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A pretty spring table idea, clay pots and wooden spoons as place cards from the book Natural Accents by my blog friend, Stacey Risenmay.

natural, white and cream place setting

My friend Stacy wrote a book. It’s called Natural Accents and it’s filled with projects and ideas for decorating indoors with items from the outdoors.

cut branches as centerpieces

To show you a bit of what the book is about – both in support of my friend and perhaps to whet your appetite – I’ve created a little project from an idea in Natural Accents.

Clay Pots and Wooden Spoons as Place Cards

wedding table setting ideas

wooden spoon name card



1. Randomly dry brush each pot with off-white paint using a paint brush. Dry brushing is done by dipping the brush in paint and then off-loading the excess paint onto a paper towel before painting the object. Let dry.

painting clay pots

painting clay pots to age them

faux aged clay pots

2. Fill pots with either yard clippings or small potted plants.

3. Using fine tip marker/pen, write names on wooden spoons. Let dry.

wooden spoons and pen

wooden spoon place cards

4. Insert wooden spoon into potted plant and set the table!

rustic place card

Natural Accents Table Setting

Alternately you could write or paint names or numbers directly onto the pots to use as place cards.

clay pots and wooden spoons as place cards

Have I mentioned before that I love to set a pretty table? And that sometimes I even do it just for fun and then let it stay that way for a couple of days while we eat in the breakfast area of the kitchen!?

natural table setting

aka design dining room

I know. Cuckoo.

Spring table setting, clay pot and wooden spoon as place card with greens

If you like this project you will probably love many of the projects and ideas in Stacy’s book.

Natural Accents by Stacy Risenmay

Find Natural Accents on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

Do you like to bring the outdoors in when decorating? What’s your favorite natural accent?

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  1. Thank you Shannon, for the beauty of idea’s you bring into my home from yours daily. I still don’t know how you create, capture in pictures the wonderful life of decorating, I am so amazed. You have such a gift, and share freely with so many that follow you. To just say thank you, seems so small. How is it that we haven’t met, but you bring beauty into my home where I can use your idea’s to grace my home. I’ve pin your pic’s, so I won’t forget for sure.
    Hugs, Debbie from the Northwest
    Thank you!!!!

    1. Thank you Debbie. Your sweet and sincere comment made me smile as I read it. Sometimes I forget that sharing everyday beautiful things can reach so far. I appreciate your sharing your thankfulness with me. xo

  2. What a pretty table setting and an awesome idea for place cards. Will definitely check out your friend’s book! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Beautiful, i loveeeverything on this table and beyond, lol. I can barelysee yyour china cabinet with the pretty wreath hanging. It’s all gorgeous.

    1. It definitely pays to proof read before one hits “send”, lol. My aapologies <3