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In this post: Easy no sew floor pillows – perfect for teens watching movies or kids reading on the floor! Great for outside too if you use outdoor fabric. And they’re so easy, you can make several in one afternoon!

DIY no sew floor pillows are a super simple project that can be done in an afternoon. Here’s how!

no sew floor pillows


Floor pillows are so great for hanging out at home and kids and teens love them. Yet, they can be expensive to buy because of their size.

But never fear! DIY no sew floor pillows are such an easy project to make because they only require simple straight cuts and can totally be made without a sewing machine! 

How to Choose Fabric for Floor Pillows

Of course, you will want to choose colors and fabrics that coordinate with your whole home color scheme and more specifically with the room you plan to use them in. 

When we made these floor pillows for our house they were to go in our more colorful family room. 

And they’d still work really well at this house, in our moodier, but still colorful family room. 

AKA Design Family Room Wall Art

The Shortcut to Perfectly Coordinated Colors and Patterns

So, how do you choose patterns and colors that work together? Well, for a full rundown on how to do that, see our post titled How To Mix Throw Pillows and Patterns With Style

If you’re in a hurry, here’s our quickie shortcut or cheat: 

all colors in one and then choose

Simple choose one pattern that has all of the colors you’d like to use in your room, and then select two or more additional patterns that each have just a single color in them. Voila! Instantly coordinated mixing of patterns!

An easy way to choose a combination of fabrics is to simply lay fabrics on the floor together to see what goes well together. Add or subtract fabrics until you get a mix you like.

You can do this online by adding fabrics to your shopping cart and then looking at them together there. You can even do this in the aisle at the store. Shhh. I won’t tell!

What Kind of Fill or Stuffing Should You Use?

To make these floor pillows, I actually used two really large pillows that came as extras with our sofas. But you could use any kind of stuffing, like polyester fiber fill, to stuff your pillows. 

What Size Should Floor Pillows Be?

A typical floor pillow measures 36 inches by 36 inches. But you can make them as large as you and your family like! 

Size Tip: To avoid a seam in the middle of your diy floor pillows, choose to make them a size that is smaller than your fabric width. (Most fabric is 40-54 inches wide.)

How to Clean DIY Floor Pillows

If you are using the no-sew method outlined below, your pillows can really only be spot cleaned. 

You could also opt to have them dry-cleaned. 

If you choose to wash your floor pillows in your washing machine, note that they are quite large and would require washing using the bulky setting. You also may find that the hem fuse tape comes undone. If this happens, simply re-iron it or add more hem fuse tape and iron it to seal the seam again. 

How to Make Floor Pillows – No Sew Method!

These are so easy to make – I promise!


For two large pillows:

Step-by-Step Instructions

measure pillow form |

1. Measure pillow forms and set aside. Make note of the measurements. 

2. Layout fabric on a flat surface. Using a pencil mark the size of your pillow forms PLUS TWO INCHES onto the back side of your fabric. So if your pillow form is 24″ x 24″ measure 26″ x 26″ onto four pieces of fabric.

3. Using scissors cut out all four large squares (or rectangles, depending on the shape of your pillow forms).

ironing hem |

4. Fold over each side about 1/4″ to 1/2″ and iron.

hem fuse tape |

5. Place two pieces of fabric together right sides out, hems together (see photo). Then place hem fuse tape between the hemmed edges. Press with iron. Repeat for three side of pillow cover.

6. Stuff pillow cover with pillow form. Carefully place hem fuse tape between hems on open side of pillow cover and press together with a hair straightening iron. Unless you can somehow finagle your pillow onto the ironing board to iron this remaining side once the cover is stuffed, a hair straightener is your secret weapon!

no sew floor pillows |

Video Tutorial: How to Make No-Sew Floor Pillows


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I used four different prints from Online Fabric Store to make two pillows: Premier Prints Outdoor Vertical Deep Blue, Zigzag Yellow, Gotcha American Red and Polka Dot Yellow. Since these floor pillows will end up in the basement family room, the bright colors and durability of the spun polyester makes them especially kid friendly!

double sided floor pillows |

diy no sew floor pillows

Have you ever “cheated” and made something with hem tape instead of sewing it? Do you have any floor pillows in your house? What about outdoor fabric on something indoors?

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