My Top 5 Spring Cleaning Tips + a Free Printable Checklist

In this post: Spring is the perfect time to clean after a long winter. Here are my top 5 spring cleaning tips and a free printable checklist to help you!

It’s finally almost SPRING! Can you believe it? Since it’s just about Spring, it’s just about time for Spring Cleaning too. I don’t know about your house, but our house seems to collect a lot of stuff and dirt over the winter and I really look forward to a good cleaning and a major purge each March/April. However, Spring Cleaning can become an overwhelming undertaking if you get carried away. Here are my top 5 spring cleaning tips, plus a free printable checklist for you!

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Spring Cleaning Tips

Here are my Top 5 Tips to make your Spring Cleaning easier:

1. Don’t use regular window cleaner

Use a squeegee with a mixture of vinegar and water to clean windows. In my opinion, this beats any window cleaner out there.

(Hint: a wet squeegee is the key.)

OR use your cleaner and microfiber cloth! 

2. Clean in order

Alway clean from the top down, this just keeps everything you’ve already cleaned from getting dirty again.

For example, dust before you vacuum, wipe the table before you sweep and clean upper cupboards before lower, etc.

3. Be choosy with your duster

The Swiffer is the BEST duster out there. Don’t. Use. Anything. Else. Really, I haven’t used another type of duster for probably 15 years or so! 

4. Protect your skin

Use rubber gloves while you’re cleaning. This is something new to me, but my skin seems to be getting drier with age (shocker!), so I’ll be using rubber gloves this year – even with natural cleaners. All that water alone makes my skin dry. 

5. Dance while you clean

Put on some funky music to get you in the mood. It really is more fun to clean when you’re shakin’ your booty!

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Free Spring Cleaning Checklist Printable 

I’ve created a free Spring Cleaning printable checklist for you too! Just leave your email below and it will be sent to your inbox! 

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What are some must-dos for your annual spring cleaning? Were any of these spring cleaning tips new to you?

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