7 Best Closet Organizing Tips – How to LOVE Your Closets!

In this post: Follow these closet organizing tips when purging and organizing so you know what to keep, what to toss and what to donate.

Spring is when most people think of cleaning out closets.

At least it seems like that’s when we should do a big purge and organize.

But I find with three kids, a husband, a dog and a business I run from home, I could literally clean out my closets at any time of year!

So no matter when YOU want to clean your closets, here are seven of my favorite tips for doing the job well.

7 Best Closet Organizing Tips

closet organizing tips

Unorganized closet

1. Take everything out of the closet


Every shirt, sweater, extra pillow and stray sock needs to come out of that closet.

2. Now ask a few questions of each item (depending on whose closet it is)

Does it still fit? Is it damaged? Is any damage repairable? Does it look good on me/him/her?

If the answer is no, then toss it in a pile.

random hangers

matching hangers

3. Get new hangers

You can buy fancy hangers or just cheap dollar store plastic hangers. But having matching hangers makes a closet look much neater.

(Plus it’s good for type-A people like me to see everything all matching in a row. #happysigh)

hanging jeans 1

4. Now hang it all up neatly

Don’t hang up sweaters and shoes obviously. But hang up everything else.

Sort by long sleeved and short sleeved or by color. Use whatever organization system works for your brain.

Does it all fit back in the closet? With wiggle room?

If not, reevaluate what you’ve already gone through.

hanging jeans

5. Fold all the non-hanging clothes

Sweaters and heavy items all lose their shape if hung. (You know those weird little hanger bumps on the shoulders of sweaters after they’re hung?)

Place them folded on shelves, in baskets or in drawers instead.

6. Use floor space wisely

Line up your shoes. Stack boxes for scarves and seldom-worn shoes.

Using the floor space well can expand the useful square footage of your closets.

7. Evaluate your reject pile from step two

Take a look at the pile of items you created in step two. Then decide whether to sell, donate or toss each item.

Sell it if:

  • it is in great condition
  • it was expensive to begin with

Donate it if:

  • you can’t or don’t want to sell it
  • it isn’t damaged or stained

Toss it if:

  • it’s damaged beyond repair
  • it’s stained
  • it’s underwear or socks

So that’s how I sort our closets – one by one.

Do you have any closets that need cleaning out? What are your best closet organizing tips?


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  1. I will be doing a closet clean out in my near future also.

    I do have a big garment rack that I was going to empty my clothes on to, then go through piece by piece.

    Half of the clothes in the closet are dress clothes that probably don’t fit me anymore as I haven’t worked outside the home in years. If it does still fit, it is probably out of style.

    That is where the problem lies…….
    If it fits me, then I usually keep it. Even if it was made in the 70s or 80s. See how that can be a problem??

    Well……in comes my ace in the hole. My neighbor.
    She is a fashionable girl, she is 10 years younger than me.

    All I need to do is invite her over and pull out some clothes. She will stop me from even trying on clothes that should be put into the ‘vintage pile’. It is hard to go through clothes because some pieces hold a memory. It takes a strong neighbor to say “seriously….if you where that people will point and laugh”. Ok then, I know which pile to put that item in.

    I get a more thorough closet cleaning when I have a 2nd opinion handy. If my own kids helped, my closet would be empty, lol.