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DIY Wood Bead Garland with Tassels & Tag – Perfect for Boho or Farmhouse Decor

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Make your own DIY wood bead garland with tassels and tag for your boho or farmhouse decorated home! The project only takes about 15 minutes!

My favorite kinds of crafts are the ones that only take a few minutes to put together. Maybe I get bored easily, maybe I’m just busy. But short and sweet projects can’t be beat! Today I’m sharing one of my favorite little crafts – a DIY wood bead garland with tassels and a tag! Scroll all the way down the post to see what other summer crafts my blog friends are sharing for the Seasonal Simplicity Summer DIY & Craft Hop, hosted by my friend, Krista of The Happy Housie.

Make your own DIY wood bead garland with tassels and tag for your boho or farmhouse decorated home! The project only takes about 15 minutes!

Make Your Own DIY Wood Bead Garland with Tassels & Tag

diy wood bead garland

farmhouse wood bead garland


wood bead garland supplies


1. Wrap jute around your hand/fingers as many times as you’d like. I probably wrapped mine around about 30-50 times (I wasn’t counting).

wrap jute around fingers

2. Remove wound jute from fingers. Wrap more jute around the loops at about one third the length (as shown) and tie tightly.

tie wrapped jute

3. Now cut the loops of jute at the end of the longer ends. This will make your tassel! Set it aside for now.

cut tassle

4. Next you’re going to string the beads onto the jute using the darning/large sewing needle. The length of jute you will want will depend on the length of your garland. I had originally planned to mix large and small beads…until I realized the large “beads” were actually wooden balls (no hole)! Womp-womp. So I just used the smaller beads and didn’t cut my jute from the roll until I was done stringing.

stringing wood beads on jute

stringing wood beads on jute

5. After all your beads are strung, cut your jute, leaving about 6-8 inches on either end of the beads. Make sure the beads are not too tight together before you cut the jute though, or you’ll end up with a very stiff garland.

6. On one end of the beads, using a loop knot, tie on your tag. Then string the extra length of string back through the beads.

tie on tag

string jute back through beads

wood bead garland with tag no tassel yet

7. On the other end of your beads, string on your tassel. Then tie and loop the rest of the jute back through the beads, as you did on the tag end.

string on tassel

tie tassel on

8. Write on your tag, using a micron pen. You could try the Sharpie, but it just bled into the wood when I tried it. Alternatively, write on your tag first, in case you make a mistake. That way it won’t already be tied onto your garland! To get the Rae Dunn looking letters, simply keep your lines fine and straight and all the horizontal lines in the upper third of the letter.

write on tag

Then display on tiered trays, around demijohns, etc!

DIY wood bead garland

wood bead garland with tassels and a tag

wood bead garland

Make your own DIY wood bead garland with tassles and tag for your boho or farmhouse decorated home! The project only takes about 15 minutes!

wood bead garland on demijohn

Do you like the wood bead/tassel look? Have you got any wood bead garlands in your house?

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diy wood bead garland with tassels

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  1. Kim says

    What a fun project! And it fits in so well with your Rae Dunn pieces. I may have to add this to my list. I don’t have any beaded garlands and I’m feeling left out of the fun. 😉

  2. Krista says

    This is fabulous, Shannon! I’ve always wanted a wooden bead garland, and now I know how to make them! So glad you could be part of this hop! Pinned and sharing:)

  3. Kim says

    Super cute especially with the HOME tag! I have made some beads and love beaded garland!! Makes everything look better. I also like that candle that says Hello Lovely! Where did you find that? Thanks for the tips!

  4. Jeanne says

    I’ve liked the look of wood bead garlands, but the prices put me off. This looks so do-able! And thank you for describing how to do the lettering on the tag- I would have tried to duplicate it but didn’t realize the ‘horizontal lines 1/3 of the way down’ part. And I’m so glad I know how to make tassels now- I’ll be able to make them out of other materials, too.
    Thank you!

  5. Jann Olson says

    I love this Shannon! I have made a red bead garland, but I like this neutral one and how you finished it off! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  6. Kerryanne says

    Love a bead garland Shannon, especially when it is a handmade project.
    Thank you for sharing at Create, Bake, Grow & Gather this week. I’m delighted to be featuring this project at tomorrow’s link party and pinning too!

  7. richellaparham says

    I LOVE this! The garland is so cute, and how wonderful to be able to make it myself. Thank you for the instructions. I’ve pinned this to my DIY projects board and look forward to making my own.

    Thanks so much for joining the Grace at Home party at Imparting Grace. I’m featuring you this week!

  8. Oh My Heartsie Girl says

    I love how beads have made their way into home decorating. THe wood beads are wonderful!
    Thank you for sharing last week on Oh My Heartsie Girls Friday Features, this week your post is being featured!!
    Hope you will stop by and share again. Have a great weekend!


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