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Working on the Curb Appeal – Part 2 – Painting the Front Doors Black + Plants!

In this post: Updating your curb appeal is easy when the weather cooperates! We’ve already added windows and hinges to the garage door. Now we’re painting the front doors black and adding plants!

A little while ago we started working on the curb appeal at this house – no easy feat since we moved in mid-November and then had a long wet winter and spring to contend with. I was practically going nuts waiting for everything to warm up and dry out long enough to paint and add plants! But we’ve finally made some progress.

Updating your curb appeal is easy when the weather cooperates! We've already added windows and hinges to the garage door. Now we're painting the front doors black and adding plants!

Home Made Lovely Curb Appeal after

Of course to appreciate the after, you need to know what the before was like:

Home Made Lovely Curb Appeal Before

Not horrible at all and typically I rather like red front doors. But this house was just itching for some elegant BLACK front doors and cohesiveness. Of course there’s still a pop of red coming from the red berry wreaths.

Home Made Lovely Front Doors Before

black front doors red berry wreath

As you can see the doors didn’t get changed, instead we simply painted them in Tricorn Black by Sherwin Williams (which is the same as the color we painted the interior side of the doors in the winter).

Panel Moulding in the Entryway

black front double doors with red berry wreaths

And much like our last house, we added some fun script lettering to the doors with decals from here.


While we’ve not quite managed to do all the things – everything takes time and money, right? – we have knocked a few of the big items off of our original list.

  • Paint front doors black
  • Repaint the column (the paint is all weathered and chippy)
  • Repaint garage man-door (it’s very worn and messy looking)
  • Add some detail to the garage door
  • Replace light fixtures on garage and under porch (we haven’t changed these yet, be we did swap out the spiral bulbs for less ugly, but still cost-effective bulbs)
  • Maybe add shutters on the upstairs two windows
  • Change the door knobs/locks  (always a must when buying a new house anyway)
  • Add landscaping and gardening
  • Add a street number sign

Now I just have to wait for the plants to fill out…there should be some beautiful hydrangeas, clematis and wave petunias in a few short weeks!

hydrangea bush new

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hydrangea standard tree new no flowers yet

Have you been able to do much with your curb appeal yet this year?

Curb Appeal Source List:

Front Door Paint – Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black

House Number Sign

Red Berry Wreaths

Hand-Lettered Look Script Greetings on Front Doors

Exterior Door Hardware (Similar Here)

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