Just because you rent a place, does not mean that it can’t feel like your own home. There are many easy and cheap ideas that you can implement to make a rental feel like home.

It’s been awhile for Dean and I, but we rented for a very long time before we bought our own place. I do remember those rentals though and all the things we did to make a rental feel like home while we were there.

5 Ways to Make a Rental Feel Like Home

Scandi, boho apartment

1. Get Inspired on Pinterest

If you are not on Pinterest yet, where have you been? Just kidding. If you’re not already on there, you’ll want to sign up for a free account. Pinterest is filled with many home decor ideas that can easily be used to decorate a rental home. Create a board just for your rental home and pin as many ideas as you can find. You could even try searching for ‘apartment decorating ideas’ or ‘how to decorate a rental’. This will give you a great starting place for finding ideas to make your space more comfortable and homey.

2. Add Some Life with Plants

Having live plants or even faux plants in your rental can make it feel like home. Plants tend to liven up the area and give the space a comforting feel. Check out your local plant nursery for seasonal sales to find some lovely potted or hanging plants. Ikea tends to have some very well-priced live plants – and some good faux ones if you have a black thumb like me. Some good places to put greenery are window sills, tables, hanging in the kitchen, living room, or other brightly lit areas of your home. There are also some plants that will bloom indoors giving a nice colorful look to your living space.

3. Non-Permanent Decor

Just changing up your decor can make your place feel more like home. You do not need to go out and purchase expensive furniture to create a homey atmosphere. You would be surprised by how just simply adding a rug here or a colorful blanket there will liven up space. Update your bedding to something cozy and add a few more pillows for added comfort. Nothing says “home” more than a comfy bed. You can check out our budget decorating ideas category too, for more ideas.

4. Paint the Walls, If You Can (If You Can’t, Try Some Other Tricks)

Most rentals will allow you to paint as long as you do not use dark colors. It just needs to be a color that can be easily painted over later for new tenants. Try painting an accent wall in a pretty pastel. This will give your space a pop of color and make it feel like your own. Or just paint everything a nice crisp white and go with the Scandi look. Add some photos in beautiful frames to your walls. Maybe try a wall sconce or some other simple artwork around the rooms of your home. Just adding a few pieces to your walls here and there can make your rental feel like your own.

5. Be Strategic with Lighting

A lot of rentals do not have sufficient lighting. Some do not even have any overhead lighting (we’ve had this issue more times than I can count) and rely on the tenants to bring their lamps. This gives you an excellent opportunity to make your home feel like your own by choosing your light. Floor lamps tend to make your home feel more spacious and inviting. You can also buy some cute matching table lamps to tie the room together while also adding some much-needed brightness. If you already have lamps, try livening them up by switching out the lamp shades for something else. Just these little changes can make you feel right at home.

scandi room, white, boho

What other tips can you think of to help Make a Rental Feel Like Home?