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Pretty and Quick Easter Table Setting – How To Create It

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In this post: Setting a beautiful table for spring doesn’t have to be complicated. Just a few layers make up this pretty and quick Easter table setting.

Can you believe that Spring is right around the corner? And with it, Easter too? We’re hosting my family this year and I hope to be able to have Dean’s family over at some point as well. Which means I get to play around with pretty Easter table settings for the next few weeks. This week I spend about ten minutes setting up this pretty and quick Easter table setting.

white and green plates, pink napkin, white flower napkin ring, pretty and quick easter table setting

Pretty and Quick Easter Table Setting

This layered look is simple to do and only takes a few minutes to put together.


Pink and mint easter table setting


1. Start with a wood slice as a charger as a base.

2. Layer a white dinner plate and a pastel colored salad plate on top of the charger.

3. Grab the center of a napkin and pull the napkin ring over it. Place on top of the salad plate.

4. Set your utensils and water glas.

5. Add faux tulips to a creamer.

6. Repeat at each place setting.

spring table setting

I find no matter what the season that layering textures and a wee bit of color creates an elegant and beautiful tablescape.

Easter place setting

TIP: to have a good balance of textures, mix “bubbled” dinner plates with “wavy” luncheon plates and top with fringed napkins.

Fresh Easter Place Setting

Are you hosting Easter this year? What are your favorite elements of an Easter table setting?

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  1. Shannon this is lovely, I invite you to share your sweet Easter setting at my Thursday Favorite Things link party ( you can link up from tonight at 7PM (MST) through Saturday at midnight. Hugs!

  2. I noticed your post Are you wanting to subscribe? I’ve not felt well especially after a medical emergency and when trying to recover, we had a main water line that runs across garage to house burst and a noise of two blowers for three days coupled with a very very strong loud jolt of an earthquake. I’m in recovery mode and to read one or two is a great effort. Don’t take it personal. I’m just so very tired

    1. I’m so sorry you’ve not been well, Gwen! And that you had big house issues! No pressure to read sweet lady…I was just trying to give those who were no longer interested an easy way out of getting emails. Would love it if you stuck around. Please feel better soon. xo

  3. I am hosting Easter dinner – I always do. We generally have around 12-15 people for dinner. I do a traditional ham/potato salad/vegetable dinner but with so many having special dietary needs, I am thinking I’ll have a big green salad, lots of vegetables as side dishes, our deviled eggs, and fruit cups. I’ll think of another fairly healthy dessert. I love doing special napkin rings and name cards/gifts for each guests. Last year I decoupaged peat pots w/black and white bunnies and put individual Easter eggs in one of the pots for each guest. I haven’t decided what I’m doing this year – I am hosting a St. Patrick’s Day supper before Easter, so need to complete plans for that!

  4. This is so pretty. I love the the luncheon plate and the fringed napkins. I collect napkins like most women collect shoes. lol