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16 HUGE Wall Clocks (From Less Than $100 Up To $420)

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Who else loves huge wall clocks?

Huge Wall Clocks

I’ve wanted an oversize wall clock for our house for years. When I got the one in our living room (above) just before the holidays, I realized how much of a whimsical touch something so over-sized can bring into a space…and how inviting that can make the room feel.

Not too serious. A little bit playful.

So, if you’d like to have a little fun with your space – or just in case your eyesight is getting bad! – I thought it’d be fun to show you a few of my favorite huge wall clocks and where to get them.

16 Huge Wall Clocks (From Less than $100 up to $420)

16 Huge Wall Clocks

1st Row Left to Right: Harrington Oversized Clock |  Oversized Britannia Hotel Clock | Country Oversized Wall Clock | London Wall Clock

2nd Row Left to Right: Fulton Street Wall Clock | Adele Square Wall Clock | County Line Wall Clock | Roberston Wall Clock

3rd Row Left to Right: Grand Hotel Wall Clock | Reiss Wall Clock | Loon Peak Oversize Clock | Pocket Watch Style Large Clock

4th Row Left to Right: Majors Wall Clock | White Metal Wall Clock | Oleshia Wall Clock | Ondine Wall Clock

Which one is your favorite? Where do you shop for things like huge wall clocks?


This post contains affiliate links. Please click here for our full disclosure policy.

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  1. Amy says

    I love all these clocks! I actually made one out of a round table top that’s 40″ and I love it!
    If I could, I’d have giant clocks all over my home! 😀

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