It’s finally almost SPRING! Can you believe it? Since it’s just about Spring, it’s time for spring cleaning too with our handy spring cleaning checklist.

I don’t know about your house, but our house seems to collect a lot of stuff and dirt over the winter and I really look forward to a good cleaning and a major purge each March/April. A little extra clean beyond the routine clean the house gets. 

Why is Spring Cleaning Important? Why Should I Have a Spring Cleaning Checklist?

While most of us have adopted some sort of regular cleaning schedule, rarely do we have the time or energy to deep clean anything. 

But over time dust, mold, mildew, and just plain old-fashioned dirt build up in the less frequently and less thoroughly cleaned areas. 

Spring is simply the easiest reminder that we need to do those deep cleaning tasks, after a long winter. And it’s the perfect time to do a whole house reset.  

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When Should I Start Spring Cleaning?

Well, that depends. 

You can start your spring cleaning when the air outside feels warmer and the sun is shining a bit more. When you want to throw the windows open and let the fresh air in. Sort of a “when the mood strikes” kind of thing. 

But if you want to schedule it in to be sure you get it all done, or if the mood never seems to strike at your house, start your spring cleaning on the weekend nearest the first day of spring, and schedule it out from there using this spring cleaning checklist. 

How Do I Start Spring Cleaning my House?

Though the thought of all the work involved with spring cleaning can feel daunting, it really shouldn’t be avoided. You can get started and get the job done with a little effort if you do a little prep work first. 

  • Stock up on your favorite cleaners. Buy the cleaners that you love. Maybe choose some that smell good, and maybe even look pretty. You’ll be more inclined to get the job done if you take joy in those little things. 
  • Schedule any needed appointments ahead of time. If you’re going to have the carpets cleaned and the outside windows washed, for example, coordinate those appointments well in advance of the rest of your spring cleaning. 
  • Create a fun playlist of your favorite songs. Choose upbeat tempos for the spring cleaning playlist and keep it rocking so you’ll be encouraged to keep going. 

Spring Cleaning Supplies

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Spring Cleaning Mistakes To Avoid

Of course, you want to do a good job and create fresh spaces in your home. So set yourself up for success by using the tips in this article.

You can also by avoiding these common spring cleaning mistakes: 

  • Not planning ahead. Don’t waste time flitting around from one task to another, never quite finishing anything. Create a plan for which spaces you’re going to plan when. Use the spring cleaning checklist to guide you through the cleaning process. 
  • Avoiding the deep clean. Don’t avoid the hard-to-clean spaces. This isn’t your weekly clean, or even the cleaning before company comes. This is spring cleaning. It’s time to get into all those corners and crevices and really give them a thorough cleaning.  
  • Going too fast. Again, you don’t want to just do a quick surface clean. You want to let the cleaners sit and do their thing. And then scrub following package directions. Take your time and do the job right. You’ll be glad you did, I promise! 

5 Spring Cleaning Tips

Here are my top 5 tips to make your spring cleaning easier:

1. Clean in order

Always clean a room or space from the top down, this just keeps everything you’ve already cleaned from getting dirty again. For example, dust before you vacuum, wipe the table before you sweep, clean upper cupboards before lower, etc.

2. Be choosy with your duster

The Swiffer (affiliate link) is the easiest to use duster out there. I haven’t used another type of duster for probably 15 years or so! I like it because it grabs the dirt rather than just pushing it around. You can use a dry microfiber cloth too. But I find the Swiffer much easier to maneuver around decor and things.  

3. Protect your skin

Use rubber gloves while you’re cleaning. This is something new to me, but my skin seems to be getting drier with age (shocker!). So I’ll be using rubber gloves this year – even with natural cleaners. All that water alone makes my skin dry. 

4. Dance while you clean

Like I mentioned above, music makes everything better. Put on some funky music to get you in the mood for cleaning – or at least moving! It really is more fun to clean when you’re shakin’ your booty. 😉 

5. Keep a caddy full of cleaning supplies on each level of your home

I like to do this to make our regular cleaning easier, but it helps for spring cleaning as well.

If you have a tiny house, this may not seem necessary, but it certainly helps if you have even 1000 square feet to clean or your tiny house is on multiple levels.

If your house is larger than 1000 square feet or you have multiple bathrooms, keep necessary cleaning supplies in each bathroom, the kitchen, and the laundry room. This will allow you to quickly and easily access everything you need for cleaning when you need it. Plus, you won’t be running from room to room when you need a cloth or a multi-purpose cleaner.

