In this post: How to clean faster – have a 15 minute cleaning party using the Pomodoro timer method.

There’s a reason that time management methods like the Pomodoro Method work so well. It’s because they allow you the freedom to power through distractions, hyper-focus and get things done in short bursts. They also allow you to take short breaks to come up for air. [Source] And something about timed work/rest breaks just allows us to be more productive in general.

It’s also a lot easier to power through some tasks that are less mentally challenging, but rather boring, when you listen to your favorite music.

how to have a 15 minute cleaning party

How to Have a 15 Minute Cleaning Party

This is one of my favorite cleaning and organizing hacks. It’s a wee bit more thorough than my how to fake a clean home in under an hour cleaning hack. Here’s how to get a good chunk of your house cleaning done in only 15 minutes.

1. Gather your cleaning supplies.

Easy peasy to start with. Just pull out your cleaning supplies.

2. Put together a cleaning playlist

What are your favorite songs? The ones that make you want to dance? Put them into a playlist that will run for at least 15 minutes. (It would suck to have the playlist run out before your timer!)

3. Set a timer and clean

Set any timer for 15 minutes. You can use your stove timer, your phone timer or an actual Pomodoro (tomato) timer. Then press play on your playlist, and boogie while you clean.

If you do this a couple of times a week, I think you’ll be surprised at how much you get done…and how much less you dread cleaning!


Clean in bite-sized bits with a 15 minute cleaning party!

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