In this post: Our master bedroom needed a lot of TLC to make it into a lovely retreat. After a few weeks work, we’re happy to share our farmhouse style master bedroom makeover reveal with you!

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Since moving into this house just over a year ago, we’ve made over most of our main floor, including our dining room, living room, laundry room and kitchen. We’ve also given each of our kids’ rooms makeovers too. Which meant it was high time we tackled our master bedroom. This is our Farmhouse Style Master Bedroom Makeover Reveal!

Our master bedroom needed a lot of TLC to make it into a lovely retreat. After a few weeks work, we're happy to share our farmhouse style master bedroom makeover reveal with you!

Why a Master Bedroom Makeover? (The Before Photos)

We’ve wanted to give our master bedroom a makeover since we moved into this house. While we liked our bed when we bought it (at our old house), it never quite suited this house. The existing nightstands and dressers were bought when we first moved to our last house too and were always a little more purple in undertones than we liked and not large enough for this space.

We tried painting the room to see if that helped the overall vibe…

But it only pulled out more of the purple undertones and we didn’t like the color at all. We recently found THE color and we shared that previously (with a little help from our friends at HANDy Paint).

Farmhouse Master Bedroom with Analytical Grey Paint

That alone was a drastic improvement. But we still needed new furniture, which we talked about here. Once that was in place, all we needed to do was style the room!

Farmhouse Style Master Bedroom Makeover Reveal

Obviously, we USE our bedroom. It is a master bedroom, after all. So, this reveal is real for us, for how we use the space. Baskets hide things that don’t look pretty, like remotes and vapor rub. We put things back when we’re finished with them. We also have teenagers who don’t interrupt our sleep anymore, and they don’t spend any time in our room, so we don’t have to worry about their messes in here. Aside from dust bunnies and clean laundry that will inevitably pile up at the end of our bed, this is how our room looks in real life, every day. If you’re not neat freaks like us, or you have littles running around, please know that we are sharing to inspire you, not to make you feel badly. 

Dean and Shannon's bedroom reveal

gallery wall in black and white farmhouse bedroom

We have all the things most people have in their bedroom, including clothes, books, bedside items like chapstick and hand cream, randomly discarded jewelry and family photos.

We have exercise equipment, a TV, an electric fireplace and several remotes (for two fans, the fireplace and the TV!). On the electric fireplace are the remotes (hidden under those topiary balls), a Bluetooth speaker and the iPhone/iPod charging station where everyone puts their devices at night. #reallife

Dean and Shannon bedroom from doorway

Master bedroom with fireplace and exercise equipment

tv over electric fireplace in bedroom

Fortunately, we have a walk-in closet and an ensuite bathroom (which we’d never had until this house) in which to store most of our clothes, toiletries, laundry hampers, etc.

The new beautiful dresser houses my clothes and some of my most worn jewelry in that tiered tray on top. (All of Dean’s clothes are in the closet along with my hanging clothes and shoes.)

The Brick Calistoga dresser and mirror

The Furniture We Chose

As you can see in the photos above, we replaced the furniture with our new choices from The Brick. Here’s a little more detail on what we chose and why.

The Calistoga King Bed

Calistoga King Bed from The Brick in Shannon and Dean's bedroom.

We wanted something big and somewhat rustic looking as this bedroom is on the large side and the trim makes it look a little more formal than we’d like. We wanted the bed to be masculine in its lines and structure, yet very neutral as far as colors go.

bed with pillows

Because it meets these aesthetics, one of our favorite collections at The Brick is called Calistoga. It’s beautiful and heavy and has a richly stained wood grain finish to it. There are two finishes, but we chose the Weathered Charcoal because of its masculine feel.

The Calistoga Bed is perfectly suited to be the focal point of our space. It’s combination of clean lines and rustic finish mesh very well with country, farmhouse, rustic, industrial and fixer upper styles. And it can be paired with linen sheets, ruffles and floral print pillows to soften its masculine lines if desired.

layered neutral and white bedding on rustic king bed

layered neutral and white bedding on rustic king bed

The Calistoga Dresser

The Calistoga Dresser, like the Bed, is equally suited to several decor styles. After visiting The Brick nearest us, Dean and I fell in love with how rustic the Calistoga pieces looked while still feeling very smooth to the touch. And the Calistoga dresser is large enough to hold plenty of clothes too! We also added the matching mirror to our order, after seeing it in the store. It’s very chunky and rustic and we just love it!

The Brick Calistoga dresser and mirror

The Brick Calistoga dresser and mirror

The Bray Accent Cabinets as Nightstands

For nightstands, we wanted something large enough to fill the space we have and command a presence in our large bedroom, but we also wanted to think a little outside the box too. So, we chose the Bray Accent Cabinets in Antique Ivory. We’ll share more about how we styled and organized those in another post in a few days.

Bray Accent Cabinet as nightstands in Dean and Shannon's bedroom

The Olympia Elegant Rug

Of course, we needed a nice soft rug for our master bedroom too. Our room happens to be one of the coldest rooms in the house and it’s no fun waking up to freezing cold feet when we step out of bed in the morning. The Olympia Elegant Rug is made with lovely neutral colors and helps to blend the creamy molding and trim color with the grey and wood in the room. Plus, it’s super soft and plush on bare feet!

electric fireplace with Olympia Elegant Rug detail, from The Brick

What’s Left to Do?

We’d still like to find a bench or something low for the foot of the bed. And the ceiling fan must go! I just can’t decide what light fixture or chandelier to put up there yet. But we’ll get there.

bedroom shot with ceiling fan

Farmhouse Style Master Bedroom Makeover Reveal Video

Here’s a quick little video tour of the space for you!

Don’t forget to pin, pretty please!

Our master bedroom needed a lot of TLC to make it into a lovely retreat. After a few weeks work, we're happy to share our farmhouse style master bedroom makeover reveal with you!

So that’s our farmhouse master bedroom makeover reveal! What do you think? Any ideas you could use in your own home? Which piece is your favorite?

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