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Restoration Hardware Inspired Shelves Reveal

I think we’ve teased you enough with iPhone pics on facebook and close up shots here on the blog, don’t you? Would you all like to see our Restoration Hardware Inspired Shelves?

Restoration Hardware Inspired Shelves Reveal


Restoration Hardware Inspired Shelves Reveal

Notice the picture in the black photo frame? Our thanks again to Abby Cook for taking some great family shots for us!

If you recall the former living room shelves got moved to our son’s room which left a need for book storage and such in the living room. We loved the industrial-look of Restoration Hardware’s Dutch Shipyard Shelving. But we REALLY didn’t love the insane price tag of $2295 each U.S. – especially since we needed two of them for a total of $4590! Ack!

restoration hardware inspired shelves

So we did what we always do in this situation – we DIY’d ourselves some shelves!

We will post the DIY how-to for you as soon as we can, k. But for now, what do you think of our vintage industrial shelves?

UPDATE: Our DIY instructions and tutorial are here.

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  1. Mrs T says

    I so hope your DIY tutorial includes words like “easy” “inexpensive” and “no power tools needed” so I can TRY to convince the Hubs to make them (or I can DIY myself)!


  2. Karin says

    I was wondering if you made the stool/ottoman that looks like an large spool, I have one and I want to make it into an ottoman and was wondering if you have a tutorial for how you made it. Thanks

  3. Dana says

    Hi Shannon! Would you mind if I did a post on your bookshelves? They are just amazing and I was hoping to share on my blog if you don’t mind?

  4. Kathie says

    These look great with the traditional style armoire. I wouldn’t have thought so before I saw this, though. I’m new to your site and look forward to visiting often. You’re home reflects amazing talent. You can be VERY proud.

  5. Mel says

    I love the Industrial Shelves and understood how you aged the wood itself, but how did you or where did you get the metal frame for the shelving?

    • Shannon says

      We got ours through Dean’s work but in the tutorial we mention that you can find similar metal at places like Metal Supermarket.

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