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In this post: Want an easy way to make that boring bathroom mirror look stylish? Make this easy DIY Farmhouse Bathroom Mirror this weekend and have a more beautiful bathroom by Monday!

We’re happy to have Ashley from Cherished Bliss, here to share a DIY Farmhouse Bathroom Mirror Tutorial from her bathroom makeover!

Finally decorate your own home – with confidence!

You’re so much closer to a beautifully-decorated home than you think. You just need a little help to get there!

My favorite thing about this mirror is that you don’t need anything fancy to build it! It’s a fantastic beginner project, yet still so effective! So get ready to build your own, or you could even skip the building part and find one you want to refinish!

diy farmhouse bathroom mirror frame

DIY Farmhouse Bathroom Mirror Tutorial

DIY Farmhouse Style Bathroom Mirror Tutorial

diy farmhouse bathroom mirror


diy bathroom mirror frame hack


1. Cut four 1 inch by 4 inch wood pieces to size – two pieces will be cut to the length of your mirror, two will be cut to the height. Miter the corners using a mitre box or preferably a mitre saw (for more accurate corners). Your measurements will be to the outside corners.

2. Sand each piece and wipe away any dirt or sawdust.

3. Using the lint free rags, wipe on the stain. Let sit for about 5 minutes and then wipe off excess with a clean lint free cloth. Let dry thoroughly. (Note: I stained mine before I built it because it was freezing and I was working in a small space, but you can totally do this after its assembled). Make sure you stain both sides of the wood though because it will show a reflection of the unfinished side in the mirror… just take my word on this one ; )!

For a step-by-step tutorial on how to stain wood, check out this post.  


DIY Farmhouse Bathroom Mirror Tutorial

4. After the stain has dried its time to do a gray wash over the top. To do this I mixed about 1 part paint, one part water (maybe just a touch more water) until you reach a pretty watery consistency. Then using a paint brush, apply the gray paint/water mixture over the stain, and wipe off immediately with a cloth. This will give it a gray washed out look. It’s going to appear dull, that’s ok, because a sheen will be added during the sealing process. Let this dry.

DIY Farmhouse Bathroom Mirror Tutorial

Once it’s all applied it should look like this: (see how it’s a little dull… that’s ok!)

DIY Farmhouse Bathroom Mirror Tutorial

5. After the grey wash was completely dry, I went ahead and sealed it with a Helmsman’s Spray Varnish for protection. This spray is meant for outdoor furniture and to protect the wood from moisture allowing it to expand and contract as the temperature changes! But if you aren’t overly paranoid about your wood the way I am you can just use a regular ol’ poly if you prefer.

DIY Farmhouse Bathroom Mirror Tutorial

4. Add wood glue to the mitered corners and line them up carefully to create your frame. Using a staple gun, staple the back side of your frame’s corners.

5. If you can find black corner braces, use those. But if you can only find the metal look ones, just spray paint them. I used Rustoleum’s Black Hammered Spray Paint and let the braces dry thoroughly before attaching them to the corners of my frame.

DIY Farmhouse Bathroom Mirror Tutorial

6. Now the fun part! Hanging it. Since I change my decor up so often I chose to used 3M Command Strips right on the mirror following the directions on the package. I used 4 on each board, fyi. You can also screw the frame straight to the wall if you prefer, or even glue it directly to the mirror. The choice is yours, and kind of depends on your bathroom as well.

Tip: If your bathroom mirror has those large plastic brackets, replace them with smaller washers. That should help the frame sit more flush with the mirror and the wall!

DIY Farmhouse Bathroom Mirror Tutorial

DIY Farmhouse Bathroom Mirror Tutorial

This project can totally be done in a weekend. And I bet that once you’re done, you’ll want to do more weekend projects! Try these 10 easy ways to update your home in a weekend for all sorts of ideas!

diy bathroom mirror frame hack

Thank you, Ashley, for sharing this tutorial with us!

What do you think? What a lovely farmhouse touch in Ashley’s bathroom, yes?

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  1. Love it! I’ve been planning to do something like this, just need to figure out how to get the pieces cut without a saw 😉 Did you also create those shelves?

