, I spot clean more than I actually run them all through the washer. But, it’s relaxing to know the option is there. Just remember to follow the washing instructions for your particular cover (the different fabrics have different instructions). 

5. The shape fits into a lot of decor styles

While some have said that the traditional rolled-arm shape is a negative, I disagree. It may not fit a modern vibe, true. But it definitely fits into styles like farmhouse, traditional, preppy, vintage, country, cottage, eclectic and shabby chic.  

Tips for Enjoying Your Ikea Ektorp Couch

  • Rotate and flip your cushions regularly to keep their shape and minimize wear.
  • Buy Ikea’s feather throw pillows inserts and your favorite covers to use as decor and to prop you up for longer lounging sessions.
  • Choose a color you can live with. But even if you change your mind, the most expensive replacement slipcover is only $199 CAD, so it can be changed later. 
  • If you have the sectional, make sure your laundry machines can handle something that large easily. At our old house, when I washed the white slipcovers I actually broke the washer because it wasn’t large enough for the big sectional cover. Take the covers to the laundromat if your home machines are not large capacity. 

So, after all the pros and cons, we truly love our Ikea Ektorp Sectional. We even bought the Ektorp three seater sofa second-hand for our basement a couple of years ago. And we enjoyed two Ikea Ektorp chairs for over two years in our living room as well. (We’re swapping them out because we want slightly smaller chairs by the fireplace.) 

Have you ever considered the Ikea Ektorp Couch for your house?

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  1. Wow! Thanks for the review. Looking for a new couch as the kids have destroyed our sectional and have always loved the price point of ikea, but wasn’t sure of the quality. I think this one may work and love the idea of the slip covers! And you are right, I’m not sure I want to become the couch police of a pricier piece of furniture at this stage in our family’s life either. Lol

  2. I have asked you previously about your sectional and have been waiting for our current sectional to be recycled so we can bite the bullet and purchase this. It’s only a matter of time and knowing there are specific slip covers make it even more reasonable. Nothing worse then trying to make a general slip cover fit your sofa! This review has convinced me to go ahead and “splurge”!

    1. That’s great news , just bought mine , after having a leather sofa for 14 years I’m still not sure but glad i made the decision as i am only 4ft 11 and suit my height

  3. Thanks for the info! How much of a chore do you find taking off and putting on the slipcovers? We have two dogs with a baby on the way and are trying to find something that we can easily wash on a regular basis (maybe once a month) and rotate through 2-3 slipcovers.

  4. Thanks for your review of this couch, because I’ve been to IKEA & sat on their couches, like them & couldn’t decide. The turn-off is having to assemble it. Was it difficult? I’m widow so would have to do it by myself or enlist my son to help.

    1. Hello Marilyn,
      I’m glad the review helped! It’s not terribly difficult. But it is definitely a two-person job. So please do get help with it if you decide to get it!
      xo, Shannon

  5. Purchased the IKEA Ektorp sectional because I was drawn to the washability. Just built a coastal home and needed something beach proof. I’ve had it 10 months and just washed it this evening (no small children, dog doesn’t get on furniture and hubby works out of town M-F). I have the off white cover and it has been awesome, but a few areas were starting to look dingy. Tonight I finally decided to just do it. I was so nervous it would be such a chore and instead it was so easy! I took it out of the dryer slightly damp and stretched over the form and cushions, pulling taught so that the wrinkles disappeared. It now looks and smells even better than new. Might be my favorite sofa ever! And my others were high $ pieces, but this one has the ability to be better than new anytime I feel the need to wash the covers. Yay

    2 counter points: Flat packing made a sectional possible for us. We are in an elevated coastal home and the turns on our stairs & porch are not kind to oversized items. So those in condo buildings with elevators will appreciate the flat packing. Also, my husband is 6’3″ and not small framed. I warned him about the negative comments on size and he had the attitude of “it’s an inexpensive sofa, we’ll try it and worse case scenario we have to get a different one if it doesn’t work”. He LOVES it and naps on it regularly. We have often lounged on it together. Size or depth of cushions has not been an issue for us at all.

  6. Hi, Shannon could you please let me know what is the weight bearing capacity of the Ektorp 3 seater sofa? My husband is a bit on the heavier side…

  7. We have the sectional and my husband and I are both on the heavier side. We’ve had it since 2017 and structurally, it’s held up. The cushions on the back of the couch have kind of squished down but we puff them up every so often with some pillow stuffing and it renews the shape.

  8. We just purchased the sectional. I love it!! My brother and sister in law have it as well as a sofa and love seat ( two homes ) they couldn’t say enough good things about them!! I did have to press the slip covers to get out wrinkles. My sister in law said to just wash them and put them on wet to air dry…no wrinkles!! I love my sectional and will buy a chair or love seat soon!!! I bought it for the cost and convenience of washing the covers. I was replacing a Pottery Barn sofa and love seat that was twice the price 13 years ago! I can switch out pillows seasonally which I love!!! Can’t say enough good things about it!!!

  9. Thank you so much for this very thorough review. I have been pondering which sectional to purchase, and I was wary to purchase this couch from IKEA because I assumed, due to its low price, the quality may be lacking. Thanks to your review, I intend to purchase the white sectional and the ivory slipcover as backup.

    1. Great! We really do love it. It works well for our family, didn’t cost an arm and a leg – which means I’m not anxious about actually living with it!

  10. We are currently on our second Ektorp, they are great, we have the arm chairs too.
    We recently had new domed foam seating cushions made for the chairs , they get more use than the couch, and with the covers back on the chairs are like brand new again. I love Ikea furniture.

    1. Yes! We had the armchairs for a while too. They were too big for our space, so we switched them out after a while (we had gotten them second-hand for about $80 each, so it wasn’t a huge expense and we gave them to a friend for their nursery, so that was a win too). We love our sectional, and have an Ektorp couch in the basement too. Great purchase.

  11. Thank you so much for this write up – it’s helped me decide between a long-delayed grown up sofa, and something that’ll be much more practical for my tweens, dog and cats. Looking forward to receiving my Ektorp

  12. I finally got rid of my Ektorp couch after 10 years and I’m replacing it with another one! I’m single and not particularly hard on my furniture but to have a couch last that long at that price is exceptional. I ordered a cream colored, custom, French linen cover from Comfortly to give the new couch a more upscale vibe and to match the new chairs I got from Poly & Bark. Also, the original Ektorp three seat couch is being discontinued and replaced with the Upland series so it’s now only available in beige.

  13. I’ve had an Ektorp 3 seater, 2 seater and armchair for about 20 years and still love them. The chair was perfect when nursing my baby – just the right height for the armrests. I’ve changed the slip covers twice not because they got worn out but just for the fun of it.
    The only peeve I have is the thinness of the material of the back cushions. After replacing the covers about twice a year some of them now have holes in them.
    Does anyone know if it is possible to buy the cushions separately?
    The height, depth and sheer comfort are perfect.

  14. Bought this couch in February 2021 and it’s already worn out. The cushions sag and there is very little back support despite constantly rotating all of the cushions. They also slide off the couch very easily unlike in your review, but for me being a heavy person they do slide very easily. I would not recommend this couch to anyone unless they are very petite and don’t sit on it very often