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Painting Furniture With Latex Paint | Grey Tweed Hutch

Life is always busy, but one of the projects we managed to squeeze in recently was the grey tweed hutch in the dining room.

grey tweed hutch

I’ve missed the hutch from our old house’s dining room, but have been making do with the very first cupboard that Dean made many years ago. It is pretty, but doesn’t quite hold everything I needed it to in the dining room. As a result there were a lot of platters, etc. taking up space in kitchen cupboards and all of the vases were up so high I couldn’t reach them without help.

sheet music wreath

Over the last couple of months, several times a week, I’d pop onto kijiji (like Craigslist if you’ve never heard of it) and do a quick search for a hutch in our area. I really didn’t want to spend any much money at all. Even the $150-200 hutches were more than I wanted to spend. So when I saw the now-grey one above for $50 I was thrilled!

Some of you may have clicked over to Instagram from the tour post this week to see the before of our little grey tweed hutch. But for those of you that didn’t, here’s what the hutch looked like when we brought it home:

grey hutch before

I loved the shape and size of the hutch, but I was honestly a little nervous once we brought it into the dining room.

It was SO shiny!

And not entirely solid wood. Not melamine though, more like stained press board. Eek!

And since I was really limited on time and resources, there was no milk paint or chalk paint in this hutch’s future.

Wait. What? No using the fancy blogger paints?  

Nope, I bought flat latex paint.


Now let me say I have nothing against milk paint or chalk paint or any other special paint. I’ve used them and like them just fine. I just don’t have a good source near me with decent business hours, and I had no time to wait for shipping. Plus spending $40+ on one quart of paint just wasn’t in the budget this time, especially when I really wanted to use TWO different colors.

gray hutch corner detail

Let me also say that for those of you with limited resources and no milk/chalk paint supplier near you – YOU CAN PAINT FURNITURE WITH REGULAR LATEX PAINT AND HAVE IT TURN OUT BEAUTIFULLY!

painting furniture with latex paint

Painting Furniture with Latex Paint

painting furniture with latex paint


  • sander and sandpaper
  • lint free rag/tack cloth
  • flat paint (I used the Duration line by Sherwin Williams)
  • quality brush (like Purdy)
  • furniture beeswax (I used Miss Mustard Seed beeswax I had on hand) or finishing paste (like Minwax)
  • clean cloth
  • painter’s tape is optional (I used FrogTape on the glass)

christmas decorated hutch bottle brush trees snow


  1. Sand well. You don’t have to sand down to bare wood or anything. Just get the shine off.
  2. Wipe off dust. Get rid of all the dust you just sanded off.
  3. Paint with a quality brush and FLAT PAINT. Let dry.
  4. Repeat Step 3.
  5. Optional: Distress edges if desired using sandpaper.
  6. Wax or finish with finishing paste and a clean cloth. I used Miss Mustard Seed’s Furniture Wax and Antiquing Wax because I really like it and had some on hand. But you could (and I have) use Mixwax’s Finishing Paste in Regular and Dark, which are fabulous too.

embroidery hoop ornament detail


  • I used a good quality paint from a line called Duration at Sherwin Williams – it’s wipeable and durable.
  • Use FLAT paint!
  • Be sure to test other “paint and primer in ones”.  A lot of them are more like thick, gloppy paint. Which means they won’t go on well and won’t go as far.
  • Use clear wax/paste first and then use the darker was/paste on top. If you end up with a look that’s too dark add some more clear wax and buff off some of the darkness.
  • I loved the shape of the handles and knobs on the original hutch, but the color wasn’t right after painting the hutch. So I used some Rub ‘n Buff in Pewter and voila, beautiful “new” handles!
  • Oh and because I know you’re all curious, the paint color of the outside of the hutch is Grey Tweed (a CIL color matched at Sherwin Williams) and the inside is Stratosphere (also a CIL color matched at Sherwin Williams), both of which coordinate well with the wall color (Analytical Gray, by SW) and the finish on the farmhouse table.

grey hutch handle knob detail

We’re pretty happy with the new hutch.

Okay, I totally LOVE it and could sit and stare at it all day!

I try really hard not to. Honest.

But if Dean asks you why dinner isn’t ready, don’t tell him it’s because of the hutch. 🙂

grey hutch sheet music wreath chandelier

Have you ever painted furniture with latex paint? Have you tried milk paint or chalk paint? Have you found any good thrifty finds lately?

I'd love it if you'd share:

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I'd love to chat with you in the comments!


  1. Rachel says

    Hi! Just to be clear, you’re saying to use 2 waxes…correct?? First the clear one, then the darker one correct? After that, do I need to seal it with a poly or anything?? Thanks so much!!

    • Shannon says

      Yes. By applying the clear wax first, you won’t have such a concentration of dark wax and you’ll have more time to work in the dark wax. And no you don’t apply poly over wax! 🙂

  2. Jessica says

    Wow! Thank you for restoring my faith that refinishing my dresser, bedside tables AND HUTCH in *Gasp* latex paint is not detrimental! Heaven forbid I use something other than chat or milk paint!…… or the fancy name brand wax finishes!

