Home Made Lovely Dream Tree Challenge 2015

If you follow us on Instagram, you may have noticed that we put our Christmas tree up last week! Well now it’s decorated too.

put together a glittery neutral Christmas tree

What’s that you say?

It’s a bit early?

Well we sort of like Christmas around here. It’s definitely our family’s favorite season.

So why not stretch it out? Enjoy it a little more?

Home Made Lovely Dream Tree Challenge 2015 pic 3

I love everything about Christmas…decorating, shopping, cooking, eating and celebrating.

Typically we start the whole season off on the right foot by putting up the living room tree.

You know, the one that Mommy decorates. The one that looks really pretty.

Home Made Lovely Dream Tree Challenge 2015 4

(Later in the season we add another tree in the family room. That’s the one that everyone decorates, so not to worry about traditions and collected ornaments. They’ve got a home too!)

This year we started with plain a 7 foot pre-lit tree. And then we added wide burlap ribbon, curly black and white checkered ribbon, a couple of feather boas, a plethora of gold glittery ornaments, black chalkboard balls, a few raw wood ornaments like reindeer and snowflakes and black framed silhouettes of our family (including the puppy and the hamster!).

raw wood, gold ornaments

glittery neutral christmas tree ornaments

black, gold and wood christmas ornaments

(Learn how to make the DIY Silhouettes here)

Oh and did you notice we rearranged the entire living room? It happens.

rearranged living room

Sitting in our living room right now is so relaxing and peaceful. The fireplace is only electric, but it really adds a cozy feeling to the room.

I sure wish you could come over for coffee.

Home Made Lovely Dream Tree Challenge 2015 pic 2

I hope we’ve inspired you to start decorating your own tree. (Whenever you’re ready, of course!)

Make sure you visit Michaels’ blog, The Glue String, to see the other 49 Michaels Makers’ dream holiday trees that were created this year. And from now until November 14, you can get FREE shipping on all Christmas trees that are 6ft or taller on Michaels.com! If you’re just getting started on your holiday decor, you can also check out some of the ornament projects and tutorials available on Michaels.com.

Living Room Source List:

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shannon sign off

home made lovely book on table with get it now text button

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  1. Shannon,
    I LOVE the tree! The choice of ribbon is fabulous. I’m really into plaid or buffalo check this year so that really matched my style. The feathers also added such a glam touch. It takes me a couple weeks to get the house the way I want it so I’m starting super early this year too.
    Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. It’s positively dreamy Shannon! I can just imagine snowy landscapes, frosty windows, a fur blanket and a warm cup of coffee, all in front of that lovely tree … so cozy!

  3. Your tree along with the whole room layout and décor looks wonderfully coordinated and so inviting! The colour scheme (love the way the brown “Advent bags” tie in with the burlap ribbon on the tree) and the ornaments you’ve chosen are perfect. Going back to look some more and of course, Pin!

  4. Looks beautiful! What size is that plaid ribbon?! I want to use ribbon this year but I don’t know what size to get. Thank you for sharing – I can’t wait to get started! 🙂

  5. I will be there for coffee in an hour 😉 Your tree is lovely and so beautifully decorated. The silhouettes are a lovely touch and the black really pops and yet co-ordinates so well with the other elements. Love love the deer head with the boxwood wreath too. It’s November, you aim to inspire, you get to enjoy it longer and it is post-Thanksgiving for we Canadians so I say go for it! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Exactly. I love that thanksgiving is early up here! So much longer to enjoy Christmas!

  6. I love the tree, just gorgeous!! Also loving the new furniture arrangement! How awesome that you can just move your fireplace whenever you feel like it!

  7. Thank you for posting early. It gives us time to get ideas and find the things to make what you have made. Thank you for lots of pretty, fun and also great family decorations!!!!

  8. Definitely not too early! I am like you- want to enjoy it as long as I can. Your space is gorgeous. I could definitely see myself sitting there with a nice cup of coffee, feeling nice and cozy…ahhh…Perfect.

  9. Every part of the room is perfectly done with coziness. It’s so inviting. The tree is beautiful and the ornaments speak personality. You’ve inspired me to get going, Shannon.

    My dining room table will be a mess with unpacking our Christmas boxes this week. 😉

  10. Soooo. my big question is where did the deer head come from?
    I love them and all the different things people are doing with them.
    Just cannot decide if it is for my house. Also would I get a white one
    or one like yours. I saw a photo of one from Bouclair, but they didn’t have
    one in the store to look at.

  11. MAN!
    I LOOOOOOVE Chritstmas too!

    Christmas decorations, sparkling lights, pavlova with cream & strawberries, lots of prawns and crayfish, presents, wrapping pretty packages, handmade Christmas cards . . .

    I genuinely cannot control myself – it’s all just so WONDERFUL.

  12. Shannon ~ I LOVE that you do a “pretty” tree and a family traditional tree. We do the same thing and both are lovely in their own way. I never thought of adding black touches to a Christmas tree but it really makes the shades of cream and white stand out. Stunning!!!

  13. Love your tree. The ornaments and everything looks awesome. Those chalkboard ornaments are cute.

    You did a great job.

  14. Hello Shannon!Your Christmas tree is indeed beautiful, I also love decorating with ornament specially during Christmas season, but i am not creative as you are. I love all of the ornaments. Thank you for sharing this .

  15. Shannon, love the whole look of your living room! Could you tell me what paint colour your walls are? The burlap is striking with it!