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In this post: Love the look of moss topiary balls, but can’t find them or don’t like the price? Here’s how to make DIY Moss Topiary Balls of your own!

Hi Everyone! I’m Kristi from Making it in the Mountains and I’m here today to share this simple DIY Moss Topiary Balls project!

There’s just nothing quite so charming as that old farmhouse style. Lovely neutrals. Cozy textures. Rustic touches. And of course, whites, wood, & so much character.

Now, just because most of us don’t actually get to call a big ol’ farmhouse home, doesn’t mean we can’t incorporate some of that charm into wherever it is we do live. We’ve certainly been working hard at making over our old 70’s fixer-upper with some rustic, farmhouse style.

There’s nothing like a touch of nature to breathe a bit of life into a space and today, I’m sharing a super quick and easy project to bring the perfect pop of natural colour to your space!

DIY Moss Topiary Balls

I can’t wait to show y’all just how simple these DIY moss topiary balls were to make!

DIY Moss Topiary Balls

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  •  styrofoam balls (the smooth kind work best)
  •  a can of spray adhesive
  • a bag of moss


1. Working over a bit of newspaper to control the mess, start by spraying a small section of one styrofoam ball with some spray adhesive.

2. Then quickly cover the glue it with a thin layer of moss.

3. Simply continue spraying small sections and packing them over with moss, until one entire styrofoam ball had been covered. Between the moss and the spray adhesive, your fingers will definitely be a bit of a mess.

4. Finally, when a styrofoam ball is completely covered, give it a nice firm roll around in your hands a few times, just to make sure all that moss is packed down as well as it could be.

And that’s it friends! Pretty moss topiary balls in just minutes!

DIY Moss Topiary
I can think of a zillion ways to put these to work:

  • popping them onto plant pots
  • stacking them into lanterns
  • or even just arranging them on a shelf, all on their own.

DIY Moss Topiaries
But, I chose to place them on top of a couple of wooden candlesticks I had laying around (I seem to always have more holders than candles!) and I love the way the green pops when paired with the distressed wood!

DIY Moss Topiary

DIY Moss Topiary
I think they look so pretty sitting atop a fireplace mantel or on a shelf.

DIY Moss Topiary
They may have taken just minutes to make, but these pretty DIY moss topiary balls sure to do bring a beautiful touch of nature to any space!

Wishing you SUCH a lovely day!