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In this post: Older homes can have a lot of peeling paint if the wood trim has been exposed to the elements. Here’s an easy solution to peeling outdoor paint!

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Wood trim on a house is lovely, until it isn’t anymore. Our house is almost 20 years old. That’s a lot of time for our wood trim to be exposed to the elements. Because of this, the outside trim around the front doors, garage door and the porch pillar were in pretty bad shape this spring. But we found an easy solution to peeling outdoor paint – without all the scraping and sanding!

Older homes can have a lot of peeling paint if the wood trim has been exposed to the elements. Here's an easy solution to peeling outdoor paint!

Our Outdoor Trim Before

So, when we shared our front yard and porch in previous curb appeal posts (like this one and this one), we were careful not to share too many close-ups of the trim. But here’s what it was looking like when all the snow melted this spring…

Garage door trim before peeling 2

Garage door trim before peeling

column before peeling 2

Not so pretty!


Initially we thought we’d have to scrape and sand and do a whole lot of prep work to fix up the trim. But then we found Rust Oleum’s ZINSSER PEEL STOP® PLUS High Build Binding Primer. With low-VOCs, this water-based binding primer is three times thicker than regular primers and locks down and hides peeling, weathered surfaces to create a smooth, white finish for your top coat. Honestly, this stuff is incredible. Just look at the same trim after one coat of the primer – and zero scraping or sanding. (If you’re not yet impressed, scroll down for the finished project!)



See how the PEEL STOP® PLUS seems to have glued down the chipping and peeling. I don’t think I’ve been so impressed with a product in a long time. And that’s saying a lot, because we try a lot of different things!

Solution for peeling outdoor paint

After Painting Over the PEEL STOP® PLUS

So, the PEEL STOP® PLUS created a beautiful base for our final top coat of outdoor paint. We chose Sherwin Williams Perfect Greige because it best coordinated with our bricks and existing window trim.

garage door trim after

garage door trim after

porch pillar after

porch pillar after

Even though they weren’t in as bad a shape as the pillar and garage door trim due to being under the covered porch, we decided to paint the front door trim and the garage ‘man door’ trim as well. (We still need to paint the actual ‘man door’.)

front door trim after

front door trim and garage man door trim after


Where to Find Peel Stop Plus®

You can find Peel Stop Plus® at the following locations:

What’s Left to Do 

We’ve been working on the curb appeal here since we moved in a year and a half ago. We still have a little way to go. Here’s our list of things to do (as of the time of writing this originall), with what’s complete crossed off (just because we love lists!):

  • update garage doors with faux windows and hinges
  • paint the front doors black
  • add plants/shrubs/trees to the neglected gardens
  • add a number sign
  • add a mailbox (we have a community mailbox for regular post, but this is good for couriers when we’re not home)
  • paint all the wood trim
  • change door hardware
  • add welcome decals to doors
  • add extra down spout to eaves troughs to help with overflow
  • add video doorbell
  • remove satellite dish we’re not using
  • paint the garage ‘man door’
  • change outdoor lights
  • add a flag
  • add another rug to porch
  • re-shingle the house (the previous owner redid the front porch garage shingles before we took possession of the house and now we have two tone shingles!)
  • add shutters to upstairs front windows
  • get the grass weed-free (what a process!)
  • take down Christmas lights 😬

I picked up a small Canada garden flag the other day from Michaels, but they didn’t have a hanger/stand for it, so I’m waiting on one from Amazon. I’ve also ordered a rug to go on top of the black one for the layered look, but it didn’t arrive in time for this post. C’est la vie! That just means I get to share some more curb appeal progress with you another day!

Over all, we’re thrilled with how far the front of the house has come since we bought it. And I’m so thankful we didn’t have to scrape and peel all that trim before painting!

AKA Design Curb Appeal Before

curb appeal 2018 progress

More curb appeal

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Older homes can have a lot of peeling paint if the wood trim has been exposed to the elements. Here's an easy solution to peeling outdoor paint!

Do you have some peeling trim that could use a facelift? What baby steps have you taken/could you take to improve your home’s curb appeal?

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  1. i read your letter on peeling paint with great interest.. anything that makes my maintenance easier. my problem is I live by Atlantic ocean and I have rust stains bleeding through my white paint. It is from the nails or deck screws that my late husband used when he rebuild our verandas. I wonder if this sealer would help me with the problem. it makes my house curb appeal ugly.

    1. Hello, Pearl. I think you could use this to “glue down” the peeling paint, and then use one of the Zinsser primers that is formulated for blocking rust stains. Try the Rust Oleum contact form here to ask them specifically what they’d recommend for your situation. 🙂

  2. That looks like almost a “see it to believe it” product….and thanks to you, I was able to see it in action! I’m in!

  3. I was shopping online yesterday for some ceiling paint and saw this product, and now that I’ve seen how well it works, I’m going to get some. Thanks!

  4. Very Nice! Thank you. I have not heard of this. Can they tint this Peel Stop? If it ever stops raining here, I have to paint my trim. I would like it to go from a peeling to appealing. Pun intended.

  5. Can you provide an update on this project? Wondering how durable it is…do you need to repaint every year?

    1. Hi there, Colleen! By way of a quick update…it has held up quite well. We originally did it two years ago and only just touched up parts of it this weekend. We also used it on the deck and part of the fence this time too. I will try to get an update posted with photos, etc. soon. But the short of it is, we are still really happy with the product and no, ours didn’t need repainting every year.

  6. I have the same problem with my deck, stained 2 years ago and it’s peeling something terrible, I don’t know what to do, any suggestions?

  7. Wow, it looks awesome in your pictures! It’s been two years, now, so how is it holding up? Does it still look as good as when you first painted?

    1. Hi Lisa,
      I’m working on an update. We live in an area with four very distinct seasons and extreme temperatures. This spring, we re-applied the Peel Stop Plus to the bottom portion of both the pillar and the garage door trim, where it would see the most moisture. Then we painted with the same paint as before on top. It looks almost as good as new. So, it lasted two years, in extreme weather. We also used Peel Stop Plus on our back deck this spring and painted it as well. This obviously will get more wear and use, so we’ll see if it lasts as long. Wood trim outdoors always requires more maintenance than other materials. That’s just natural!
      Hope that helps!

  8. I’m in the process of painting my porch and it has old peeling paint on it,so all I need to do is buy some Peel Stop Plus.
    After I paint it over the old paint and it dry then I can paint the porch.

    1. 🙂 That’s what we did. Made sure it was clear of debris like spider’s webs, etc and then used the Peel Stop Plus primer according to the package directions. Then when it was fully dry, we painted over it with outdoor paint that coordinated with our trim and house colors.

    1. Well, we used it on our deck last year. And it has bought us some time, but it is not a long-term solution. I can’t see it lasting more than a couple of years. But we also live in Canada and get massive extremes of weather!