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OUR MODERN FARMHOUSE KITCHEN MAKEOVER | Rebuilding the Island & Progress

Dean and I are doing something we have NEVER done before. We are joining the exciting craziness that is the One Room Challenge™ to make over our modern farmhouse kitchen!

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Hello friends.

Well it’s official. The house is a DISASTER!

Like full on disaster from top to bottom.

We’ve lived through a couple of kitchen renos though, so I sort of expected the mess. And I think – but maybe don’t ask Dean or the kids, m’kay? – I’m doing okay with it and not losing my mind too much. 😉

Our To Do List/The Plan

Like I mentioned already in this post there are a few things in the kitchen that we’re not replacing, either because we already did or because they just aren’t priority right now.

We’ve already replaced the light fixtures and the faucet. Although we had to get a replacement for the faucet because the one we bought was leaking. Here’s hoping the new one does better. (We’ll keep you posted on that.)

We’re also not replacing the tile flooring. Honestly I’d love to replace all the flooring on the main floor with something different. But it’s just not in the budget or time constraints at this time. So the kitchen tile is staying. Thankfully it’s pretty neutral and will work with almost anything else we throw at it!

Here’s what we need to do still, plus the progress we’ve made so far:

  • remove most of the upper cabinets
  • remove existing tile backsplash
  • remove existing island
  • install shiplap backsplash/wall treatment
  • build a larger island
  • install farmhouse/apron front sink
  • ‘wrap’ island and paint
  • add some lower cabinets and a desk space
  • prime and paint lower and upper cabinets that stay
  • change out some hardware
  • install countertops
  • install new range hood and custom range hood cover
  • install open shelving

I’m really thankful Dean was able to take the week off – partially to work on the kitchen and partially to be home for our anniversary. (This time last year he took the week off to work on the bathroom at our last house.)

At this point there are no tutorials or step by step. Just some progress photos.

cabinet building

kitchen island progress

kitchen island progress – Kraus apron front sink

So there you have it. Our progress thus far.

What think you of our modern farmhouse kitchen makeover at this point?




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  1. Faye says

    Everybody else said it – but I’m gonna say it too – luuuuurrrvvve your island! Oh and your sink!!! Gah!
    Have fun! It’s gonna look so fantastic! Can’t wait to see!

  2. Kristy Hoge says

    I love your kitchen Reno!! We are actually finishing up a new build and I’m thinking of ordering the same barstools you used. Just wondered the length of your island and also what you think of the barstools? Would you purchase again? Thanks in advance!!

    • Shannon Acheson says

      Yes! We like these bar stools. They’ve actually lasted longer than I thought they would with my crew and my penchant for changing things! Our island is about 9 feet long, btw. 🙂

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