Essential Spring Cleaning Chores

I’ve mentioned already that spring cleaning is a deep cleaning that goes beyond regular weekly cleaning sessions. But what exactly do you clean when you’re spring cleaning? Here’s a list of cleaning chores that need doing at least annually. 

✔️ Wipe Walls, Ceilings, and Baseboards

You may not realize but your walls also need a good spring cleaning. You’ll be able to see that they do if you have dark-painted walls because every little speck of dust will show. But even lighter walls need a cleaning.

And baseboards get dirty and dusty too. 

Try a big, damp (not soaking) sponge and a quality all-purpose cleaner and scrub the walls. 

Use a duster or a damp cloth to clean baseboards. If necessary, remove scuffs and other stubborn marks with a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. 

My favorite cleaner for dark-painted walls is Windex Wipes! They leave no marks and get everything clean! My second favorite is microfiber cloth.

Also, if you have MDF baseboards do not use anything overly wet to clean them or your baseboards may swell up and get ruined! If you steam clean your floors, keep the steam cleaner far away from MDF baseboards. The previous owner of our house didn’t do this and the bottom edge of many of our baseboards is all wrinkled up. 

✔️ Clean Upholstered Furnishings and Rugs

This task is often done when it’s long overdue and one that we don’t always want to do each spring. It’s time to deep clean your carpets and upholstery.

Go ahead and rent an industrial-strength carpet cleaner if you don’t have one in your home. Make sure you do a spot test first so the heavy cleaning solutions could leave a mark on your carpet or furniture.

Open up your windows to help everything dries a little faster.  

If you don’t have the time or energy, consider calling a professional company and they will simply take care of it for you. We’ve done this a couple of times when the area rugs or basement wall-to-wall carpet needed some extra elbow grease.


✔️ Do the Drapes (& Blinds)

I know this is a dreaded task, but take down all of the drapes and curtains in your home, one room at a time. Then run them through the wash. You’ll be surprised at how fresh they look when you hang them back up! 

Be sure to check washing instructions if you’re not sure about fabric.

Wipe down any blinds too, to remove accumulated dust and grime. 

✔️ Doorknobs, Hinges, and Handles

Doorknobs and door handles will need a good wiping and disinfecting after a long winter. Try store-bought or homemade disinfectant wipes.

And hinges tend to get dusty over time. Give them a wipe with a paper towel to remove dust and excess grease (from the hinges themselves). 

✔️ Light Fixtures and Ceiling Fans

Light fixtures will often get cobwebs and dust that isn’t even noticed until there’s a lot of them. Use a Swiffer or a cloth to wipe away dust. 

Ceiling fans may need a little extra love if they’ve been left for a long time. Use a Swiffer – they make them with extension handles (affiliate links) or just get up on a stool – with the fan OFF to remove the dust. 

✔️ Wash Windows and Window Screens

Yes, it’s time to bust out all you’ve got and get to all of your windows.

Use a squeegee with a mixture of vinegar and water to clean windows. In my opinion, this beats any window cleaner out there. (Hint: a wet squeegee is the key.) Or use your cleaner with a microfiber cloth!

Crumpled-up newspapers are even better than paper towels and help you to avoid a lot of streaks on your windows.

Also, try not to clean the windows when the sun is beating on them. Sure that makes it easier to see the dirt. But the high temperature will make the windows dry faster, which oddly enough can lead to more streaks!

✔️ Ensure Fire Safety

While not technically cleaning, spring forward and fall back (daylight savings time) are great reminders to check the dates and batteries on your smoke detectors and immediately replace any that need changing. Also, double-check your C02 (carbon monoxide) alarms too, and gently blow out any dust.  

You should have fire and C02 detectors on every level of your home. 

It’s also good to check your fire extinguishers to make sure they’re not expired or damaged. Put them somewhere accessible and remind the family where they are. 

At our house, we keep a kitchen fire extinguisher under the kitchen sink, a regular fire extinguisher in our bedroom, and two smaller spray cans at the bottom of the basement stairs. We also have a second-floor window ladder upstairs and a fire blanket near the basement stairs (the windows down there are very tiny, so the blanket and the two small fire extinguisher cans are simply to allow people to get up the stairs in case of fire).

✔️ Replace Light Bulbs

Technically this isn’t cleaning-related, but while you’re doing the spring cleaning, it’s a good time to check these things. If you’ve been putting off replacing those burnt-out light bulbs in the bathroom vanity light for example, why not change them while you’re cleaning the bathroom?

✔️ Wax Wooden Furniture

I remember my mom would wax her teak furniture and the smell of the lemon polish. 

We don’t have any wood that needs waxing at our house. But spring is a great time to polish and wax any traditional wood furniture that you have! 

