In this post: Spring is the perfect time to be thinking about giving your home a refresh. Here are some great spring decor ideas to help you do that, whatever the weather.

No matter what kind of budget you have, you can easily bring a little touch of spring into your home and freshen up your space with these spring decor ideas!

You don’t have to spend a fortune or completely makeover your home to add some lovely spring touches to your home. 

After a long winter, it is nice to bring just a little bit of spring warmth and brightness indoors!

Spring Decor Ideas 

Spring decor is more than just brightly colored Easter eggs and plastic bunnies.

There are lovely layers and textures, hints of color, and other subtle spring touches that will bring in the season much more stylishly!

Here’s how to transition your home from winter to spring.

Declutter & Put Away Winter Decor

The first step to switching your seasonal decor is to clear out the previous season’s decor and accumulated clutter. 

Put away the heavy layers, the faux fur blankets, and cable knit throw pillows. Pack up any remaining evergreens and winter art. Still got that New Year’s disco ball out? Time for it to go!

Give your home a quick sweep to clear out any decor that doesn’t suit the spring season. Also, check your storage spaces to clean out any unnecessary items that you’ve been inadvertently holding onto. 

Decluttering can be done in early spring when it’s still super chilly and damp outside. Before the sun begins to warm things up and you want to spend as much time as possible outdoors. 

You can find my guide to decluttering your home here.  

Organizing my home in the spring is such an act of self-care for me. It’s the perfect way to welcome the sunshine and a whole new season. 

Add More Plants and Flowers

Where we live, starting in mid-February, the grocery store is full of $7 tulips. Maybe it’s earlier or later where you live. But those inexpensive bouquets of fresh flowers are always my signal that the long winter will soon be over. 

Adding more plants and fresh blooms to our decor is my favorite way to introduce spring to our home again. 

That could be:

  • simple tulips in a glass vase, jar, or pitcher
  • a bigger, more full fresh spring bouquet
  • bulbs in pots starting out indoors before moving outdoors when it’s warm enough
  • branches clipped from the yard
  • plants that just say “spring” to you
  • tuck some moss around a jar candle in a wood bowl

If florals are just not your favorite decor style, try some simple greenery. 

master bedroom with dark wood king size bed and linen sheets for spring decor ideas

Update Your Bedding

Spring is also the perfect time to say goodbye to the flannel sheets and hello to lighter bedding. 

Personally, I love cozy flannel sheets in the winter, while cool cotton sheets are the best in the summer. In the spring (and fall) I find that (for our climate) linen is the best! 

It’s also lovely in the spring to lighten your duvet and/or other bedding. Remove those other extra heavy blankets and switch to a lighter duvet or comforter if you have them. 

Rearrange the Furniture

After living all winter with the same furniture arrangements (perhaps the same one that allowed the Christmas tree to fit in the living room), now is a great time to switch things up. 

Shift the seating arrangements, move the accent pieces. Just give your living room, dining room, or bedroom a refresh by rearranging. 

Sprinkle in Some Color

This is one of the easiest spring decor ideas!

After a long stark winter, even I the self-professed lover of neutrals begin to crave a little pop of color. In years, past that’s been seen in hints of pastel shades like pink and blush in our decor accessories. But some years it’s been simple greens and warmer colors. 

Whatever colors you love – and that fit into your whole home color scheme – sprinkle them about in the form of flowers, throw pillows, candles, or art. 

TIP: When considering spring colors, blue or green is always a great choice and will effortlessly transition your home into your summer decor.

antique sign wooden horse and tulips on dresser to show spring decor ideas

Update Your Artwork

Another great way to bring the spring season indoors via your decor is to switch out any art you have. Framed pictures on the shelves, gallery wall displays, or even the books you leave out on display can count as art in your home. 

You could also choose from a plethora of free spring downloadable art to frame and decorate with. 

Use Lighter Fabrics

I mentioned this when I was talking about bedding above, but you can also give a nod to spring in your home by switching your fabrics to lighter fabrics. 

Way back when windows were not as insulated as they are now, people would change from heavier curtains to lighter ones as a functional change. Now changing curtains and other fabrics from heavier to lighter ones is more a function of decor than anything.

Linen, cotton, and lighter knits all work well in spring decor. 

Switch Decorative Throw Pillows and Throw Blankets

Throw pillow covers are another item that can be easily changed with the seasons. I love to mix and match colors and patterns in throw pillows. 

Spring can mean just colored throw pillows. Or it can mean throw pillows with flowers and sayings if that’s your thing. 

You can also swap out the heavy winter throw blankets for lighter ones.

Swap Out Candles & Other Home Scents

Bringing spring into your home decor isn’t just about how things look and function. But also about how your home smells.

You can swap your spicey winter scents for lighter and brighter home fragrances like lemons or oranges. Grab a few new candles – and actually light them! (Get 15% off when you use homemadelovely15 at our favorite candle shop)

Or try some spring diffuser blends in your diffuser. 

HML Spring Living Room Fireplace

Update Your Wreath

One of the first signs of your decor that people see is your front porch and your front door. Spring is a lovely time to switch to a seasonally-appropriate spring wreath or to grab a new one for your front door. 

While I’m extremely picky about the faux wreaths I buy these days, there are some great ones available. You just have to look for realistic-looking wreaths, rather than plastic-looking fakes.

While I am a fan for some things, the dollar store is probably not the best place to shop for wreaths, honestly.

But the good news is that preserved or faux wreaths can be kept and reused again and again if stored properly indoors when they’re not in use. We hang ours on simple nails in our furnace room. 

Clean Up the Winter Planters

Spring warmth takes a little while to arrive here and nights can still be pretty chilly, so I typically don’t plant new things on the porch planters while I’m initially decorating for spring. But I do clean out the winter greenery and decor.

TIP: If you’re so inclined you could place potted flowers or plants inside your planters and then bring them inside every night to protect them from frost. 

Change the Rugs

I don’t necessarily do this in the main spaces like the living room or bedroom, although you could. But changing out the rugs in the entryway, kitchen and mudroom is a perfect way to add some spring decor to your home. 

For example, where we live winter is snowy and wet and often comes with a lot of salt tracked into the house. So we use a totally practical, rubber-backed rug in the entry during the winter. But for the rest of the year, I prefer to lighten it up and just have a lovely jute rug there. 

You could do the same even if it’s not snowy where you live by having a warmer colored, heavier rug in winter and a nite light rug in springtime. 

cozy spring dining room

Create New Vignettes and Centerpieces 

Springtime is such a fun time to create vignettes on shelves and mantels and new table centerpieces. And don’t let a tv on your mantel stop you from decorating!

Flowers, moss, tasteful bunnies (like concrete or moss-covered), and other spring decor make lovely additions to regular everyday decor pieces like books, architectural elements, and vintage art

Create a Spring Garland 

Garlands are a wonderfully versatile addition to your decor stash. 

They can be used on mantels, stair railings, and dining room tables and you can make them from fresh or faux greenery and florals. You can even tuck in feathers, pastel eggs, little birds, or antlers to create a layered and interesting garland. 

Earthy Neutral Dining Room Vintage Painting

More Design Ideas

Those are my favorite ways to bring spring inside and welcome the season. 

Do you have any other spring decor ideas?