In this post: Cleaning becomes less of a chore when you organize your home for easy cleaning. Here’s how I do that at our house with these 7 tips.

Getting your home clean and keeping it that way can be a challenge. I know – we have three teenagers (officially, as of today). I’ve been working on some of our organization and cleaning systems and routines for years! But with planning and a few simple steps, I promise you can organize your home for easy cleaning. This will in turn make your daily life so much easier you will love your home all the more!

How to Organize Your Home for Easy Cleaning

how to organize your home for easy cleaning

1. Put old fashioned chore charts to use

We’ve used one form of chore chart or another for since our kids were little. This has always helped to ensure that the basics get done and everyone pitches in to help out. Chores like dishes, floors, tables, and toy pickup should be added to the chore charts to ensure those important things get done regularly. For years, we used the Chore Packs that went with the Managers of Their Chores book from Titus 2. The packs worked like a charm to get the kids to remember things. Now that the kids are bigger, we just use a simple spreadsheet.

2. Put items back where they belong

For most families, a few baskets, bins or bags will be helpful. A basket on the stairs is particularly helpful for corralling items that need to go back upstairs at the end of the day. Teaching your children to take items back where they should be is a long process and they need frequent reminding (at least mine do). But it’s something they need to learn for when they move out anyway, so practicing it while they are still under your roof is helpful. Daily expectations are actually listed as part of our schedule (that gets posted on the fridge). If everything is pretty much in its place, cleaning is easier!

3. Regularly clean out closets, cabinets, and the refrigerator

If you wait until they are a complete disaster, cleaning out closets, cabinets and the fridge is going to become a chore that you continually put off doing. It will never get done. Closets get cleaned out at the start of each season here and I tend to clean out the fridge every other week when I’m making the grocery list. These practices makes it much easier to clean the closet floor and wipe down the fridge shelves before it is fully stocked again.

4. Keep waste bins in most rooms

By doing this, things can be tossed into the waste bin and not onto the floor or shoved into the sofa (ugh)! I grew up with trash cans in just about every room, I’m assuming this made it easier for my mom to keep the house clean. Dean and I have always kept waste bins in each bedroom and bathroom and the laundry room too.

Pro Tip: Keep waste bins out of reach of curious toddlers or mischievous pets. (We have to put our main floor powder room trash bin in the under-sink cabinet because our dog, Jackson, thinks dirty tissues are fun to play with! Ew!)

5. Buy a color sorting laundry hamper

Or use multiple regular laundry baskets so you can sort laundry as you toss it into the basket. When one section or basket becomes full, wash that load of laundry to keep your laundry pile under control. Dean and I loosely do this. The kids have one laundry basket each in their bedrooms, plus a small basket in their bathroom just for face cloths and hand towels. They wash their own clothes on a dedicated day, once a week. Taking time to sort laundry this way is a great way to make your house easier to clean because there won’t be piles of dirty laundry to sweep, vacuum or mop around.

6. Keep a caddy full of cleaning supplies on each level of your home

If you have a tiny house, this may not seem necessary, but it certainly helps if you have even 1000 square feet. If your house is larger than 1000 square feet or you have multiple bathrooms, keep necessary cleaning supplies in each bathroom, the kitchen and the laundry room. This will allow you to quickly and easily access everything you need for cleaning when you need it.  Plus, you won’t be running from room to room when you need a cloth or the multi purpose cleaner.

7. Don’t give up!

Most importantly when you organize your home for easy cleaning, keep in mind that some of these systems may not work for your family. You may also find that each age and stage of your kids requires some tweaking to your systems. Don’t give up! Keep trying systems and ideas until you find the right fit for your family.

Today’s Takeaway

Try some of the above systems and ideas this week. See which ones work for you and which ones don’t.

Keeping your house clean and organized is an on-going task. But if you can get good, working systems in place, cleaning your home become so much easier.

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When your house is clean and organized, it’s so much easier to love your home!

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