    This is gorgeous, as is your farmhouse table !!! Do you think it is essential to use flat paint?? I bought glossy just for the easy of wiping it down,,, I wasn’t sure i was going to use a wax finish, but you have convinced me!

    THANK You for this post!! LOVE It!!!!!!

    • Shannon says

      You could try the glossy paint – I’ve not used glossy on our projects but I don’t see why it wouldn’t work. Just be careful with your brush strokes – glossy paint shows those more.

  3. Emily Combs says

    Hello! What do you mean by CIL color match? If I take those words into Sherwin Williams with the color you said you used, will they be able to mix it for me or do I need additional information? Thank you!

    • Shannon says

      Hello Emily! CIL is a paint brand here in Canada. So the color was matched to CIL’s Grey Tweed and Stratosphere into a Sherwin Williams paint. Does that help explain it better?

  4. Sue Cooper says

    Hi, I was wondering what shade of gray pint you used? I have the hardest time with gray as they hold a purple background hue. I amlooking for a true light gray paint.

    • Shannon Acheson says

      Hi Sue,
      As the post says:
      “the paint color of the outside of the hutch is Grey Tweed (a CIL color matched at Sherwin Williams) and the inside is Stratosphere (also a CIL color matched at Sherwin Williams).”

  5. Marissa says

    So, I failed to do my research ahead of time and we ended up with a semi-gloss latex paint for two pieces in the soon-to-be nursery. How necessary is the wax or paste after painting, both generally and given the type of paint we used? Also, bear in mind one of the pieces also contains some stained portions, because we had to make things more complicated… Thanks in advance!

    • Shannon Acheson says

      Don’t worry! It happens! If you let the semi-gloss fully cure (like 30 days I think, but check the label on the can) before heavy use of the pieces, you should be okay. 🙂 And congrats on baby coming!

    • MARISSA Rothenbaum says

      Thanks for the information!! I have loved refinishing these pieces and now I want to do it to everything! My husband, however, hates it and refuses to help with another project. I guess that means I’ll have to wait until after the baby is here, you know when I have all that spare time. Ha!

  6. Kathy Copley says

    I painted 6 dining room chairs with latex paint about 6 years ago and now it’s rubbing off on the backs where we grab the chairs to pull them out from the table and on the seats.. They look awful and I don’t know what to do short of stripping them down and starting over. I hate painting with oil so is it possible to sand down the bad parts and paint them with chalk paint (which I’ve never used before). BTW….your hutch is GORGEOUS!


    • Shannon Acheson says

      Aw. I’m so sorry. It’s tough when it’s something that gets used so constantly AND likely with unclean hands too. Do you have the original paint? Or know the color and finish? You could try cleaning those areas and sanding just enough to get rid of any edges and then paint those parts to match? Just make sure you shake any leftover paint really well or the color may not match perfectly! Please let me know what you decide and how it turns out!

    • Kathy Copley says

      Thank you so much for the reply! And thank you for the suggestion. That is what I was thinking might be the best solution. I do still have the original paint. LOVE your blog!

  7. Pat Brown says

    This is beautiful. When you use a finishing wax, does the piece turn out “shiny”? I really want a semi-gloss look on my finished project. Thank you for posting.

  8. danaelmendorfbooks says

    “Don’t buy a paint and primer in one!” That was my first mistake. I recently did that, not realizing how gloppy and thick it was. The piece did not turn out like I wanted, not to mention I still had to do three coats for coverage, plus it dried super fast before I was done working it. Thanks to you, I now realize why that paint was wrong. I’m now going to go to Sherman Williams for a better paint to redo this piece. Thanks for the tip!

  9. Heidi says

    Thanks for the info! So, even though you did not use a paint and primer in one, you didn’t need a primer at all?? Planning on painting my china cabinet – it’s a blonde wood that my MIL started to repaint to a yellow. Time to finally do something about it!

  10. Kelli says

    I just found your blog and 😍😍😍! I’ve been searching for a blog with someone who isn’t afraid to use latex paint on furniture. Thank you! Latex paint is so easy to find and choose the perfect color for.
    I’ve painted a dresser and couldn’t find anyone who used wax over latex… THANK YOU!
    I’ll be digging through your blog for the rest of the day lol
    Do you lightly sand before you apply the wax? I didn’t get flat paint, unfortunately. I only used a paint sample size and it didn’t come in flat.

  11. Emily says

    Sherwin Williams advertises their duration interior paint as a paint and primer in one, so I don’t understand how you didn’t use a primer?

    • Shannon Acheson says

      Hi Emily,

      I’m not sure I understand the question? When this post was originally written, most paint and primer in ones were pretty awful – thick and gloppy. I didn’t use a separate primer. And yes, SW now advertises their duration line as a paint and primer in one. I don’t recall that being pointed out when I originally purchased the paint though, so it wasn’t really a deciding factor. If that doesn’t help clarify, please let me know what I can clear up!
      xo, Shannon

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