In this post: Sometimes room makeovers take a while. It can be the same with curb appeal. Here’s what we’re working on with the new house’s curb appeal – specifically we’re updating the garage doors.

Have you ever looked at a house (maybe your own) and KNOWN that you wanted to update the curb appeal? Maybe add some details that just seem to be missing? Like updating the garage doors?

Sometimes room makeovers take awhile. It can be the same with curb appeal. Here's what we're working on with the new house's curb appeal.

Well when I saw our new house for the first time, I knew it had great bones. I mean, it’s taupe-grey. There are no permanently weird colors or awkward features (except maybe the lamp post that doesn’t work in the middle of our lawn!).

But I also knew that there were a few updates I wanted to make. Here’s what our to-do list looks like:

Curb Appeal To-Do List

  • Paint front doors black
  • Repaint the column (the paint is all weathered and chippy)
  • Touch up the painted door trim
  • Repaint garage man-door (it’s very worn and messy looking)
  • Update the garage door
  • Replace light fixtures on garage and under the porch
  • Maybe add shutters on the upstairs two windows
  • Add landscaping and gardening
  • Add a street number sign

So What Have We Accomplished So Far?

Honestly, I was really hoping to be further along than we are already, but spring took its sweet time getting here. And now that it’s here, it rains every other day, so painting anything outside has been near impossible.

I did get the chance to sit down with my brother-in-law and he put together a plan for landscaping the front yard (he was a landscaper/horticulturist before he switched to insurance as a profession). I’m very excited about planting some pretty things in the two existing gardens. And down the road, he’s got a fabulously gorgeous plan for an additional garden space around the lamp post.

Like I said there’s landscaping and painting to do, which I’m totally chomping at the bit to get to. But so far we have managed to add some character and detail by updating the garage doors.

updated garage doors on a beige brick house

We used a couple of kits from Coach House Accents to update the garage doors:

  1. Decor Windows – in Sandstone
  2. Traditional Series Plastic Hinge and Handle Kit – in Black

They are plastic, but they are gorgeous, easy to install, and extremely durable.

Update Fall 2021: Five years later they’re still looking great!

updating the garage doors with faux windows and hinges

curb appeal garage detail - updating the garage doors with faux windows and hinges

I cannot wait to make further progress on the curb appeal in the coming months.

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What do you think of the detail? Could you add some beauty to your curb appeal by updating the garage doors?

 This post is sponsored by Coach House Accents. All opinions are as always our own.
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  1. Shannon, the garage door looks so much nicer than the ‘before’ plain look. Are the windows real or faux? A new garage door is on our list this summer – total replacement – and we got new man doors and new windows installed last fall. We added a new front entry and all new siding to our house last fall so landscaping around the front deck area is on our list of ‘to do’ things as soon as it dries up and warms up. Have a great week!