In this post: Our kitchen used to be 90’s pink oak. We gave it a modern farmhouse kitchen makeover on a budget with butcher block, Ikea cabinets & shiplap.

It’s a wrap.

Our modern farmhouse kitchen makeover is finished.

Well, it’s 99% complete. There’s always those little, barely noticeable things to do, like painting that bit of trim or caulking the rest of the counter tops. But it’s done enough to live with – and love.

Finally decorate your own home – with confidence!

You’re so much closer to a beautifully-decorated home than you think. You just need a little help to get there!

And for that I’m very thankful.

Home Made Lovely | modern farmhouse kitchen

Let’s step backwards and take a quick look at what the kitchen used to look like:



No one is more excited than I am to have a fully functional and beautiful kitchen!

Home Made Lovely | black, white and wood kitchen

Bye-bye dark paint and blah cabinets.

white black and wood kitchen

still need to remove some tile

farmhouse style kitchen | open shelves | black island

Hello white shiplap, walnut butcher block, open shelves, and black stainless steel appliances!

Wanna know how we finished the open shelving? Here’s how to make new wood look old in 3 simple steps!

DIY range hood cover | slide in black stainless range | open shelving

white custom range hood | shiplap backsplash | cutting board

Ikea picture ledge as spice rack | pepsi crate kitchen storage

So let’s talk about the details.

Any good kitchen has zones. You know, individual areas that serve different purposes.

Given that Dean and I have been married for over 20 years and have moved around a lot, I had a pretty good idea of how I’d like my kitchen to function before we started this renovation. It also helps to have lived in this particular house while planning the modern farmhouse kitchen makeover over the last six months.

I know that I like to cook with a lot of herbs and spices. I also know that I like those spices to be out in the open so they’re easily accessible while I’m cooking and preparing food. In our last house Dean made me a tiered stand for my spices. Unfortunately there was nowhere to put that particular stand in this kitchen. So we cut two Ikea picture frame ledges in half and used them to organized my spices. (This would be part of the 1% of the kitchen that’s not finished – I didn’t get to paint the exposed edges of the cut shelves before taking photos. It will get done on another day.)

antique pepsi crate kitchen storage | spice rack storage

I also like to keep a selection of cooking utensils, oils and vinegars nearby when making meals. This old Pepsi crate I’ve had for years was the perfect little container to corral those extra things.

antique pepsi crate detail

Next to the stove on the other side is a large cutting board, iPad stand (I use my iPad all the time for recipes) and knife block.

butcher block counter | shiplap backsplash | open shelves | magnetic knife block

magnetic knife block

slide in black stainless samsung range

Another zone in our kitchen that is a part of the food prep area houses the new microwave and the toaster.

white farmhouse kitchen | shiplap backsplash | butcher block

Which are sort of sandwiched between all the food storage.

Organized pantry storage with no pantry

Unfortunately we don’t have a pantry, nor was there room for one, in this house. But we did make the most of the cabinets we do have by organizing them well. The upper cupboards store most of the dry and canned goods, while Dean retrofitted the inside of a regular cabinet with some Ikea roll out storage. So effectively we have a pantry with almost all of the food stored in the same area at the end of the kitchen. (The coffee and tea is at the other end near the coffee bar. But we’ll get to that shortly.)

The new island was built specifically to house the dishwasher, sink and garbage/recycling center as well as to hold plastic containers, food storage bags, wraps and such.

black stainless dishwasher | black island | white cabinets | stainless farmhouse apron front sink

large island with pull out storage

Here’s real life for you…a full garbage and dirty compost bins. I could have cleaned them up, but then I wouldn’t have had time to take like 80 pictures of the rest of the kitchen to show you! Ha!

Ikea roll out trash and recycling

Ikea roll out food waste compost bins

plastic container drawer

kitchen open to living and dining rooms

Honestly that sink has to have been one of the best purchases of the entire kitchen. I LOVE how it can hold and hide so many dishes – even the large pots and pans. It’s the best solution for a kitchen being so open to the living room!

apron front stainless steel sink detail

black bridge faucet

theives kitchen soap and hand soap on cake stand

See – no mess visible from the living room side!

bridge faucet | open shelves | kitchen

Of course another part of the kitchen is the dish storage. We’ve chosen to keep that all out in the open. This is partly due to my love of open shelving and partly due to hosting people so often and wanting to make them feel at home and at ease…and not feeling like they have to search for something.

coffee bar | open shelves | mug tree | white dishes

rustic wood and black bracket open kitchen shelving

glasses and white dishes on rustic open shelves

rustic wood kitchen wall shelves with black metal brackets

Then we have the coffee bar area. This was one part of our old house I missed the most with the small kitchen here. And I feel extremely thankful to have been able to expand the space.

Home Made Lovely | black, white and wood kitchen

torani coffee syrups on a tray in farmhouse kitchen

There’s plenty of space for more than one person to get themselves a tea or a coffee. And there’s storage for everything…k cups, tea bags and all the paraphernalia.

k cup storage drawer

tea drawer storage

upper storage detail

And of course, plenty of room to store all.the.mugs. 😉

anthropologie rea dunn mugs on bottle drying rack

There’s even room for the doggie stuff. (Ignore the dust on the mini fridge vent! Gah! Renos are messy! #howembarassing)

dog food bowls and food storage in cupboard

Another favorite place in the kitchen is my new desk. I needed somewhere on the main floor to work and keep an eye on the kids while they do their homeschool work. The kitchen seemed like the best spot for that.

Magnolia Style Clock on shiplap wall

modern farmhouse kitchen desk area

The final finishing touch didn’t quite make it in time for all the photos…the oversized gather metal sign cutout.

white shiplap kitchen | butcher block counters | black island

I designed it and there was a bit of trouble getting it into the right file format and then the right size for the software Dean’s company uses for their laser cutting machine. But it made it in time for Dean to put up tonight when he got home.

modern farmhouse kitchen gather sign
So there’s our modern farmhouse kitchen makeover. It’s time for me to sit down on the couch with a glass of wine…to enjoy the view.

 oversize gather sign metal cutout

What do you think of our new space?

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