In this post: Love the look of topiary trees, but don’t want to pay the high price tag? Here’s a way to make DIY topiary trees from Dollar Store supplies!

I thought it would be fun to whip up a little faux greenery for our kitchen in the form of some DIY Topiary Trees. ‘Cause goodness knows I can’t keep any REAL greenery alive indoors! When I imagined this project, one thing I wanted to see if I could do was to make the diy topiary trees JUST from things I found at the dollar store. Which I totally accomplished!

topiary trees diy

DIY Topiary Trees

diy topiary trees with dollar store supplies

Summary: To make DIY Topiary trees, add dry floral foam to the bottom of a clay pot. Cover with faux moss. Then roll out a bit of air-dry clay and wind around a wooden dowel and let dry. Paint both the dowel and the clay ‘vine’ green. Place one end into the floral foam and then add a faux moss ball to the top.

diy topiary trees from dollar store supplies

topiary trees from dollar store supplies

diy topiary trees

DIY Topiary Trees from Dollar Store Supplies

Yield: 2 Topiaries
Prep Time: 5 minutes
Active Time: 30 minutes
Total Time: 35 minutes
Difficulty: Easy

Love the look of topiary trees, but don’t want to pay the high price tag? Here’s a way to make DIY topiary trees from Dollar Store supplies! (Amazon links included for ease too!)



  1. Cut floral foam to fit snugly into pots. Meanwhile plug in hot glue gun to heat it up. cut floral foam
  2.  Apply hot glue to bottom of floral foam and place inside pot, pressing firmly to allow glue to adhere the foam to the pot. glue floral foam to pot
  3. Insert pointy end of skewer into center of floral foam. add skewer to foam
  4. Add some hot glue to other end of skewer. Then quickly slide faux greenery ball onto skewer, straighten and hold in place for a minute or so to allow hot glue to set.
  5. Now paint the skewer in a mossy green. Let dry.
  6. Roll a smallish piece of modelling clay into a long skinny roll. Twist around skewer. Repeat with a second piece. This mimics the look of a vine.
  7. Now paint the modelling clay “vines” in the same mossy green as the skewer stem. Let dry. Don’t worry about getting paint on the floral foam as it will be covered by moss. paint vine
  8. To age your pots (whether terra cotta or bamboo!), sparingly dry brush on a little of the mossy green paint in various places. Then dry brush on white, blending white and green together in some spots. Let dry. 
  9. Finally apply hot glue to the top of the floral foam and cover with moss. Be sure to get the moss all down in beside the floral foam too. 

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diy topiary trees dollar store

And there you have it, DIY topiary trees made entirely from supplies found at the dollar store!

Which means each tree only cost about $5 with paint and such leftover for other projects (or slightly more if you have to get your supplies from Amazon!

diy topiary trees in bamboo pots made to look like terra cotta

make topiaries from dollar store finds!

Are you a topiary tree fan? Can you grow real plants indoors? Have you found any good supplies at the dollar store lately?

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  1. How cute and creative you are. You think outside the box on your projects and that helps the rest if us to see things in a different way as well. Did you find the box wood balls recently? If so can you share where? I live in a small town in the south with multiple dollar stores. Lol. So hope I might get lucky. Always look forward to your blog in my inbox. Thank you for sharing your talents with us.

    1. I’ve found the greenery balls consistently at Dollarama for several years. And I’m so glad you enjoy all our projects!

  2. Great tutorial! You wouldn’t believe what I paid for a set of 3 boxwood topiaries- and mostly because I loved their vine stem. Who knew how easy it is to recreate?!!

    1. It was fun – and yes making dollar store crafts look good is the best! I’m glad you approve!

  3. Amazing what a bit of creativity and the Dollar Store can produce! Great job and great look for pennies what would cost sooooo very much more done in any other store.

  4. so I went today and litterly scoured the shelves, walls and floors to find any green ball 😉 I found one that looks like a boxwood and one that does not.. i have completed my topiaries but forgot the clay..dang it! a quick run to the $ store always costs about $20!!LOL

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  6. LOVE these!! Love topiaries so I’m totally going to make these!! Thanks so much for the idea and all the great instructions!!