  2. I love everything about this bathroom! Can you share where the vanity and lights came from?

  3. Hello Shannon!!

    In the farmhous mirror feature, could you tell me about the vanity? Did you purchase (where) ? Also, love the color! Can you share?

    1. This vanity looks similar to the one I special ordered from Lowes…. OVE is the manufacturer and Daniel Grey is the color name. The one I have has three drawers in the middle and two doors on the sides, and has a marble top – all one piece and extremely heavy – but stunning!

  4. Hello,
    Also interested in color of vanity as well as the soap / toothbrush holders (are those Rae Dunn?!).

  5. Hi Shannon. I totally love your rustic mirror frame! Just what I’m looking for! Did you place it directly over an existing mirror? I’m hoping this will work as I don’t want to take down the large mirror we have in our master. On one side of our mirror tho it butts up to the wall. Will that be a problem?

    Thanks for your advice!


  6. Did you mean to say that you attached the command strips directly to the mirror FRAME instead of the miror?
    You went on to say that you put four command strips on each board, so I am assuming you put the strips on the boards and not directly on the mirror itself. Thanks for clarification.

    1. Yes, I believe Ashley did attach the command strips to the mirror and the frame – i.e. she attached the frame to the actual mirror with Command strips so she could change the frame easily if and when she decided she didn’t like it anymore. 🙂

  7. Two comments: (1) Bummer that no one is getting their questions answered by the blogger, (2) I notice that on all the pics, the corners of the frame are strategically covered. Makes me wonder.
    Also, please don’t rely on a $10 miter box for good corners. Someone suggested that and it’s dubious advice.

  8. Hi Shannon,
    I noticed that it is mentioned the boards used to frame the mirror were 1×4’s. Is this accurate? That seems so thick?! And the pictures don’t seem to look that dramatic. I had a spare 1×4 in the garage and held it up and it looks so much more chunky! Any idea if a thinner board was used or would work?

    1. Yes, Sandra, that is accurate. I would imagine that any size board you’d like would work! It’s up to you!

    2. Thanks for the reply Shannon! Looks like I will have to use something thinner. The 1×4 blocks my outlet 🙁
      Can’t wait to get it done though!

  9. What kind of wood did you use? If I want more of a pecan finish, what color stain would I use. Love this idea of framing the mirror. The bathroom looks amazing!

    1. Hello Cheri. Sorry I missed this comment earlier. I’m not sure what Ashley used – I’m guessing either pine or spruce from the hardware store.

  10. Loved this how-to!!! My husband and I made our very own mirror frame this weekend and it turned out perfect. Thank you for sharing!

    1. Sorry, Tiffany, I’m not sure what the color is on Ashley’s bathroom wall. Perhaps she has it on her blog

  11. I’m so excited to tackle this project. I bought the miter box and hand saw, but I’m not sure how to cut the boards to the proper size, since they are cut at a 45 degree angle. I have no idea how to measure for this. Any help would be so appreciated!!

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    you book marked to look at new things in your website.

  13. I am about to start this project and I’m a total newbie – does it matter what grit the sandpaper is? The link provided is a variety pack. Also, when you wipe off the excess stain and paint, should the lint free rag be dry or wet? Thank you! Just trying to up my odds off success 🙂

    1. Hi! Fine grit sandpaper (100) or medium grit (60-80) would be best for preparing raw wood for finishing. And when removing the excess stain, the rag should definitely be dry!

  14. Looks great and so simple! Does the finish of the gray paint matter? I have so many gray sample cans and would prefer to use one of them rather than buy another.

    1. You don’t. You actually leave the mirror as it is on the wall (most bathrooms have these), replacing those large plastic holders with washer and then just hang the frame over that with command strips. 🙂

  15. Hi there! I just made this and it came out perfect! My only issue is the command strips will not stick to the wood frame. Any idea why that would happen or suggestion for another way to put the gram on the mirror.

  16. Can you give a little more detail or show a picture of the “washers” that are referred to when changing the large clips that hold the mirror.

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