In this post: I’m calling foul. I don’t care what anyone says…White Slipcovers are NOT Easy to Keep Clean! And now we have grey ones instead.

So, you know all those pretty blogger houses with bright white slip-covered couches and chairs?

why I don't want white slipcovers

How to follow decor trends without breaking the bank

And how of them insists the slipcovers are so easy to clean – just pop them off, throw them in the wash and all is well?


Lies, I tell you! 

Okay maybe I’m over exaggerating. Being a little dramatic. 

But in the month or so that we had white slipcovers on our Ikea Ektorp sofa sectional, my experience was the complete opposite of (seemingly) everyone else on the internet.

living room from dining room

The edges got grungy.

The dog – despite having his paws thoroughly wiped when he came inside – somehow managed to get dirty paw prints on at least three cushions.

And the dust and hairs! Ugh.

Not to mention that everyone was terrified to get the couch dirty for fear of mommy’s wrath.

sectional couch neutral living room

And then…and then…I decided to wash the slipcovers.

Oh. Em. Gee.

The Ektorp sectional is um, large. So it took three loads in the washer.

Fair enough. Our washer isn’t huge.

But did you know you’re not supposed to dry the slipcovers? Apparently they might shrink.

What the heck?!

I don’t have the space or time to wait for the covers to drip dry!

So I put them on air dry in the dryer – no heat.

Which worked – except I’m pretty sure it took about as long as letting them drip dry would have.

Oh and did I mention that I broke the washer in this “oh so easy” process?!

Even with separating the covers into three loads, the washer just couldn’t handle it.

Which meant it then decided it should seek revenge – and get lovely black grease marks on every single slip cover! 

Which is exactly when I gave up on the white slipcovers and went straight to Ikea to buy dark grey ones instead.

Which everyone likes better anyway.

Ikea Ektorp Grey Sectional

No more white slipcovers

White Slipcovers are NOT Easy to Keep Clean!

And if the grey slipcovers need washing, they’re going to the dry cleaners.

(P.S. I personally know several bloggers who have and truly love their white slipcovers. I bow to their cleaning awesomeness! Seriously. I have no idea how they do it.)


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