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Hello, Beautiful!

Welcome to Home Made Lovely!

I'm Shannon, wife to Dean, momma of two teenagers & a twenty year old and author of Home Made Lovely - Creating the Home You've Always Wanted.

I believe home is the most important place on earth and my passion is helping frustrated women who really want a lovely home go from "I don't know where to start" to "I absolutely adore my home!"

Whether it's decluttering, decorating, cooking up yummy food or creating a beautiful project for your home, you've come to the right place!

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Why a

Lovely Home?

Because our homes have a huge impact on our well-being:

• According to a 2009 UCLA study, women who perceive their home as cluttered have higher levels of the stress hormone, cortisol.

A study by psychologist Abraham Maslow showed that people are much more positive and energetic and less irritable in beautiful rooms than in ugly or even average rooms.

• In Isaiah 32:18, God's own design for home is summarized: "My people will live in peaceful dwelling places, in secure homes, in undisturbed places of rest."

Home Matters.

So, let's get started creating the home you've always wanted! Start Now

There are four steps to creating a lovely home:

1. Decide to LOVE where you live

taupe couch with cream pillows, pink flowers behind on sofa table with lamp

No matter what kind of dwelling place you call home - even if it's old, ugly and run down - you can choose to love it, to be truly grateful for it and to use it for good things.

If you need help and encouragement with this step, you'll love Home Made Lovely, my brand new book about creating the home you've always wanted.

2. Declutter and make room for Life

black fireplace mantel with f scott fitzgerald framed quote and birch logs in basket

Clutter can ruin even the most beautiful decor, and it can cause more work and chaos than you need in your home.

You will love the HML book, which covers the 7 steps you need to declutter and organize anything.

Or, maybe you'd prefer a more in-depth approach where you can get the step-by-step specifics to declutter every single nook and cranny of your home. If that's you, you'll love The Clutter Fix, the handbook & workbook that is super detailed (but still easy to follow).

3. Decorate in an uncomplicated way

farmhouse style chair with a chunky knit blanket, basket and lamp beside a grey fireplace

Decorating your own home doesn't have to be complicated!

You will love the HML book, which gives an overview of how to decorate in 3 steps, with a few worksheets to help you along the way.

Or, maybe you'd prefer a more hands-on approach with step-by-step lessons, examples and feedback as you define your style, create a master decorating plan and then decorate one room at a time, in the right order. You'll love our course, Decorating Uncomplicated.

4. Embrace lovely, "scruffy" hospitality

three teenagers setting a wood table for dinner

A huge part of a lovely home is seen and experienced in how well and how often we invite others in. But we often make excuses because our hospitality doesn't look like we think it should.

If you want practical tips for making hospitality easier, you will love the HML book. It will illustrate the huge difference between hospitality and entertaining and how to offer lovely, practical hospitality to those around you - even if hospitatily isn't one of your natural or spiritual gifts.


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