In this post: Some decor elements are just so basic that every room could use them. Here are 5 decor elements every room needs to be complete!

Do you ever look at pretty homes and think, “I wish I could decorate my house like that”? Not in an unrealistic magazine photo shoot sort of way. But in a way that looks like your spaces were collected and put together on purpose, with style. I know I sure do! The truth is, we totally can. We just need a few basic decor elements in each room to make them look complete!

Some decor elements are just so basic that every room could use them. Here are 5 decor elements every room needs to be complete!

5 Decor Elements Every Room Needs to Feel Complete

So, there are 5 design features or decor elements that I believe every room needs. This isn’t about trends or the next must-have thing. These five things are standards. Basic elements really. And they’re the same no matter what your decorating taste or style, which makes them easy to incorporate into any style of home! 

Home Made Lovely Fireplace


1. Organic Shape

Organic shapes go along with the ‘rule’ of not having your furniture line the walls. They keep a space from looking too square and stark. Pieces like clocks, vases, bowls, even throw pillows can take natural shapes and add interest to a room. Even a shapely chair will do the trick!

HomeMadeLovely living room corner

2. Fabric Items

Every room needs to have something soft and flowing. Even masculine spaces need this little bit of femininity to keep the room from being too hard, too masculine. In a living room, this fabric item could be throw pillows or a throw blanket. Bedrooms have built-in fabric elements, of course, in the bedding itself. Bathrooms can utilize pretty towels or shower curtains. Dining rooms can feature lovely curtains or a nicely placed table runner. 

3. Something Wood

Of course, I’m biased because I love wood pieces. But I think that every room needs at least one wood piece. Wood is just such a warm and cozy material, no matter the finish. Think tables, chairs, shelves, benches, and more. Make your spaces extra cozy by adding something wood. 

Home Made Lovely Living Room mid-Reno

4. Something Black

This may sound like an odd ‘required’ element if say, you like a lot of white in your spaces. But black decor accents give a space a grounded feel. Like they’re not going to float away, if that makes sense. This hit of black can be in anything: hooks, candlesticks, rugs, lamps, vases, books, walls, handles, knobs, etc. 

5. Flowers or Plants

Of course, this is a key element in our post about 8 Ways to Make Your Home Look More Stylish on a Budget. But it bears repeating! Flowers and plants can literally add life to a room. They can be bright and cheerful or just white and pretty. They can even be fake for the look of nature inside – even if you have a horribly black thumb, like me! 


Do your spaces have all five of these decor elements?