TVs can be such an eyesore! Ashley has some tips for decorating around a TV to help you make yours fit into your room better!

We’re thrilled to have Ashely from Cherished Bliss here to share how she decorates around a TV!

I’m so excited to be here sharing another post with you guys! Today’s post is all about learning to live with what you have. Sometimes it’s funny being a blogger because everyone seems to assume your house always looks just like your pictures. I think we all know that’s not true right? Right! One of my favorite quotes is “Don’t compare your worst day to someone else’s best day”. It’s something that’s easily forgotten, but I think we should be reminded of this often!

Finally decorate your own home – with confidence!

You’re so much closer to a beautifully-decorated home than you think. You just need a little help to get there!

decorating around a tv

One of my biggest frustrations is decorating around our TV. No matter what I do, TV’s are just in no way attractive. So let’s talk about how I deal with mine!

tips for decorating around a tv

Tips for Decorating Around a TV

The TV Stand

First let’s talk about my TV Stand. This was actually one of my very first projects as a married woman. Our budget was low, but I was desperate to have nice things! I bought this old dresser for $15 and fixed it up… and it just seems to keep sticking around our living room. I removed the top row of drawers in order to create a shelf for our dvd player and other electronics, but it always left a really awkward space. It wasn’t until I decorated for Christmas that I had the idea to fill this space with old books.

Tips for Decorating Around a TV

You might notice that you don’t see a dvd player there, well that’s because these books are not only pure perfection in all their old glory, but it makes it pretty easy to hide the electronics that reside behind them, you know, since electronics don’t photograph well for us bloggers in our perfectly staged homes! 😉

Tips for Decorating Around a TV

The Wall

That’s how I hid my electronics, now let’s talk about decorating around the tv. I hate having a bunch of blank space around a tv, but it also feels weird to have things hanging on both sides unless you are planning a gallery wall (which I just didn’t want in this space). I knew I didn’t plain pictures around the tv because I have a weird symmetry problem, but somehow by adding texture I don’t have said symmetry issue, so the tobacco baskets where the first thing to go up. They add depth without drawing too much attention. And I love simple wood toned decor items!

Tips for Decorating Around a TV

Once I had those up it was immediately lop sided but I still had no idea what to put on the other side. I wasn’t feeling typical wall decor and our blanket ladder just kinda ended up there and I fell in love! It framed the tv perfectly without feeling too busy!

Tips for Decorating Around a TV

When you have something on both sides of the TV, in my opinion, it needs to have something above it as well! Now I’ve actually had this window and boxwood wreath above ours for a while, but it worked perfectly with my new additions.

Tips for Decorating Around a TV

On the TV Stand

Next came the accessorizing of the actual TV Stand. Since spring is on it’s way I needed a little dash of color, so these yellow buds added some necessary beauty to the space.

On the other side I added a vintage fan because I always have to have a little something industrial in there, and with the mirror behind it, it balanced out the yellow buds with the overall look of the space.

Tips for Decorating Around a TV

Last but not least I placed a wooden sugar mold on it’s side right in front of my tv base. I mainly did it because it pulled the wood tones into the center of the tv stand. But ultimately I love how it hides the base and adds a rustic touch!

Tips for Decorating Around a TV

I hope this helps give you some ideas on what you can do around your TV! What are some of your favorite ways to decorate around your tv?

Thanks, Ashley!

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