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How to Make a Reclaimed Wood Headboard With New Wood For Less Than $50

Need a headboard for your bed on a budget? Make this reclaimed wood headboard with NEW wood for less than $50 and minimal DIY skills!

diy wood headboard with new wood for less than

Okay, so truly this is a super easy project. Like almost 1, 2, 3 easy.


And it is a total cheat. It’s not reclaimed barn-board at all! Shhh. It uses all new wood. Because let’s face it, reclaimed wood can’t always be found and may not be desirable to use on a headboard.

The only prep work is to decide how big to make the headboard. Since we have a queen bed, we decided on five feet wide by almost six feet tall. That’s about the approximate width of the bed and slightly taller than the width for height.

Make Your Own Reclaimed Wood Headboard with New Wood! 

diy reclaimed wood look headboard



Step 1: Decide where to put your headboard. Find the studs. Mark vertical lines with a pencil.

 Step 2: Sand rough spots and edges off of the boards. This is a headboard, people!

Step 3: Starting at the bottom (@ baseboard or floor), screw the first board to the wall using the stud marks you made in Step 1. Continue stacking the boards one on top of the other and fastening in this way all the way to the top (last) board.

Step 4: In a well ventilated room, and perhaps wearing a mask (trust me, this stuff STINKS when wet!), rub the minwax stain into the wood. Be careful to avoid the drywall around the headboard – tape it off with frog tape or slide a heavy piece of paper between headboard and wall as you stain. I only needed to do one coat, but if you would like it darker feel free to stain again. We also stained this once it was on the wall and slept in another room for a couple of nights. FEEL FREE TO STAIN THE BOARDS AND LET THEM DRY FIRST!

Add a few embellishments if desired, like the love banner below.  

See, didn’t I tell you it was easy?! 

And it was inexpensive! Here’s the approximate cost breakdown:

  • The wood was $2.97 per 8 foot length. That was the shortest the HD had. Times twelve boards = $36.
  • We had the stain. But if you were to buy it I think it’s about $9 for the small container. I used half that. Effectively $4.50.
  • I had to buy screws because somehow in our buckets of hardware we had no 2″ flat head screws. Go figure. $6.

So for $46.50 (plus tax depending on where you live) – voila!!!!

Any questions? What do you think of our Reclaimed Wood Look Headboard? 

PS. We loved the look of this headboard so much that we recreated it when we moved into our current house too! See it here.

Make Your Own Reclaimed Wood Headboard With NEW Wood

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  1. Trisha says

    Would it work if I stained the wood first and then nail it? I’m worried about getting it on the wall:)

    • aka design says

      Absolutely…in fact I would recommend staining it first. Truth be told we were just too lazy and wanted to get it up on the wall pronto!!! πŸ˜‰

  2. Angelina says

    I absolutely love it! How do you think it would look if we did a white, shabby-chic look? Im just wondering if doing a wood colored headboard would go with my white furniture. Maybe I’ll give it a try! THanks for the inspriation!

    • aka design says

      I bet it would look gorgeous in shabby chic white!!!!! Maybe dry brush it?? Please show us pics when you’re done!

  3. Doughty says

    I actually just had a bed made and want to do the reclaimed look. My wood is cypress. Will the stain react differently to cypress? Do you have any suggestions for making new cypress look like old cypress? Thanks so much.

    • aka design says

      Stain will always react slightly different depending on the wood. I would test the stain on a scrap piece or somewhere not visible on your bed to see how you like it.

  4. Mellissa says

    So simple yet so elegant and beautiful!
    My sister just made a burlap light cover for her bedroom, I will have to show her this idea. Great job!

  5. Heather Linderman says

    Did you use a finish over the stain? I just stained wood for a headboard like this and am wondering if it needs a finish like polyurethane or something…thanks! Love it!

  6. Marcio says

    I am very ecietxd about your post. I found Annie Sloan Chalk Paint at a local antique mall! It was $38.50 per can. I don’t think that is a bad mark-up at all. It is much better than a large shipping fee. I urge everyone to check their local antique shops…you never know! Hugs, Jan

  7. Kristin says

    I’m totally using your idea to put a new top on my old coffee table. I just happen to already have a headboard that I love or I’d do this too!

    • aka design says

      We adore our headboard too – it’s finally the perfect fit for our style!

    • aka design says

      I saw an even simpler version where someone just hung there’s on the wall with those 3M Command strips!!! No tools required!

    • aka design says

      Um, good question. I think they’re about 7″ from point to center of the top and maybe 5″ wide (at the top).

  8. Bobbi Schmidt says

    How did you stain the headboard? How dark did it turn out? Am I correct when I say that it looks on more of the lighter side than darker? I just had my hubby stain mine with the same color and it looks way darker:/ He only did one coat, but he used one of those foam brushes. Do you think that would make a difference? Thanks!

    • Shannon says

      Did your hubby wipe off the excess stain with a lint-free rag after a few minutes? If he didn’t, that may account for how dark it is. And yes a foam brush will put a LOT of stain onto the wood!

    • Bobbi Schmidt says

      I don’t think he did. I think we are going to try and sand it and restain it. How did you put your stain on? Did you use a rag to wipe it on and then another to wipe it off? Thank you for your help!!

    • Shannon says

      Often I will use a foam brush to put it on and a rag to wipe it off. If you don’t like how dark the Dark Walnut is, you could try Special Walnut or Puritan Pine instead.

    • Bobbi Schmidt says

      Hmm…. We did use Special Walnut. I think we are just going to start over;) Thanks for all your help!

  9. Kate says

    Hi, how do you make some parts lighter than others? do you just wipe it out unequally or it just comes out like that?

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