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Layered and Lovely Spring Mantel – With Banners, Paper Birds & Rustic Bits

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Our Layered and Lovely Spring Mantel is pretty, rustic and neutral with just a wee little bit of Spring color.

I’m so over winter!!! Oh my goodness y’all, it’s still so freaking cold here! Honestly, I left a meeting Sunday night and when I got into my car nothing moved. The seat felt frozen stiff. Winter isn’t over yet in Southern Ontario. BUT, that doesn’t mean I can’t make it feel like SPRING insideI like to start each season by decorating the mantel. It sort of acts as a springboard for the rest of the main floor’s seasonal décor. This is our Our Layered and Lovely Spring Mantel. It’s pretty, rustic and neutral with just a wee little bit of Spring color.

Our Layered and Lovely Spring Mantel is pretty, rustic and neutral with just a wee little bit of Spring color.

Layered and Lovely Spring Mantel

SPRING mantel

This year’s spring mantel features our beloved stag head sporting a floral wreath. Even though I bought Oliver to go with our winter/Christmas mantel, he sort of grew on me and earned a place above the mantel beyond the Holidays.

 Oliver the stag head

I always crave a little color in the spring, and yet I kept the mantel fairly neutral with just the teeniest hint of pink, green and aqua. I’ve tried to add more color in the past, but I always find it to be too jarring and just not me. Sigh. Sorry about that all you color-lovers.

SPRING mantel paper birds ceramic bird

You’ll recognize many elements from past mantels – the birdcages, the small wooden trencher, the banners (the paper one we made and the burlap one is from here), old hymnals and of course Oliver himself. The large ceramic bird has been around for awhile too.

ceramic spring bird

But I did add in a few new things. The flowers in the bird house were a Homesense find and I added the small printed nests to the paper pinwheel banner.

mantel banners close up

I’ll also show you how to make the super simple flower wreath later this week and the tutorial & template for the flying birds will be on Lil’ Luna on Saturday.

UPDATE: Simple Paper Flower Wreath tutorial is here and Flying Paper Birds tutorial is here.

flying paper birds

SPRING mantel bird cages

Every time I decorate the mantel, I love it a little more than the last version. Isn’t that funny?


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