Hi Everyone!! I’m Ashley and I blog over at Cherished Bliss. I’m so excited to be a new contributor here at Home Made Lovely.

I’ve been a long time follower of Shannon’s and I think we can all agree she has impeccable taste!

If you aren’t familiar with me or my blog, I’m a pretty simple person who likes simple things. I have 3 small kids so pretty much everything I do has to be done with them at my feet : ). I love all things neutral, farmhouse, and industrial. I throw all those things together, and then I will probably change my mind, but eventually come up with something that will take a new residence in our home! But you’ll get to know me as I write cause I like to share little stories along the way!

Today I’m sharing with you a Simple Winter Centerpiece I created using a vintage toolbox. Originally I had this on the bottom shelf of our rolling shelf in our Christmas Tour, but I decided it needed to be on our table.

simple winter centerpiece

I’m not real big on leaving centerpieces on our table because of those three kids I mentioned above. My little darlings are quite umm.. how do you put it… crazy, wild, energetic, full of life, adorable and have zero control over their little squirmy bodies! I love them to pieces, but they destroy all in their paths and the table is no exception! So this toolbox centerpiece allows me to quickly and easily remove it from the table when necessary!

Ok, I’ll be honest, it won’t stay up there long because apparently we all have a need to gaze into each other’s eyes as we eat cause nobody likes their view to be blocked at the dinner table!

But sometimes I do like setting it up on the table and pretending my house is as staged and clean as all my pictures ; ).

  1. Ok, let’s talk about how I created this simple centerpiece. It’s really easy guys! First I started with our toolbox which is actually pretty large. It was too deep for the LED candles, so I added 2 2×4’s in the bottom to lift everything up and covered it with burlap.
  2. Next, I set my candles right in the center (these are LED candles). I wouldn’t suggest lighting candles surrounded by tree clippings… that’s not safe! After I had my candles set I started layering my evergreen clippings. I wanted some spilling over the side so I just played with it until I was happy with the “spillage”.
  3. Cedar is my all-time favorite evergreen, so I saved my cedar clippings for the top. I just started inserting it into empty spaces and anywhere that I felt needed a little extra.
  4. Lastly I added a few Christmas ball Ornaments to give it a little contrast, and that’s it, we are done!

simple winter centerpiece

All that’s left now is to sit down around your table and enjoy a few more holiday meals before this season passes us by! I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas, I’ll be back in January to share something new with you!

In the meantime, I’d love to connect with you! You can find me here:

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Have a Beautiful Day!! 

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