  7. I got soo excited when I saw this project! I have been looking everywhere for boxwood balls and can’t find any! 🙁 Wish I had access to a Dollarama

  8. These are great, I especially like the chunky look the vines you added give the stem. I’m actually ok at keeping house plants alive most of the time (I do stick to easy, good tempered ones though!) but I love the look of these.

  9. Totally amazing! How creative you are to come up with something that looks similar to the costly topiaries at the expensive home design stores, and yet for a few bucks! Great job!

  10. I’m in Ga. We don’t have Dollarama stores here. Might have to go to Michael’s. Also I have a covered porch. Can I make them bigger by using double balls and long dowels? And place them outside?

  11. I love these topiaries! I am going to purchase some clay, and I have already bought the boxwood balls at HL – these topiaries will be my sister’s birthday gift. Is the clay found in the toy section or crafts? Thanks so much!

    1. You are so welcome! Where the club is depends on the store. I used plain grey clay. Have fun! And happy birthday to your sister!

  12. Shannon, I love these little topiaries! You’ve done a knockout job on them. I love it when bloggers (or anyone) shows me how to make something cool from DT supplies! I shop there often and just found some moss-covered “rocks.” I will soon make a wreath using them and adding some tiny houses or fairy garden supplies. Love DT!
    DT is also a good source for books. I just picked up 2 novels and one cookbook/gardening book last week.

    1. That’s awesome, Barbara! Sounds like you’re making good use of a great resource!

  13. Hi Shannon! I stumbled upon your website as I was looking for great DIY topiary tutorials. You are absolutely amazing! I’m making these as inexpensive centerpieces for my son’s backyard bday party. Question: did you let the modeling clay dry for a period of time before painting? Also, I saw the picture of the paint you used but I’m completely unfamiliar with the do’s and dont’s on painting (or anything crafty for that matter). Do you have any suggestions on the type of paint or what to steer clear from? Any suggestions or tips you can share would be GREATLY appreciated.

    I subscribed and am looking forward to creating the comfy home I’ve always wanted but never knew how to accomplish! 🙂

    1. Hi Sandra, thank you so much! I only let the clay dry for a very short time. You could let it dry longer, but I don’t think it really matters. Any craft paint would work for the paint. No worries. You can do it!

  14. Where were you when I purchased mine from Pier One at three times the price. I can hardly wait to make my very own.

  15. Hi, Shannon. I just stopped by sort of by acciident from Petite House blog. I do grow house plants and have quite a bit of success. Especially with African Violets which I dearly love. I think that’s because they remind me of my dear maternal grandmother who always had them growing in her house. I also have cactuses which were about the only thing my dear mother could grow! In fact I have one that was given to her when I was a baby and that was seven-plus decades ago!

    I like the topiaries and especially the fact that they didn’t cost a lot to make. Before I read your tutorial I read one for making moss balls with styrofoam balls and dried moss. I tho’t of combining the two sets of instructions and placing the real moss balls on the skewers in the pots. I’m not so fond of the plastic topiary balls, so I tho’t I might like the moss balls better. But they might look funny because moss doesn’t really grow at the end of a long stem!

    Anyway, I enjoyed your tutorial!

    1. Hello Naomi! That is such a beautiful story about the Violets and the Cactus! I know what you mean, I don’t love all the plastic topiary balls. Some are good though. And you made me giggle with the moss balls on a stem! 🙂 Happy to have you reading!

  16. Shannon you are a rock star! I found some great topiary balls on clearance,but have been on a, dare I say it, quest! to find stems. This is brilliant. Your topiaries look lovely. I’m headed to the dollar store ! Hugs!!

  17. I love this post. I had no idea, until now how simple it is to make a topiary tree. Thanks to your fabulous step by step tutorial, I now can make one to. Going out today and get supplies. You rock!!!