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In this post: If you cook very much at all, you know how important spices and seasonings are to great-tasting food. Here’s how to store more spices with our easy DIY spice rack. 

It’s been almost three years since we finished our kitchen makeover for the One Room Challenge. I’ve said many times on Instagram, that it’s one of my all-time favorite room makeovers/renovations that Dean and I have ever done. Part of the joy of this space is its organization, including our DIY Spice Rack using picture ledges and small canning jars!

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Why Would You Want or Need a Spice Rack?

A spice rack is the best way to keep your kitchen spices organized. 

If you simply shoved all your spices into a cabinet, you’d have to move them around all the time to find the one you need. Or you’d simply use the spices in the front all the time, and forget about the spices in the back of the cabinet. 

What Kind of Bottles Should You Use to Store Spices?

You want to use bottles that will fully seal, so that you can keep the moisture (and any critters and insects out). 

For most of our spices, we use these mason jars. We started using these because:

  1. I was frustrated with the small size of most “regular” spice jars. I cook with many seasonings and the store-bought spice jars were simply too small. 
  2. We often buy spices in bags, as refills, vs buying yet another bottle. The mason jars also come in handy if you buy your spices in bulk. 

You could always purchase shaker tops for them here as well, for the spices that you shake or sprinkle frequently. 

Update: We recently changed to these glass jars with bamboo lids because they’re prettier. 

How to Keep Track of Spices

Honestly, this is a huge part of why I love this particular DIY spice storage and jars.

Keeping track of the spices we have is easy because at a glance I can see how much is left in each jar. 

We also keep this “all out of” grocery list on the side of the fridge, so we simply add a spice (or any other grocery item) to the list when we are near to using it all up. 

Where’s the Best Place to Put a Spice Rack in the Kitchen?

When I designed the kitchen, I was very deliberate in planning where everything would go. I set up zones for cooking, cleaning, storage, and guests (the coffee bar/mini fridge combo area).

I have many favorite spaces and storage options in this kitchen. In the cooking zone, one of my favorite storage solutions was our simple DIY spice rack and spice storage

The best place to put your kitchen spice rack is next to where you’ll use your spices. So, next to your stove or meal prep area. 

What is the best way to organize spices?

The best way to organize your spices is however YOU will remember where they are.

So, if you have a handful that you use all the time, keep those in the easiest-to-reach spot. 

I personally keep all of our single spices in mason jars, in alphabetical order on the DIY tiered spice rack. And our spice blends and combos, in their original containers in the crate next to the stove. 

What Can You Use For a Spice Rack?

Of course, this post is about how to make a homemade spice rack. But there are several other spice rack options:

Easy DIY: Make Your Own Homemade Spice Rack!

This DIY really couldn’t be any easier. And it’s a very satisfying way to get your kitchen more organized in an hour or less!



1. Measure the wall space you have in your desired location. Choose the length of your picture ledges based on your space. (When we made our DIY spice rack, we used 2 of the longer Ikea Ribba picture ledges each cut in half. At the moment, it seems that those are only available on Amazon. While Ikea has a new picture ledge called the MOSSLANDA, you will want to double-check to see if the canning jars you choose fit.)

2. Hold one of your shelves up to see approximately where you want it to go on the wall. Then measure and mark its location, adjusting if necessary to center or place it on the wall in the desired position. Our shelves are centered right to left in the space, using the height measurements below.

3. On the wall, while holding the shelf up in place, mark the location of the left screw hole on the shelf. 

4. Check for studs and mark their location with a pencil. 

5. In line with your screw hole mark from step 2, measure up from the counter and mark at 13 1/8″, 18 3/8″ 23 3/4″, and 29″. Then mark your second set of holes at the same heights, to the right of the first set of markings (the distance between each set of holes will depend on the space between screw holes on your particular ledges – ours were 6 5/8″ apart). (If you use the glass jars with bamboo lids, you’ll need to place your shelves a little further apart because they’re slightly taller than the mason jars.)

6. Drill the pencil-marked holes in the wall using an appropriately-sized drill bit (we used #10 flathead screws that were 2″ long and a 3/32″ drill bit, with no anchors). Insert drywall plugs, if needed, to fit the screws you’ve chosen to use.

7. Place the picture ledges in the correct spot and screw them into place (either with your drill with a screwdriver bit or a screwdriver). 

8. Place your individual spices into jars and label them accordingly and place them on shelves. 

DIY Spice Rack Video Tutorial


diy spice rack picture ledge canning jars

Voila! Now you have a super organized spice storage solution. And you can store even more spices than those silly little store-bought spice jars and racks can hold! 

antique pepsi crate detail

Bonus points for alphabetizing your spices too!

DIY range hood cover | slide in black stainless range | open shelving

How and where do you store your spices in your kitchen? Have you ever made a DIY spice rack?

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