In this post: Ever notice all those fingerprints in? Here are 3 ways to clean fingerprints off walls and trim.

Today’s chat is short and sweet. I just want you to go and clean all the grubby fingerprints off of your door jambs, walls and doors.

When we moved here, I actually repainted all the trim on the main floor. I’ve also been making my way through the house and painting the other trim as well. Honestly I had no idea when I started painting walls that I’d need to repaint the trim and interior doors too! But the fingerprints were everywhere. And I’m betting that you’ve got more than your fair share of them too!

So get rid of them!

Clean fingerprints off walls and trim

3 Ways to clean fingerprints off walls and trim

  1. Use baby wipes to remove fingerprints.
  2. Grab a magic eraser, dampen it and wipe away the fingerprints.
  3. Paint over especially stubborn fingerprints with matching paint. Use a primer if the fingerprints are greasy.

No matter which method you prefer, just hunker down and get it done. There’s no reason you need to keep those fingerprints around!

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Once you step back and admire those clean door jambs, walls and doors, you will love your home just a little bit more!

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