In this Post: Spring cleaning can seem like an overwhelming task. But spread out over a week, it’s totally doable. Take our 7 Day Spring Cleaning Challenge for your cluttered home to see what we mean!

Tackling a whole house can seem like a lot after a long winter. But with our 7 day spring cleaning challenge, you can totally do it! 

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How to Tackle the 7 Day Spring Cleaning Challenge

If the thought of Spring cleaning your cluttered home overwhelms you, don’t worry. You aren’t alone.

It can be difficult to take a look at your home, assess the amount of clutter that you’ve accumulated throughout the winter months and make a plan to move forward in how to successfully clear that clutter.

It’s not impossible, but it can be overwhelming.

Don’t make Spring cleaning into such a mountain to climb.

By easily breaking it down, you can feel calm and rest-assured that your Spring cleaning will happen!

Think about the amount of time that you have on a daily basis that you can dedicate to cleaning. When putting it into terms that are easy to process, that anxiousness will start to fade away. Do you feel that you have enough time, scattered throughout 7 days, that you would be able to Spring clean your entire home? If so, you are on track to being able to tackle the 7 day spring cleaning challenge for your cluttered home!

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Day 1 Bathrooms

Yep, we are starting out this challenge with a bang! No matter how many bathrooms you have, they get cleaned on Day 1.

  • Enter the bathroom and starting cleaning the entire parameter of the room from right to left.
  • Wipe down door handle, light switch, walls, sink, countertop…anything that has a surface, wipe it down!
  • Scrub the toilet, the shower, the tub, the shower head and don’t forget to wipe down the mirrors.
  • Once all the surfaces and items in the bathrooms are cleaned, the last thing to do is empty out the trash, wash the floors, and shut the door on your way out.

Congrats, you just tackled, completed, and conquered Day 1 of your 7-day Cleaning Challenge.

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Day 2 Kitchen Clutter

Time to let clear up that kitchen clutter. Give yourself a bit of extra time in the kitchen. It can be quite cluttered and one of the areas in the home that needs the most attention.

  • Start again on the outside parameter and wipe down all the same surfaces as you did for the bathroom. Use that hot water and soap to really get that scrub going on those surfaces. Goodbye winter flu germs!
  • Wipe down the walls, the outside of the cabinets, the handles on the cabinets and disinfect the inside of the sink basin as well.
  • Open cabinets and neatly organize anything that looks out-of-place and purge anything that no longer is needed.
  • Wipe down the floor as the final workload for Day 2 – but don’t worry…Day 3 you are back in the kitchen..but this time, cleaning those appliances.

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Day 3 Appliances

Today is the day to get down to the nitty-gritty and make those appliances sparkle.

  • Start with the oven and cleaning the range. The choice of cleaner that you use is up to you, but be certain that you are being good for your skin and air to not have too many chemicals floating around. Clean the range, then open the oven. If your oven is self-cleaning, put it to work! If not, start wiping down the inside of the oven to make it Spring cupcake-making ready.
  • After completing the oven, wipe out the inside of the microwave, and head to the fridge.
  • While you are emptying the fridge shelves to wipe them down, double-check the expiration dates on the items that remain in your fridge. If they are no longer any good, it’s time to get rid of them! Scrub your fridge ’til it shines, then load back up the condiments and food items.

Turn off the kitchen light, your work is done for the day.

Learn how to make your own household cleaners with our tutorial and recipes. 

Day 4 Living Room

Living rooms are on the agenda. Compared to the bathrooms and the kitchen, this should be a breeze.

  • Again, always start by wiping down all surfaces and light switches.
  • Dust any shelves, and also the backs and legs of furniture.
  • Open up your windows and let that fresh air in and while you’re at it, clean the inside and outside of those windows as well.
  • Last but not least, vacuum if you have carpet, or sweep if not.


Day 5 Bedrooms

Head on over to your bedrooms in your home.

  • This is similar to the living areas, so clean them the same way that you did the rooms yesterday.
  • In addition, change out the sheets, flip and rotate the mattress.
  • Organize the closets so that the doors can actually shut. Use this time to make a donate pile for clothing items that no longer fit or are needed as well. Be prepared to remove a lot of clothing during this time. Spring cleaning always seems to uncover a ton of random clothes that nobody knew that they had!

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Day 6 Front Porch

I’m going old school on this one but I believe that the front porch of a home should be treated as part of the interior process when Spring cleaning.

  • Wash any outside windows, wash the glass portion of your front door.
  • Sweep the front area free of twigs, leaves and other debris that you really don’t want coming inside your home.

You’ve worked so hard in cleaning up your home, why would you want anyone dragging anything back inside?

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Day 7 Laundry Room

Saving the smallest area for your final Spring cleaning area. The Laundry Room.

  • Wipe down the tops of the washer and dryer
  • Clean out the lint traps.
  • Clean and pick up anything that’s fallen between or behind either unit.
  • Organize your detergents so they are all nice, neat and stocked appropriately.
  • Sweep the floor, then shut the door.

Home Made Lovely Laundry Room

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Give yourself a hand!

You tackled the 7-day spring cleaning challenge and beat it at its own game.

Take a stroll through your super clean house knowing that there isn’t a nook or a cranny that you missed.

Now, take a bit of time each week to maintain that Spring cleaning. You worked too hard to have to start all over again!