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In this post: If you’re looking for beautiful art for your walls, tabletops, and shelves, you will love these downloadable vintage art pieces.

When the new year hit this year, I was longing for a change in our home. Maybe it was a year of being at home more than ever. Or maybe my creative juices finally started flowing again after a few months of feeling just “meh”. Regardless, it was time to do something a little different. 

We began to tackle a few things, like building a new dining room table and refinishing a new to us buffet in the dining room. We’re looking at new flooring to replace the worn-out 90s laminate and we may even replace the kitchen counters. And we decided to put together a gallery wall in the living room comprised of vintage-looking art. 

If you follow us on Instagram – where we share a bit of our every day in stories on the regular – you know we went back and forth a bit on which layout and which prints to use. And I’m pretty sure we’ve landed on some awesome choices. 

But in case you’re looking for some affordable and lovely downloadable vintage art for your home, I thought I’d share some options here. 

Downloadable Vintage Art for Your Home

various vintage style art prints in frames with text overlay

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My favorite is to use a collection of sketches in a gallery wall for calm, cohesiveness. And to use landscapes with more saturated color in little frames on shelves and counters. 

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Have you found any downloadable vintage art printables that you love?

five printables illustrating free printable art

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