In this post: How to makeover some store-bought crates in a whitewash finish with numbers.

We recently did a little shelf switcheroo when we built new Rolling Kitchen Pantry Shelves and moved our Restoration Hardware Inspired Industrial Shelves to the living room.

Industrial Shelves Crates Printers Office

Initially we literally just moved all the kitchen stuff out to the living room to make space for building the new shelves – food, dishes and all.

When the Rolling Shelves were finished, we tried to arrange my office and creative necessities in a nice orderly fashion on the Industrial Shelves.

Rather unsuccessfully.

shelves before

BEFORE: Kitchen stuff temporarily stored | Empty-ish | All the creative office necessities

Since we homeschool and I work from home on the blog (often at the same time), I tend to work in the living room and dining room. The lighting in the dining room is perfect for taking photos of smaller projects and recipes and by being on the main floor I’m easily accessible to the kids at all times.

But that means I have a lot of paraphernalia in the living room: a laptop, printers, camera gear, crafts stuff, books, etc.

Shelf Organization in the Living Room

After some Instagram discussions it was quite obvious that we needed to implement some sort of closed storage for the odds and ends, as well as a way to camouflage the more utilitarian things like the iPhone dock, two printers and the Silhouette Cameo.

Dean and I discussed several ways to create more concealed storage, but ultimately I didn’t want to mess with the original design of the Industrial Shelves – I love them as they are!

Enter some raw wood crates from Michael’s.


And and line of paint I’ve recently fallen in love with called Fusion Mineral Paint.

Fusion Mineral Paint Algonquin and Champlain

I’m a bit of a lazy painter – prep and maintenance are NOT my favorite.

Fusion delivers an exceptional matte finish, is easy to apply, self-leveling, requires minimal prep work, no top coat, waxing or on-going maintenance, and it will not separate or harden in the container for 7 years.

Hallelujah! That’s my kind of paint!

White Washed Numbered Crates DIY

Numbered Crates DIY


  • raw wood crates
  • Fusion Mineral Paint in Algonquin
  • Fusion Mineral Paint in Champlain
  • Fusion Mineral Paint in Coal Black
  • paint brushes
  • napkins
  • number stencils
  • sandpaper (optional)


1. Sand crates if necessary. Wipe off sawdust.

2. Paint entire crate with Fusion Mineral Paint in Algonquin. Let dry.

Restoration Hardware Wood Finish

3. To create dry brush look, dip paint brush in Fusion Mineral Paint in Champlain and then dab off excess onto paper towel. Using large sweeping motions (with the wood grain) apply Champlain over Algonquin. Press harder as brush becomes drier. Repeat to get desired look.

4. Apply number stencil to front of crate and tape or hold in place. Dip brush in Fusion Mineral Paint in Coal Black and dab off excess onto paper towels. Carefully paint over stencil. *If a suitable stencil can’t be found, print large numbers (I used the font Century Schoolbook) and cut on a Silhouette or use the pencil rub technique and then paint.

pickled oak look crates

5. Remove stencil and let dry.

Then fill the crates and make it all look pretty!

Office Shelves in Living Room

I tried to make the printers and Silhouette blend in a little by putting plenty of stylish things around them – signs, books, etc.

Fusion Mineral Paint Crates

Finally some pretty organization – and camouflaged necessities – in the living room!

How to organize open shelving

Do you have a pesky place that needs organizing in your home? Have you tried Fusion Mineral Paint yet?

P.S. Click here for tips on how to style bookshelves.

This post was generously sponsored by Fusion Mineral Paint.
All thoughts, opinions and creative projects are of course my own.
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  1. Love the crates! Have been looking for a great idea for under my custom built in bench…think I just found it!!! Thanks for sharing.

  2. I LOVE THIS!! I have some baskets in my house that I have been thinking about replacing but didn’t know what to do in their places… wonderful idea! Thank you so much for the inspiration! I’m so glad I found your blog! You should join me on Tuesdays for the Celebrate Southern link up I host over at for some southern-inspired posts. It’s still live today! You don’t have to be a southern blogger to join, this post would be a perfect fit! 🙂

  3. Thank you for your great ideas! I love the fusion paints-I tried them after reading your BLOG! Thanks to you I also stained 9 large crates like your mini one but stenciled them kinda like Your big crates and built a shelf similar to yours but out of pipe—to store all the crates! So what I am trying to say is you are Inspirational!!! ? Thanks again!!