In this post: Get organized with seasonal clothes storage ideas and tips. Plus sources for baskets, bins and underbed storage boxes for your off-season clothes.

Anyone who lives in North America knows we need a lot of clothes to be properly prepared for all the different types of weather we get. Here’s how to handle that seasonal clothes storage with style!

pretty organized feminine closet

Why Seasonal Clothes Storage at All?

Seasonal clothes storage is rather a necessity in North America, given that we have to have so many pieces in our wardrobe to handle so many types of weather.

If we’re all honest, we know dressers weren’t really designed to hold all four seasons of clothes at the same time.

But we squish and shove and try to make it all fit.

What we really need to do is cycle our clothes through from storage for each season.

Seasonal clothes storage doesn’t have to mean giant rubbermaid totes or worn out cardboard boxes shoved into the basement or attic though.  

Let’s illustrate how to store seasonal clothes in any-sized space using entirely functional and beautiful bins, boxes, baskets and labels, like these…


a collage of baskets, bins and totes for storing seasonal clothes

Oooh. Ahhh. Aren’t they pretty options?

Okay, let’s talk tips for seasonal clothes storage.

5 Tips for Seasonal Clothes Storage

1. Label your storage

Clearly labelling stored clothes is a must. Otherwise you may not be able to find that sweater you love when the temperatures drop suddenly overnight in the middle of summer. 

Here are a few ideas for pretty labelling: 

2. Hide less than pretty storage containers 

Sometimes you just don’t want to look at off-season clothes no matter how organized they are (who wants to see capris and tanks when it’s twenty below?), so try hiding storage containers behind some prettier-to-look-at curtains (1). This works especially well for hiding shelving full of stored clothes like we had at our wee bungalow. After looking at this for a while, we hung pretty curtains to hide all those boxes. 

closet full with wire shelves and 5 rows of fabric bins for seasonal clothes storage

3. Use your favorite things

What’s not to love about sorting clothes into numbered canvas bins (5) – hello typography – I adore numbers and letters and fonts?!

And if you’ve got little ones, the numbers could even represent clothing size, shoe size, age or birth order!

4. Make use of otherwise useless space

When space is at a premium, don’t forget about the space under the bed: 

  • Who needs a bed skirt when you’ve got baskets like these to look at (6)? How easy are those castors?
  • Or keep the pretty bed skirt and add some divided under bed storage, like the SKUBB series (11) from Ikea!

5. Pretty baskets are a great go-to 

Stow mitts, scarves, or blankets in gorgeous Seagrass Baskets (9) or round stacking boxes (12). No one will be the wiser – even if you put these on bookshelves in the living room! #shocking


pretty feminine closet illustrating Seasonal Clothes Storage

What other seasonal clothes storage tips can you think of? Any fun storage containers out there that we should mention?

shannon photo and sig oct 2022