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I'm Shannon

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I teach mommas just like you how to finally make that house of yours the home you've always wished it could be!

Think of this as your "everything home" resource with all the home how-to's you need to get (and keep) your home:
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Delivered with cheeky, faith-filled, kick-in-the-pants encouragement to keep you motivated.

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Why a

Lovely Home?

Because our homes have a huge impact on our well-being:

• According to a 2009 UCLA study, women who see their home as cluttered have higher levels of the stress hormone, cortisol.

A famous psychologist found that people are much more positive and energetic in beautiful rooms.

The Bible says: "My people will live in peaceful dwelling places, in secure homes, in undisturbed places of rest."

See that? Everyone agrees that home matters.

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A little Home Made Lovely love

My aha moment was when you talked about undertones!

I found my style and was able to bring our small space together by creating a cozy and inviting home for our family of 8! My aha moment was when you talked about undertones! At first I was confused about what the undertone of my room really was. But after carefully analyzing the details I figured it out! That was the moment when I could bring everything together.

Danae C.

I’m falling in love with our home all over again.

My ah-ha moment was when I realized how much time and money we have spent in the past couple of years because I was going about things all the wrong way. I have painted rooms, changed decor and bought things over and over again and just could not get comfortable. I loved the house but it didn't feel like home. We did not focus on our true design style and never finished a room. It caused us to purchase things we didn't love. BUT now because of your course, we have found our style, re-focused on our whole home design plan and are decorating one room at a time. It is really exciting and I am falling in love with our home all over again."

Cheryl P.

Lightbulb moment!

Your explanation of paint colors was the light bulb moment for me! Your explanation would have saved us from painting a room twice along with saving money for the painter's extra visit. I am enjoying your teaching.  Thanks!

Pat Jensen

Given me the guidance and filled me with the confidence I need

Oh Shannon, thank you, thank you thank you!!  I wish I could download you and take you with me, but your Decor Staples Checklist has definitely given me the guidance and filled me with the confidence I need!
AKA Design Decor Staples Checklist jpg for blog

Zee Velez

Love this idea!

Orbs are such a great decor item to add to a space. Staining the hoops really gives them a vintage feel. Thanks for the inspiration
embroidery hoop orbs


"Home is the most important place on earth."

- Shannon