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In this post: Pantry labels are super useful for easily identifying a containers contents. Plus there are some really pretty ones you can buy – or make!

A while back, I was inspired to create some pretty pantry labels for our kitchen and bathroom. And today I’m sharing them as a free printable download for regular printers and as a cut file for cutting machines.

Plus, I’m sharing a few options for pantry labels, and where to find great pantry labels if you don’t want to make your own!

free pantry labels on table with scissors and tulips for spring

Spring is a great time to get organized. That’s why it’s called spring cleaning, right? 

It’s also a lovely time to pretty up your pantry storage with pantry labels!

Why Pantry Labels?

Well, beyond the obvious reasons for using pantry labels – ease of finding things in the pantry – pantry labels can also make a kitchen and pantry look prettier! 

Want to know how to organize your pantry? Check out our post, 5 Steps to a More Organized Pantry

What Pantry Containers Do You Use?

Which containers you choose for your kitchen and pantry depends on what sort of things you’re storing, your budget, and what look you like. 

In our old kitchen, we didn’t have a pantry or much room for storage, so I kept my most-used dry goods like rice flour, tapioca starch, and white sugar in Anchor Hocking Heritage Hill jars on the counter. 

anchor hocking jars with clear pantry labels on steel counter

But at this house, we have more kitchen storage, as well as additional storage in the laundry room.

In the kitchen cupboard, we use these great OXO Good Grips containers for those same dry goods:

Oxo Containers with Label Maker Labels in cabinet

And in the laundry room, we use pails with gamma seal lids for our bulk dry goods. (The same white pails as the ones on our pantry shelves in our old kitchen, shown below.)

rolling pantry shelves

5 Different Pantry Labels Options

There are many ways that you could label your pantry and kitchen storage containers. These four are my favorite:

1. Label Maker

You could create very simple, neat, and tidy labels using a basic label maker, like the Dymo Label Manager. This is what we’ve used in our kitchen pantry cupboards at this house. 

2. Erasable Labels

Amazon has several erasable label options. Like these waterproof transparent labels with an erasable black chalk pen!

Plus your local Kitchen Stuff Plus, Bed, Bath and Beyond, and stores like Homesense will likely have plenty to choose from as well!

3. Chalkboard Labels

Also erasable, chalkboard labels are a fun way to label your pantry supplies. You can label them with regular chalk for temporary use, or with longer-lasting chalk markers

4. Avery Printable Labels

Of course, if you’re handy with Word, you can create your own printable labels in just about any shape and size, thanks to Avery’s wide selection of printable labels

5. Printable Sticker Paper

Or if you like to design things and want something more custom (or you use our printable template below), Silhouette makes clear printable sticker paper that works great for pantry labels!

DIY Fancy Pantry Labels Using Sticker Paper, a Printer and Scissors



1. Download the Fancy Pantry Labels PDF (via the button above). 

2. Load one sheet of Silhouette Printable Clear Sticker Paper into your inkjet printer. Make sure it is loaded correctly for your machine (face up or face down).

3. Open the Labels PDF that you downloaded. 

4. Print on your printer. 

5. Cut out by hand with scissors. You can either cut on the fancy line or just outside it. 

diy pantry labels with scissors and tulips

DIY Fancy Pantry Labels Using Printable Sticker Paper and a Silhouette Machine

Originally, I created these labels with my Silhouette machine. 

Please note that this project requires a basic working knowledge of Silhouette’s Print and Cut feature. If you have issues with that, please see Silhouette’s instructions on how to use Print and Cut files!

Silhouette Fancy Pantry Labels in Studio


  1. Load one sheet of Silhouette Printable Clear Sticker Paper into your inkjet printer. Make sure it is loaded correctly for your machine (face up or face down).
  2. Download and open the Basic Fancy Pantry Labels in the Silhouette Studio® software. It should give you the 8.5 x 11 portrait setting with Show Print Border and Show Cut Border checked on the Design Page Settings tab. If not make sure to select those settings. Note you can change the words and definitions in Studio before printing if desired.
  3. In the Silhouette Studio® software, click on File -> Print. Find your printer and select the correct settings (portrait, etc.). Then print out one copy of the labels.
  4. On the Cut Settings tab in Silhouette Studio® select Clear Sticker Paper from the Material Type list.
  5. Adjust ratchet blade on your machine as indicated in Studio. Tip: I usually set mine about 2 numbers higher than the recommendation. Perhaps it’s just my machine or my blade but that’s what seems to work best.
  6. Using a Silhouette mat, load the now-printed sticker paper sheet onto your Silhouette. (If you are unsure how to do this, please refer to your Silhouette instructions or Google how to do it.)
  7. Click Send to Silhouette in the Studio software. The machine will do the rest.

Free Fancy Pantry Labels SVG Cut File

If you have a Cricut, just download the file via the button!

Then just print and cut following your Cricut directions for sticker paper!

printable pantry labels img

Premade Pantry Labels

Don’t Want to DIY? Here’s where to get some really pretty pantry labels already made! 

No matter which method or type of labels you choose, when you’ve bought or created them, just peel and stick on your clean containers!

Care tip: Since these are printed on an inkjet printer, the ink will wipe off. Please be careful when wiping your labels. Use a dry cloth whenever possible. Worst case if you ruin them? Just print and cut some more!

What do you think? Pretty storage labels and containers make kitchen work so much better, yes?

shannon photo and sig oct 2022