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When we moved into this house last year, I was thrilled to have a laundry room on the main floor. I mean, having an actual room rather than a corner of the basement like in our old house is pure luxury. Every day I’m grateful for our laundry room.

Farmhouse Laundry Room Makeover Before

However, being thankful for it didn’t mean I loved how it LOOKED. Here are a few before photos so you see what I mean:

As you can see it was dark, dirty, and crammed with stuff. Scuffed and chipped blue paint really isn’t our thing either.

And despite there being a few wall-mounted cabinets, there still wasn’t enough storage. I really wanted a bright, clean space with plenty of storage for not only laundry room things, but also some overflow pantry storage. With a family of five, including three teenagers who eat like adults, we often buy things in bulk. The bathrooms can hold some extra toilet paper, but we always run out of space for paper towels, facial tissue, and random food items that we stock up on from time to time. Not to mention emergency water and our huge pails of flour and starch.

The tricky part is, there was next to no budget for this project.

Farmhouse Laundry Room Makeover After

Thankfully the laundry machines are in decent shape (with two repairs since we moved in) and the flooring is the same as the kitchen – not necessarily my favorite, but very durable and nice enough. All we needed was some paint and a few inexpensive things like shelves and lighting.

We started the makeover by adding shiplap to the back wall, behind the sink, washer, and dryer to give the small room a farmhouse feel. Then we painted the whole room in Sherwin Williams Eider White, just like the rest of the main floor and upstairs hallways. It’s a nice, bright, neutral white.

Of course, I used one of my favorite tools, the HANDy Paint Tray

HANDy Paint Tray

We’ve partnered with HANDy Paint Products a few times this year, but I can honestly say that their Trays and Pails are my freaking favorite tools ever for painting! The liners alone make them invaluable for quick clean-up. And the Trays themselves are so durable and easy to pick up and move, that I’m never going back to other paint trays again! That magnet for the paint brushes = life saver and no more paint on my paintbrush handles from them falling into the paint!

HANDy Paint Products

After we installed the shiplap and painted the whole room, Dean installed shelves at the far end of the room. It was the logical spot because I can reach most of them there, unlike if we’d put them over the washer and dryer. But also, because there was a bulkhead on either side of that wall that made great shelf ends!

farmhouse laundry room shelves

laundry room shelves

Eventually, I’d love to actually frame in the washer and dryer and install a regular sink and countertop. But that was definitely not in the budget at this time. Instead, we replaced the terrible old tub with a similar laundry tub. Really if you’re thinking of updating your laundry room and your laundry tub is in decent shape, you might not even have to do that. But ours was plumbed wrong – someone got lazy when they installed the original plumbing and the drain was higher than the rest of the tub. This also meant that the tub was stained from almost 20 years of usage with improper drainage!

Gross, right?!

Anyway, we got a lovely basic laundry tub from and just dressed it up with a gorgeous Kraus faucet and a skirt we made from a drop cloth!

farmhouse laundry room drop cloth sink skirt

laundry room sink new clean

Kraus faucet farmhouse laundry room

Essentially then all we did was swap out the old builder light fixture for another from There are built-in LED lights so it’s nice and bright. Plus, we won’t have to change a light bulb for about 10 years or so!

farmhouse laundry room light

farmhouse laundry room light fixture

The art is a giant piece of MDF that I simply painted using this technique.

the laundry co DIY sign

farmhouse laundry room makeover

farmhouse laundry room shelves and art

Then the space was prettied up with some antique-looking clothes pins I found on Amazon and a few other things that we already had, like a pretty tray and some soaps.

laundry soap clothes pins farmhouse laundry room

farmhouse laundry room tray vintage clothes pins

farmhouse laundry room

We added a pail for dryer lint and the dryer sheets fit nicely into this little jar.

farmhouse laundry room dryer sheets in jar

It’s funny how some paint and a few accessories can really make such a difference in a room, yes?

The laundry room also got new appliances a few months after this makeover, and now we have large-capacity grey LG machines in the space. 

Home Made Lovely Laundry Room

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What do you think of our little farmhouse laundry room makeover?