✔️ Reseal Grout Lines

After cleaning thoroughly, if you have any grout that is dry and needs sealing, be sure to look after it. 

Hardware stores and even Amazon sell grout sealers with a little brush applicator (affiliate link) that makes it super easy to use. 

✔️ Clean Sliding Door Tracks

If you have any sliding doors, you may have noticed that they get dusty and grimy. Use paper towels and an all-purpose cleaner and wipe them clean. 

✔️ Clean Outdoor Furniture

Once the weather is warm enough in spring, haul out the outdoor furniture and give it a good cleaning with the hose. Let it dry in the sun. 

✔️ Perform Gutter Maintenance

If you have eavestroughs on your house, chances are they have at least some debris in them. Get out the ladder (or hire someone) and clean all that gunk out. You want any water to have a clear path off your roof. You don’t want it backing up and leaking into your home. 

Garage door trim before peeling 2

✔️ Clean Up Exterior Paint

After a long winter, exterior paint can look a little tired, dirty and worn. Depending on what shape it’s in it may just need cleaning with some gentle soap and water. Or it may need scraping and repainting. If you’re not up for a full repaint, you could try our favorite hack for peeling outdoor paint

✔️ Deodorize Your Whole Home

When most of your Spring cleaning is completed, set up all-new air fresheners or our family favorite, essential oil diffusers, in all the rooms in your house. Pick your favorite spring scent and get them going.

Also, use a natural room spray and freshen up each room on your final day of cleaning. Keep refills on hand so you’re prepared for constant freshness in your home.

Schlage Custom Alexandria Camelot Matte Black Door Knob

Spring Cleaning Checklist

Wanna make sure you don’t forget anything in your spring cleaning? Here’s a thorough spring cleaning checklist for every room in your home.


  • Put away umbrellas, backpacks, coats, boots. Store winter clothing if the weather outside has turned warmer.
  • Shake out the mat. Put away winter boot trays and any extra winter mats. 
  • Sweep & mop floors. 
  • Clean baseboards. Use a vacuum with a small brush attachment if your baseboards are dusty. Use wipes or cloth with water if they’re dirty. If they’re really troublesome or scuffed from boots and shoes, try a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. 
  • Wipe down the walls with a microfiber cloth. 


  • Clear off your counters and disinfect everything from the top to bottom.  
  • Clean the dishwasher. A great hack to “clean” your dishwasher is to run a cycle with a cup of vinegar in a bowl on the top rack of the machine.  Sprinkle baking soda on the bottom of the dishwasher too. Once the full cycle is over, you will have a very clean and disinfected dishwasher.
  • Clean the stove and oven. Use the self-cleaning feature if you have one. Otherwise, get some oven cleaner and follow the package directions. Use a specially designed stove cleaner for the top if you have a glass top stove. 
  • Clean the microwave. The easiest method is to squeeze half a lemon into a bowl of water, then drop the lemon into the water. Microwave on high for 2-5 minutes. Let the bowl of lemon water sit for a few minutes. Then wipe down the inside of the microwave. Repeat as needed. Don’t touch the bowl with your bare hands as it will be very hot! 
  • Clean the refrigerator and freezer. Clean out the fridge by throwing away all the expired items first.  Then remove everything and clean all the shelving and drawers. Don’t forget to pull out the fridge from the wall a little bit and sweep or vacuum out all the dust bunnies to prevent issues with the coils.
  • Clean the sink, drain and garbage disposal. 
  • Wipe down light switches and plates. Use disinfectant wipes if desired. 
  • Clean shelves, cabinets, and drawers, one at a time. Empty them out, vacuum if needed, and wipe them down. Replace the contents. 
  • Clean small appliances. Make stainless steel appliances shine by wiping away the fingerprints with a damp cloth and buffing dry with a dry tea towel. This is the best way to clean stainless steel appliances. Be sure to thoroughly clean your:
    • Coffee maker
    • Keurig
    • Coffee grinder
    • Stand mixer
    • Blender


  • Start at the top. Clean the bathroom vent fan with a vacuum and dust the light fixture. 
  • Remove shower curtains and wash (cloth) or replace (vinyl).
  • Wipe down walls, ceilings, windows, and shelves.
  • Clean the shower and bathtub with regular cleaner, mold and mildew cleaner, and/or hard water cleaner. (Do not mix cleaners though!)
  • Clean toilet with our DIY Toilet Bombs. Or try something unexpected…You will never believe what works to get your toilet nice and clean…Kool-AidYes, you read that right. Simply take a small packet of any flavor and sprinkle it into your toilet before bed.  It is a non-toxic product and has a lot of citric acids that get in there and does the work for you. Flush again in the morning and you will have a sparkling clean toilet.
  • Clean washcloths, floor mats, and bath towels.
  • Clean hairbrushes.
  • Wash makeup bag and makeup brushes.
  • Replace toothbrushes and clean toothbrush holders.
  • Check the medicine cabinets too. Toss any medicines that have expired. Make note of any new ones you need. 

