Fresh flowers can add up week after week, but no one wants ugly faux flowers either. The compromise? This DIY Faux Floral Arrangement with realistic looking blooms!

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I’m all for buying and displaying real flowers in the house. 

After all, they are SO PRETTY! But even grocery store blooms can add up week after week, which is why I really like to keep at least a two or three faux floral arrangements around too.

This DIY faux floral arrangement that I created with faux water has been moved around the house (both our last house and this one actually) and more than made up for the initial cost.

Because I use and love that DIY arrangement so much, when I found out that Michaels was getting MORE flowers in their Floral Market, I dreamed up a new DIY faux floral arrangement – that you can recreate for your house too!

DIY Faux Floral Arrangement

Micheals Floral Market flowers in wooden crate



1. Arrange floral foam in your crate or box.

faux floral arrangement supplies

2. Cut flowers from each floral bundle as low as possible on each stem.

3. Starting with the largest flowers first, begin arranging the flowers by sticking their stems into the floral foam. (By starting with the largest first you can spread them out and see where you need to fill in with smaller flowers and greenery.)

faux floral arrangement step 1

4. Continue to add your stems from largest to smallest. Use floral wire if necessary on floppier stems.

faux floral arrangement step 2

faux floral arrangement step 3

faux floral arrangement step 4

5. Fill in gaps with greenery to finish the DIY faux floral arrangement.

faux floral arrangement finished

rustic feminine faux floral crate

modern farmhouse dining room

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Micheals Floral Market flowers in wooden crate

diy faux floral arrangement

After I finished the arrangement, I moved it to the makeshift sofa table (a board resting on two stools, covered by a long homemade table runner) in the living room, which was its intended home.

open concept living room and kitchen

grey sectional, urn lamps, blanket ladder, armoire, black and white family photo grid wall

modern farmhouse living room

black and white family photo wall

faux floral arrangement that looks real

realistic faux floral arrangement

make your own faux floral arrangement

While I do love fresh flowers – especially in the late winter and early spring when it’s super grey outside – I absolutely love to keep faux florals around too. Realistic faux florals can be a bit pricey, but the flip side is you only have to buy them once!

Michaels has over 1,800 blooms & greenery in their new Flower Market, including trendy succulents and real-touch flowers. Looking for more inspiration? Make sure you visit Michaels’ blog, The Glue String, to see the rest of the Michaels Makers’ spring floral project ideas.

shannon photo and sig oct 2022

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  1. Had to tell you. When I opened my e-mail & saw your new hair style & glasses. You not only can decorate. Your new style is fantastic; )

    1. Unfortunately I don’t know exactly. I sorta figured everyone would choose ones they liked. I’m pretty sure there’s some peonies, roses and hydrangeas in there. Plus a few others.

  2. Omg they look amazing! I just returned from Michaels and bought a bunch (must hide the receipt from my hubby) lol
    I couldn’t decide which I liked best peonies or roses so I bought them both. I made a arrangement for my dining room table
    and now I will make one for the livingroom (must have my coffee first)

    1. I know! I’m terrible with flower names (too many details), but I’m pretty sure I bought peonies and roses and hydrangeas. Have fun!

  3. So beautiful! You’ve inspired me to try this myself. I’m going to look for your ‘make a box’ tutorial, too-
    Thank you!

    1. I’m not sure we posted about making the box – but it’s easy. Just nail some boards together and give ’em a coat of stain. 🙂


    3. Thank you so much! I absolutely adore your home. Hoping for mine to be just as beautiful!

    4. Welcome April! The box was actually just stained with one layer of Minwax oil based stain. I think it was Puritan Pine.

    1. The only time I can tell is at night when the lights are on! And even then only when I’m up close.

  4. Love the roses idea, but think I’ll do the succulent arrangement since succulents are one of the few things that absolutely refuse to live in my house! Thanks for the fantastic idea . . . I had never even thought about artificial succulents.

  5. I was just at Michaels yesterday! Love the containers and faux flowers. I bought a moss tray (think fairy houses) which I am going to set 3 small terra cotta pots of grape hyacinth, and later succulents. Also found a round metal tray with stubby legs, , a pink and mauve heather wreath, and a big bunch of warm white mini tulips. I wish I bought some of the coral and the pale yellow mini tulips also. All were on sale, plus today and tomorrow there is another 20% off. Hope to go back.

  6. Hi! Would you mind posting the dimensions for your crate? I love it so much and I want my boyfriend to build me one!

  7. I love love love the clock in your dining room!!! Can you please share where you got it at??

  8. Gorgeous!!! I absolutely love your dining room chandelier, where is it from? all the ones I come across have the lights facing downward, I definitely prefer the farmstyle of yours.
    Have a great day!

  9. Where did you buy the wicker chairs at the end of your dining room? This room has been the inspiration for my dining room but I can’t fond those chairs anywhere.

  10. Hi, can you tell me where your dining room chairs are from? I’m looking for a very similar look! Thanks!

  11. Hello! Thanks for sharing this post! I have a few questions about the floral arrangement.
    1) What are the dimensions of the box you used?
    2) Could you list the types of flowers you used and how many of each you bought?