Modern Country Farmhouse Style in the Suburbs House Tour

If you’ve landed on this house tour page from any of the others, it may seem obvious that Dean and I have moved a lot in over 20 years of marriage.

Which is entirely true.

The gist is we’ve not always been great planners. We bought our first house when we already had two kids and a third on the way. Then a few years later the commute was too much for Dean (and the three vehicles we went through in five years), so we moved back to the city. But moving into the city means prices are higher than outside the city so we could only afford a wee little bungalow (1050 sq. ft.). But that wee little bungalow was so good for us in so many ways.

We figured out how to work together, we launched Home Made Lovely and we spent a lot of time together as a family. Love grows best in little houses.

But alas we outgrew that house and bought the next bigger size we could afford (1350 sq. ft.) in a beautiful neighborhood.  We loved that house and the yard and the neighbors. But it too became too small for us. (We have a large extended family!)

So in 2016, we bought this house

It’s not huge, about 2000 sq. ft. plus a finished basement. But it’s open and there are four actual bedrooms upstairs. And more than one bathroom – which feels like a luxury with three teenagers!

And there’s a pool which I’ve always wanted – like forever!


We will be updating it as time and money allow. Just like you and your home!

So far we’ve managed to update the main floor living and dining rooms.


The entryway started out with some good bones, a nice high ceiling, and plenty of space. But it lacked character.

So we swapped out the light fixture, painted the doors, and added some panel molding and new wall paint.

dining room to entryway trim finished

Panel Moulding in the Entryway

entryway practical coat stand and mat

church pew bench in home entry with two gold framed paintings above

Dining Room

 The dining room started out the same as the entry…a little bland with good bones.

But we changed the lighting, added a coffered ceiling detail and more panel molding – along with some new paint of course!

modern farmhouse dining room

elegant farmhouse dining room

Home Made Lovely Dining Room

white farmhouse dining room

We’ve gone through a few renditions here. 

dining room with birthday streamers

rustic farmhouse table with pintucked chairs and black buffet

Living Room

And the living room too was a bit dark for us. But that was easily lightened up with some paint and our style of furniture.

Home Made Lovely Spring 2017 Living Room


grey sectional with blush pillows

Ikea Ektorp Armchair with arm rest

wood cabinet black marquee arrow

Sunbeam Faux Fur Throw

And we changed the couch’s slipcover to Nordvalla Beige (from Gray) in 2018, and refinished the fireplace, and added shiplap (initially painted black and then later white) to the wall in 2019.

HML Spring Living Room Fireplace

White Shiplap Wall in Living Room 


Oh, the kitchen.

The open layout of the kitchen with the island separating the living room from the kitchen was so much of the reason we bought this house. It just needed some updating.


modern farmhouse kitchen gather sign

still need to remove some tile

white farmhouse kitchen | shiplap backsplash | butcher block

oversize gather sign metal cutout

Magnolia Style Clock on shiplap wall

white shiplap kitchen | butcher block counters | black island

Master Bedroom

The master bedroom is still not finished the way we want it yet, but we did paint and add in a few accessories to make it our own. And then repainted and changed the furniture. 

Neutral Master Bedroom King Bed

master bedroom side

master bedroom electric fireplace with tv above

Daughter’s Bedroom

Our oldest daughter got a room makeover in early 2017 when we participated in the FrogTape Paintover Challenge.

Lilly's room before

pink and gold girl's room

pink and gold girl's bedroom makeover

do not fear wall art

grey dresser gold love wall sticker

(This page will be updated as we update the house.)

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