Laundry Room

  • Dust light fixtures shelves & high surfaces. 
  • Remove all dryer lint from the dryer vent from the outside or from behind the dryer. Also, clean out the lint traps in the dryer. 
  • Wipe down walls to remove dust and dirt.
  • Clean baseboards. 
  • Sanitize washing machine & dryer. 
  • Wipe down outside of the washer & dryer. 
  • Clean sink & surrounding area. 
  • Go through laundry products & get rid of any empty bottles/containers. Combine bottles of the same thing if possible. 
  • Refill any laundry products. 
  • Sweep & vacuum behind the washer and dryer.
  • Sweep the rest of the floors and mop floors and/or vacuum. 
  • Organize shelves and any bins or baskets. 
  • Put away everything that does not belong in the room. 
  • Sort any laundry and wash it. 
  • Fold & organize clean laundry. 


  • Flip the mattress and remove linens & wash. You probably already wash the bedding more than a few times a year (I hope!). But spring cleaning time is when you should remove everything (including the bed skirt and any mattress and pillow protectors) and get them washed, dried. Put away winter blankets and duvets. Get the kids to actually unmake all of their beds and get them washing their own bedding too. Have them help with any spare or guest beds too.
  • Clean ceiling fan and light fixture.
  • Wipe down walls. 
  • Dust blinds or launder curtains. 
  • Clean windows including the window sills.
  • Vacuum mattress. 
  • Wipe down the bedframe & polish if necessary. 
  • Remove junk from nightstands, dressers, & vanity. 
  • Wipe down lamps. 
  • Tidy up & organize dressers, closet, & vanity. 
  • Dust and/or wipe down tops of dressers & vanity.
  • Clean baseboards.
  • Sprinkle baking soda onto carpeting or area rugs. Let sit for 15 minutes & then vacuum. 
  • Vacuum & mop floors.
  • Empty & sanitize the trash bin. Replace bag. 
  • Replace any linens & decor that were removed. 
woman in black converse shoes vacuuming living room shag rug

Living Room

  • Dust light fixtures including a ceiling fan. 
  • Wipe down walls.
  • Dust blinds or remove & wash curtains. 
  • Clean windows including sills. 
  • Dust/wipe clean electronics & home theatre area. Use disinfectant wipes where needed. 
  • Dust/wipe clean fireplace/mantle area. 
  • Dust/wipe clean decor. 
  • Remove and begin washing throws, pillow covers, and slipcovers. 
  • Vacuum any crumbs & dirt from the sofa & other seating. 
  • For leather furniture, wipe down any dust & moisturize the leather. 
  • Clean baseboards. 
  • Sprinkle baking soda onto carpeting or area rugs. Let sit for 15 minutes & then vacuum. 
  • Vacuum and mop floors. 
  • Put all decor back into place. 
  • Replace any throws & slipcovers that were removed. 

Kids’ Playroom

  • Put away everything on the floor. 
  • Throw out the trash. 
  • Remove anything in the room that doesn’t belong. 
  • Straighten up & stack bins. 
  • Dust the ceiling light fixture and/or fan. 
  • Dust and wipe down dirty & dusty surfaces, including the walls. 
  • Clean baseboards. 
  • Sweep & mop floors and/or vacuum.
  • Put any furniture & larger toys that have been moved back into their original positions. 


  • Clear & wipe the top of the desk. 
  • Organize papers & mail. 
  • Empty garbage. Replace with new liners. 
  • Dust the ceiling light fixture and/or fan. 
  • Dust shelves. 
  • Clean windows including sills.
  • Dust computer & clean keyboard. 
  • Dust lamps.
  • Clean blinds or curtains.
  • Clean baseboards.  
  • Sweep & mop floors and/or vacuum. 


  • Sweep floors. Wash floors if needed to remove winter salt and dirt.  
  • Mop or wipe down any oil spills. 
  • Put away winter shovels, salt, and other winter gear.  

That’s it for the spring cleaning checklist. Grab your free printable copy below. 

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Other Cleaning Ideas:

What are some must-dos for your annual spring cleaning? Did I miss anything on this ultimate spring cleaning checklist?