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In this post: Good jewelry storage is a must-have to keep your jewelry organized. Plus good jewelry organization will safeguard your favorite pieces and prevent them from getting tangled or lost!

If you love jewelry, chances are you’ve got a few pieces that need organizing. Great jewelry storage and organization will help. But how do you know which one will work for you? 

jewelry storage and organization

If you have many necklaces and few earrings, you’ll want to be sure to have enough compartments or hooks to accommodate them.

You’ll also want to be sure the material inside all the compartments is nice and soft, like velvet or some other softly brushed material. And the outside should be protected from drops, sunlight, and dust.  

closet with shelves and hangers

Open or Closed?

Another thing to consider is whether you want open or closed jewelry storage.

For my main jewelry storage, I started with open jewelry trays on a special shelf in our master bedroom closet (see photo above). But I soon found that because of the heating vent in such a small, windowless room, my jewelry was getting dusty rather quickly.  

Hence my switch to more closed storage for that space.

I also still keep a few small dishes around the house for when I discard my jewelry in the kitchen or after I get into bed.


Only you will be able to tell what size jewelry storage you need based on how much jewelry you own. If you’re likely to continue to grow your jewelry collection, make sure you give your jewelry storage room to accommodate that. 

Summary of What to Look for in Jewelry Storage:

  • Ease of use
  • Size and shape
  • Storage and functionality
Necklace tree for jewelry

How Do You Organize Your Jewelry So It’s Tidy and Untangled?

A display-worthy jewelry box

If you love to see your jewelry or want a pretty jewelry box this option could work well for you! There are so many jewelry boxes to choose from but look for one that suits your overall decorating style so that it meshes well with its surroundings. 

Use stackable drawer organizers

If you have available drawers in your bathroom or dresser, drawer organizers can work very well for your jewelry. Stackable drawer organizers are very helpful if you plan to expand your jewelry collection because you can simply add more. But only use these if you’re a Nothing Out organizer and are okay with your things being hidden away. 

hanging jewelry organizer

A hanging organizer

I chose a hanging organizer with clear plastic pockets for my earrings so that they would be protected from dust but also so that I can see them all at a glance. I keep a photo of this organizer on my phone because I’m very visual and this helps me to remember the earrings I have. This is especially helpful when I’m tempted to buy new earrings on a whim – I can simply look at a pic and see if I actually “need” new ones! 

Necklace hooks to keep necklaces from tangling

Necklaces can get tangled very easily. So choosing jewelry storage that allows for them to hang up – like hooks, or a necklace tree – helps to avoid that issue. 

Stack your jewelry in tiered trays

If you like and have lots of jewelry, but little space, you can use tiered trays for your jewelry. Putting rings in one tray and necklaces in another for example is a simple way to store your jewelry.  

Place jewelry in ring dishes around the house

I have several of these. One in the kitchen “junk” drawer, one in the master bathroom, and a spot in my desk drawer in the basement for discarded jewelry too. Actually, when I redid my jewelry storage before writing this article, I had to go and collect a few pieces from around the house. Lol. 

traveling jewelry storage case

How to Travel with Your Favorite Pieces

A foldable jewelry holder as a travel solution

I’m embarrassed to say that for my entire adult life, I used a Ziploc for my jewelry when I traveled. And of course, as you can imagine, I spent more time than necessary digging rings out of the corners and untangling my necklaces. 

So at Christmas this year I bought myself a small travel jewelry box. It’s padded cloth with dividers inside and a zippered closure. I only wished I had done it sooner! 

newly organized jewelry storage in closet

FAQs About Jewelry Storage

How do you store chains without tangling?

Chains and necklaces need to hang up in most cases. The alternative is to have a separate large section in a drawer or tray to lay out each necklace. 

What material is best for storing jewelry?

Natural substances are best – wood or metal is great. Velvet is perfect for valuable pieces and for not scratching nice pieces. Also keep your jewelry out of heat, sunshine, and humidity to prevent tarnishing. 

How do you organize a large amount of jewelry?

First things first. Do you even where all of the jewelry you have? Is there some that you could easily part with to thin your collection?

Once you get rid of (toss, donate, whatever) some, then organize what you’re keeping and plot out how much and what type of storage you want using the ideas above. 

How do I keep my jewelry from tarnishing?

There are a few things you can do to help stave off the tarnish on your jewelry. 

  1. Keep your jewelry dry.
  2. Separate jewelry by type of metal. 
  3. Keep the temperature consistent. 
  4. Store delicate jewelry in a dark and dry environment. 

Of course, some tarnishing is expected over time. In that case, choose a gentle but effective jewelry cleaner to polish your jewelry and bring back the shine! 

acrylic jewelry box

How’s your jewelry storage and organization looking? Do you have a jewelry box or trays that you love?

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