In this post: Our old front porch had potential. We made a little progress but then stalled for months. But the final after of the porch makeover – and the ensuing summer porch makeover ideas – really made a difference!

One of the features I fell in love with when we first looked at our last house was the long front porch. It was badly in need of aesthetic work. But the potential for great curb appeal was there.

Here’s how we used just three summer porch makeover ideas to increase the curb appeal and enjoy our old house a lot more while we lived there!

3 summer porch makeover ideas that are easy on your budget!

Before the Porch Makeover

before curb appeal

In the realtor photo above, before we bought our last house, you can see that the porch was a wee bit confused.

There were both wrought iron and wooden trellises, a wrought iron railing and green wooden pillars. (The sage green wooden pillars had been touched up with a different shade of green paint to boot.)

From the street one could see the brown bamboo shade on the door and the brown faux-wood blinds on the front windows – all smushed together with white trim and green doors.

There was a whole lot going on…and none of it was pretty!

Initial Progress on the Porch Makeover

We ripped out the wrought iron railing and the shrub overgrowth shortly after we moved in in 2012. But that’s where we stopped while we focused on the inside of the house.

aka design porch before 2

It says progress up there, but in reality it still makes for a pretty bad before photo. I’m actually rather embarrassed at how long it stayed so ugly!

After the Porch Makeover

Then in the spring and summer of 2015, we set out to improve our little house’s curb appeal, to turn something rather chaotic into something peaceful and beautiful. 

Oh how the after is so much more peaceful and beautiful

aka design house summer 2015

Summer Porch Makeover Idea 1 – Paint

The first thing we did was to remove the remaining wrought iron trellises. Gonzo went the faded, chipping and mismatched green paint. (It took me an entire day and three coats of white paint to cover all that green trim!)

Hello crisp white painted trim and warm grey doors!

aka design front door summer 2015

To really up the curb appeal and cozy factor I of course wanted to add some personal decor touches too – like wreaths and string lights. 

However since these things are likely to be changed out with the seasons (just like our interior decor), I didn’t want to just hammer a nail in randomly somewhere or put staples all over the porch ceiling. 

3M Outdoor Command Clear Window Hook

So, we decided to use a few handy Command™ Outdoor Products specifically because they’re designed to hold strongly outdoors. They are water resistant, UV resistant, and can handle temperature extremes from -29 degrees C to 39 degrees C (-20 degrees F to 125 degrees F)! And like all Command™ Products, they remove cleanly – with no holes, marks, stains or sticky residue – so you can use them over and over again, while avoiding damage!

3M Command Outdoor Damage Free Hanging

Summer Porch Makeover Idea 2 – Wreath(s)

To hang my favorite door wreath we used the Command™ Large Clear Window Hook (which would also be great for seasonal welcome signs).

I love that you can hardly even see the hook – leaving the wreath to be the star of the show!

3M Command Large Clear Window Hook and wreath

I’ll also use three additional window hooks in the winter to hang our three evergreen wreaths on the living room windows. I’ve nailed them up previously – but again that has made for a lot of holes in the window trim each year! Thankfully not any more!

Summer Porch Makeover Idea 3 – String Lights

For the gorgeous Edison string lights I picked up for summer, we used the Command™ Clear Light Clips – on the porch ceiling!

3M Outdoor Command Clear Light Clips

3M Outdoor Command Clear Light Clips

Just look how cozy and welcoming the porch is at twilight…

3M Outdoor Command Clear Light Clips

Front Porch twinkle lights

(At Christmas time I think we’ll use the Command™ Clear Light Clips to hang lights around each window too,  avoiding more nail holes but adding plenty of charm!)

We also chose the Command™ Large Graphite Designer Hook for hanging seasonal decorations and an outdoor thermometer. But alas I couldn’t find a thermometer I like just yet, so the Graphite Designer Hooks will be here waiting for me to make a decision.

Here’s the Before, Progress and After for you again…

before curb appeal

aka design porch before 2

aka design house summer 2015

I think these three summer porch makeover ideas drastically improved this house’s curb appeal, don’t you? Perhaps it’s time to do the same to our current house’s porch too?!

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This post and our front porch makeover were sponsored by 3M. All the work and our opinions are our own. As always, we wouldn’t use it or share it if we didn’t like it!