In this post: There’s a secret I want to tell you. It’s rather common sense once you know it. But until then you are likely throwing away $$$ following decorating trends.

I get a lot of questions about trends and how to decorate on a budget when trends come and go all the time. It’s a true concern when you’re spending your hard-earned money to decorate. I get it, really I do. Wanna know a secret though? I’m not a real big fan of trends. I know. A designer who doesn’t follow (or try to predict trends). So weird, right?! Maybe it’s because I don’t like other people telling me what to do and how to decorate MY home. Maybe it’s because I find it superficial and exhausting to try to guess what the next big thing is. But there are a few trends that I like when they come along. And I’m guessing you do too.

So how do you go about following decorating trends that you like and not drain your bank account doing it?

I’m a big believer in just getting to the point. No words wasted. (My bloggy friends may or may not occasionally call me Sassy Shannon.)  So are you ready for the secret?

Okay, here it is:

Keep the big stuff classic and neutral.

That’s it.

It’s really kind of obvious when you think about it. But we all need reminding sometimes.

Yes I’m a big fan of neutrals all the time. But for the big stuff it’s ESSENTIAL no matter what style or look you like!

  • Don’t give in and buy a trendy fabric on a couch that you expect to have for years and years. Buy a simple (perhaps slipcovered?) neutral sofa instead.
  • Don’t plank your walls if you’re not up for removing it when you no longer love it. Just use paint.
  • And for the love of Pete, don’t tile a bathroom in bubble gum pink or avocado green tiles! (Why, just why?) White is classic for tile. You can always dress up the room with towels or accents. And if you ever sell your house, future buyers will thank you for having the incredible foresight to not burden them with odd color choices!


If you keep your couches, headboard, kitchen cabinets and other main pieces classic and neutral, you can swap out things like throw pillows, candles and art easily and for very little money when a trend comes or goes, or when you tire of it.

No wasted money. No regrets that you have to live with for a decade or more.

Be wise and keep the bigger and more costly items neutral.

More Budget-Friendly Decorating Tips

It is honestly that simple, and now that you know the secret too, you should find deciding on what to buy for you home MUCH easier!

shannon photo and sig oct 2022