After renovating the kitchen and making over much of the main floor, it’s finally time to share our master bedroom makeover plans!

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We’ve wanted to give our master bedroom a makeover since we moved into this house. We painted the walls once already, but never liked the color. And while we liked our bed when we bought it (at our old house), it never quite suited this house. The existing nightstands and dressers were bought when we first moved to our last house too and were always a little more purple in undertones than we liked. After renovating the kitchen and updating much of the main floor last year, we are finally ready to share our master bedroom makeover plans!

Why ‘Farmhouse Style in the Suburbs’?

Our style leans towards farmhouse style, with a touch of industrial style and just the smallest hint of traditional style (moldings and simple colors). We don’t live in a farmhouse, but rather a brick house in the suburbs. So, we often describe our style as Farmhouse Style in the Suburbs.

Our Current Master Bedroom

Are you ready for some not so lovely photos?

Our master bedroom looked like this right after we moved in:

Note the very lovely, if not slightly formal, trim and moldings that were already in the space. But that yellow-orange wall paint had to go! Within a couple of months of moving in we painted over the weird mustard yellow color and added a rug and some art. It was an improvement, but it still wasn’t what we were picturing for the space. Can you see what we mean by the purple undertones?

Which brings us to our master bedroom makeover plans!

Master Bedroom Makeover Plans

The Bed


The first thing that should be chosen for a bedroom is the bed because it’s usually the focal point. Things to consider when choosing a bed (not the mattress and box springs, that’s a different process) are size, shape, color and style.

The first thing that should be chosen for a bedroom is the bed because it’s usually the focal point. Things to consider when choosing a bed are size, shape, color and style.

We wanted something big and somewhat rustic looking as this bedroom is on the large side and the trim makes it look a little more formal than we’d like. We wanted the bed to be masculine in its lines and structure, yet very neutral as far as colors go.

Because it meets these aesthetics, one of our favorite collections at The Brick is called Calistoga. It’s beautiful and heavy and has a richly stained wood grain finish to it. We chose two pieces from this line for our master bedroom, the Calistoga King Bed and the Calistoga Dresser, both in Weathered Charcoal.

The Calistoga Bed is perfectly suited to be the focal point of our space. It’s combination of clean lines and rustic finish mesh very well with country, farmhouse, rustic, industrial and fixer upper styles. And it can be paired with linen sheets, ruffles and floral print pillows to soften its masculine lines if desired.


The Dresser

The Calistoga Dresser, like the Bed, is equally suited to several decor styles. After visiting The Brick nearest us, Dean and I fell in love with how rustic the Calistoga pieces looked while still feeling very smooth to the touch. And the Calistoga dresser is large enough to hold plenty of clothes too!

The ‘Nightstands’

For nightstands, we wanted something large enough to fill the space we have and command a presence in our large bedroom, but we also wanted to think a little outside the box too. We didn’t necessarily want to choose standard nightstands. So we chose the Bray Accent Cabinet in Antique Ivory for both sides of the bed. They’re beautifully finished with a distressed look and three large shelves inside. There’s plenty of room for books and mementos, as well as needed bedside items as well.

We’ll show you how we end up styling these to make use of the space with some hidden storage options in another post. Because no one wants all their bedroom things on display for the world to see, right?!

The Rug

Of course, we needed a nice soft rug for our master bedroom too. Our room happens to be one of the coldest rooms in the house and it’s no fun waking up to freezing cold feet when we step out of bed in the morning. The Olympia Elegant Rug is made with lovely neutral colors and helps to blend the creamy molding and trim color with the grey and wood in the room. Plus, it’s super soft and plush!

The Paint Color

This is one thing that we haven’t chosen yet actually. Our rule is to only choose a paint color once the large pieces are in the space. Many people choose paint colors first, but this is backwards. Because there are thousands of paint colors, it’s MUCH easier to choose a paint color after your furniture and even linens and decor are selected. So, we will share our final paint color decision with you in our upcoming reveal post.

The Mood Board

One of the things that is helpful for visualizing a space is a mood board, or inspiration board. With a mood board, you can really see the space and the colors. You can tell if the furniture shapes will work well together or not. This is especially true if you like coordinating but not matchy-matchy furniture like we do!

master bedroom makeover plans moodboard

  1. Calistoga King Bed in Weathered Charcoal from The Brick
  2. Bray Accent Tables in Antique Ivory from The Brick
  3. Calistoga Dresser in Weathered Charcoal from The Brick
  4. Olympia Elegant Area Rug 8′ x 11′ from The Brick
  5. Good Morning, Handsome & Good Morning Beautiful Art
  6. Oil-Rubbed Bronze Task Table Lamp from The Brick
  7. TV
  8. Electric Fireplace

We can’t wait to dive into this makeover…and share the progress with you along the way!

master bedroom makeover plans moodboard

What do you think of our Master Bedroom Makeover Plans?

P.S. If you like farmhouse style decor, check out our Ultimate Guide to Farmhouse Style + Farmhouse Decor here.

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